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  1. I honestly see no problem with it. It only means Highrisk (us) can buy bis gear to wear in world cheaper and easier. I do feel there should be a long CD to change from High-Risk -> No-Risk for older Char´s. I see people that changes to do invasion, City bosses, Daily Quests. ( and i think that takes away the point of playing high risk). Imo- They should remove Shirt and Tabard from player drops. Make it so that everyone only drops 1 item. Increase Fel com price depending on Itemlevel. Should increase alot as IL goes up. That way perhaps more people would choose high risk.
  2. Casters with shield doing far better than any other variants (staff / 1hand+oh).... YES.... Could they use nerf.. Hell yea............would it be big deal overall....Not at all. SP tanks..... Could they use nerf to sustain......Hell yes....Could the use nerf to dmg..... Yes.......would pve care......No Normal tanks... Could their sustain be nerfed..... Yes.... would dmg nerf matter.......not rly............... would pve care.... No Finally a decent balance change to casters. This have been needed for so long (pvp aspect) Some builds might be nerfed to much by this, but can be buffed when there is valid information... Overall this balance change can either be a huge sucess or epic fail... so we just have to hope for the best.
  3. If they could nerf TG this way why not shields.. and imo Shields is the new TG and needs to be balacned to fit current meta. Maybe these balance changes is not the right way to do it.. But lets test is and then we can make valid judgment. I acutaly thinks this is going to turn out fine. But i can see why people wory.
  4. PM the GM´s on discord or write ticket ingame
  5. Get to lvl 60 and then start doing world pvp before you talk about server not being high risk. You will learn yourself why securing 3 slots is curcial... 3 items secured out of 17 total and you even get gold when it hits those slots... Decent amout of gold.... Can´t tell if you are a troll or serious
  6. I can somewhat relate to this so therefor i agree with something can be changed for the better. The events could have been designed better. Right now its to favorably for the people who camps / zerg the events . Same thing happen on LS invasions and with Crows Cache. And with alliance population to me looks like mostly new players i have no doubt that invasion events on Andorhal turns into a one way Slaughterfest for the horde. There got to be a way which can provide content and reward for both sides while still have somewhat active pvp. Tryant
  7. On Andorhal you *mostly* have to stick to 1 build / gear sets. On LS that´s not a problem and you can swap, buy gear very easy. + you can send gear to alts and clear content again. So once a new raid comes it will be the same show again. Currently i don´t think you are behind but with new content you will be very fast again. Unless you can clear it with AQ gear from start to finish
  8. Andorhal will always be behind because other servers has no soulbound. Thats´s just how it is.
  9. congrats on 25. but could you serious not figure out i was talking about 10man............
  10. I do pve, very much in fact. It just happens to be under smurfs on other accounts because no guild would accept my main´s and i wont leave my main guild either. Naxx comes very soon and i belive 100% there is gonna be a race. In fact i might even get a spot on a 10man team that tries to go for it. (can´t let Dw and Yikes take em all) I said enough to Skray. it made us both realize Hybrids on Ando / LS+BS is nothing close to each other in pve builds. I´m sure you can figure it out. i´m out Gday
  11. Glaive with close to 7k hp + sustain and shields is a glass cannon ??? makes me belive you havent seen him at all. You Ando guys refuse to theroycraft because your view is so close minded is what keeping Ando behind. That and soulbound gear. andorhal in general needed 2 more weeks of time to kill cthun and only did so due to world buffs and Oak hasnt gotten any other first kill in that dungeon you should maybe start to accept that youre not the pinneacle of pve as you think you are. i´m not gonna help a rival guild that´s ahead in gear before Naxx.. That would be stupid. You can talk to Skray i gave him alot of hints and maybe for once you can see for yourself the theroycrafting power in having no soulbound gear. Hybrids could do with a very minor buff but nothing big. That we can agree on. This is the last from me. This is just people crying because they refuse to change. Gday.
  12. why would i help a rival guild that claims they tested it all. makes no sense. i´m sure you can figure it out being the no-lifers you claim to be. I gave Skray alot of hints and informtion about our hybrids.
  13. 1. you keept briging pvp into this and i had to correct your statement. 2. Yes one some fights they can fight for the top but thats not normal. Hybrids are decent but many builds outshine them. 3. No they are not. Your melee hybrid got a hard nerf that´s it. 4. well ive just been talking to Skray on discord and i think i mange to open his eyes about minmaxing dps and hybrid builds so i guess not. 5. I´m saying it looks like you refuse to adapt and your view of hybrids is very limited of how wide it can be played. I´ll guess we should end it here i cba to talk about hybrids more and this is getting no were. Give hybrids a small buff for pve but plz don´t buff pvp. Fun fact. when you play both Ando and LS/ BS that´s how you learn the best build. Because each server has it´s own meta and none of them are alike.
  14. Listen i could care less what a bad pve andorhal cuck thinks. That´s how it is and there is a reason Ando is miles behind in both builds and gear. It´s just how it is when high risk have no soulbound. So either take my word for it or don´t.... idc.... Also i never said they were topping meters. Because they simply are not. Other builds are the top dogs and have been that for a long time.. I said Hybrids were doing very well and the nerf was not as hard as people think. AGAIN i said that a very small buff would be nice. we had 2 hybrids in our AQ raid both doing just fine. And with correct synergy they are close to pre nerf dps. And saying hybrids needs major buff but havent tested out new meta´s is even more stupid.
  15. yes a build were you press 1-5 and then cast maelstrom ability.. Very hard you are right. my bad.... So once again. This new change make hybrids real Hybrids and not SP melee´s with maelstrom. Once again this proves my point. None of you guys have tried to adapt to the new changes.

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