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  1. Scrum

    More Specs Please

    Clearly, you have amazing perceptual abilities and a keen intellectual sense. Though I'm sure your humility in finding it difficult to follow is false, no doubt to buoy my sense of self esteem, it provides stark revelation into the remarkable quality of your character. It is indeed an amazingly insightful commentary to suggest that in a classless realm such as this, one should be able to maximize their creative options and flexibility, but your insightful response made the whole endeavor worthwhile.
  2. 8 would be ideal. 6 would be good. Discuss.
  3. The real question is how did they not anticipate this would be the result? I mean, one can only assume there was some thought given before they pushed out these changes, which indicates that someone, somewhere, thought it would be good - despite the downpour of previous complaints - and that fact is the real source of the problem. The dev's concept of cost/reward ratios are way out of whack with what players find acceptable, but they don't seem to realize it.
  4. Scrum

    New PvP Gear

    Okay. I could say the same thing about anything though. PvE gear is essentially free, because it too, is just a matter of time. Orbs are essentially free. Re's are essentially free. Spend enough time and it's yours. It's meaningless to say. But you would seem to be in agreement that it is not worth the price, which was my whole point. If you're going to spend the time doing something it should at least feel worth while. As you point out, this does not always have to be huge increases, and lateral progression would be fine - I have multiple pvp sets - but not at that price. That new satin hood, for example, should, at most, be 24k, not 70k. 24k is still too much for +2,-2, but it's more reasonable. 70k is not even close.
  5. Scrum

    New PvP Gear

    I think you missed the point. Is it an upgrade? Kinda sorta, technically, yes... Is it worth the stupid ass pricing they put on it? Especially when taken with the added enchantment and re costs? Fuck no. The devs have some strange notions regarding cost/reward ratios. Put 2 points from stam into int you say? That's kind of funny actually. That 30 mana would let you do so much... regardless of the fact that in pvp you pretty much put all your points into stam anyway, and wish you had more after it's done. It's like saying, "Hey look, it's dog shit, but it has whip cream on it!!!!" The only good thing you could say is they fixed the crappy 2 set bonuses for melee... not that they need it, but parry for a rogue is pretty shit... enough to make you wonder how that happened in the first place really... which brings us back around to wtf are they thinking?
  6. Scrum

    New PvP Gear

    I got all excited when I read the news release.... until I went and looked at it... In your news feed it says: "With more resilience and better stats, it blows the previous sets out of the water." It's half true, it blows... ... You guys need to reexamine your definition for such things... Compare the Knight-Lieutenant's Dreadweave Boots to the new Dreadweave Walkers, for example: Boots: +10 stam, +15 int, +16 resil, +19 sp, 92 armor Walkers: +17 stam, +13 int, +17 resil, +18 sp, 96 armor ... Just wow... +7 stam, -2 int, +1 resil, -1 sp, + 4 armor, and all for the low low price of 49,600 honor, plus orbs to replace the re... How about the Dreadweave Robe versus the Dreadweave tunic? Robe: +20 stam, +20 int, +24 resil, +16 sp, 134 armor Tunic: +20 stam, +20 int, +26 resil, + 25 sp, 144 armor Again, wow! +0 stam, +0 int, +2 resil, + 9sp, +10 armor... amazing, and a steal of a deal for a mere 68,200 honor plus orbs Or, the Diadem versus the Satin Hood: Diadem: +20 stam, + 20 int, +24 resil, +16 sp, 110 armor Hood: +20 stam, +18 int, +26 resil, +21 sp, 197 armor (but it's the special armor that improved barkskin doesn't apply to, so if you use that - and if you're wearing cloth in pvp you should be - the comparison is 286 armor for the diadem versus 197...) WOW!!! +0 stam, -2 int, +2 resil, +5 sp, +87 (but reallly - 89) armor, and all for only 68,200 honor, plus yet more orbs AND another ZG idol! Amazing!! Not that it matters, I guess, since almost everyone with raid gear just wears that anyway, and these 'upgrades' won't entice them to change. If they were the same price as the old set, then maybe, but with orbs being the way they are, and since honor is better spent on other things (not orbs, because 13k fuck off), it kinda feels like I've just been slapped. So THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!
  7. This sort of implies that you don't understand the issue. I don't think anyone would have said the drop rate was too high as it was; it just happened to be the most efficient method of farming orbs. But rather than buffing other means they nerfed brd orbs into the ground. Despite the numerous complaints about the existing drop rates and orb costs. This tells me: My interest in this server is hanging by a thread because of shit like this.
  8. How very strange... not. The exact same thing happened in Sargeras. Then people started leaving. Then they were going to merge Sargeras with Andorhal. This is what will happen again.
  9. The rates and costs put together are anything but fine. The rates might be okay if the costs were cut by at least 50%.
  10. You are misinformed. Before this, healing in battlegrounds was reduced by 20%. Now it is reduced by 30%.
  11. A Big resounding NO. And hell no if they don't also revert the healing nerfs.
  12. They really need to do something. I used to enjoy PvP, but I really don't anymore.
  13. The hit was actually over 2400, so that still doesn't make sense. Plus, if resil and re's are multiplicative, this makes them next to useless if a 20% damage reduction on a 5k hit results in stopping 500 damage. Might as well not waste the points on them.
  14. So if I have: 47% physical damage reduction from armour 14% player damage reduction from resilience 6% flat damage reduction from re's 20% damage absorption from soul link And I get hit with a backstab: ~2400 hit (940 absorbed) How does that work? If the absorption is off the top, then the original hit would have been ~4700, but 67% reduction from that should be ~1500, or ~1200 if calculated after absorption. If the absorption is after the reductions, then the reduced damage would have been ~4700, making the original hit ~14.5k? This really only makes sense if the resilience and re damage reductions are not being applied, in which case, wtf?
  15. My point is that you would not call it 'important' unless you had some way to exploit it in mind

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