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  1. People are gonna roll for a good start with or without the addon, so in that sense yes they should allow players to pick their starting abilities. Also The fact they allowed people to reroll on a random server is a joke. If anything they should of locked the account of the random server so people couldnt delete their character after creation and they just had to play what they got.
  2. Change the Stat allocation system. Instead of letting players allocate their stats, Allow players to choose an archetype ex: Strength, Agility, Intellect, Spirit hero, Where the respective archetype functions like they would in normal wotlk, like a str arch would scale stats similar to a warrior or dk. Agility would be similar to a rogue. Intellect or spirit would scale similar to which ever corresponding class had the highest of the given Stat. Think this would cut down on overall OPness of Stat scaling and bring overall powerlevels down a tad. To clarify also when choosing an archetype for instance like str you will still get 2AP per STR but you would only get crit from agi and not AP like a warrior would. This would be true for each of the other given Archetypes. And all Archetypes would have the same Stamina allocation. Tanks would just get extra Stam boost from gear and spec choices.
  3. They could just change the stat allocation system again to further lower the power of all characters. And/Or just remove the RE system. There's just too much power to characters overall atm in Ascension comparative to our health levels. If you don't want theys systems to change only way I see to balance it is with a 50% damage/healing nerf in pvp. This does give even more power to tank though so some adjustment will have to be done there aswell. Just the current power creep is too exponential and something needs to be done to fix the underlying problems instead of these bandaid fixes.
  4. You don't even need auto shot hunter build, Hunter is very good with a crit focused build.
  5. If they increase the damage of finishers they need to do it as a talent, otherwise it just makes all melee stronger in the long run. Personally I'm on the side that we need to tone down all numbers altogether, 50% nerf to damage and healing across the board please!
  6. Please Let Hammer of wrath generate Combo points from honor among thieves and proc deep wounds ret specs are clunky without this
  7. Hmm very true in terms of min maxing gear since alt runs can get you're main raid geared faster.
  8. But AQ gear dosn't drop from the world on laughingskull does it? How does that put andorhal behind?
  9. Oh I knew what you were talking about, but you can't claim people are behind when they're clearly not anymore. I would say cross Realm BG's should be a thing then the behind on PVP claim could also be done away with.
  10. Exiled(Andorhal) server first 25m Cthun?
  11. Is the team planning on doing another huge power cut in the near future? It seems even though the last one worked at bringing down the total number to get dps down a bit but it also allowed people to get new builds that still done nearly the same dps. But big burst spec's are still overabundant and dps numbers are still well around 3-4k and we're not even in BC gear yet.
  12. what!? you can break avengers shield to do more then 7k damage in 1 hit? hard to believe considering the scaling is 7% sp and 7% ap.
  13. avengers shield as a hunter? stacking arcane shot damage? im so confused.
  14. I agree with mecar on this, shot hunter builds might only loose 10% of their damage at best compared to most melee loosing ~15%. Hybrids will loose around 25%, not sure about casters but from what i hear most are only loosing around 10% - 15% aswell.
  15. Maybe you're just specing wrong? I'm easily 4.5k dps on battleguard satura with a shot hunter build.

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