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    Auto Wand

    Is there a chance that we could get an auto-wand that functions like auto-shoot, except obviously for wand users? I really like wands but they're rather cumbersome to use since you have to keep manually commanding them to activate. Rather than getting rid of wands like Blizzard did, it'd be more interesting to make wands a viable option.
  2. Depends on your metric for perform. If you're talking pure numbers, sure I agree. If you're talking about overall success, I disagree. Disc priests were wonderful to have in raids in WotLK, but they were not good as primary healers compared to Druids, Paladins, or Holy Priests; but they were amazing at making a raid more successful by bubbling, dispelling, clutch healing, and even inflicting a little DPS in between. They would never come close to anyone else's DPS, and they would never out heal a druid or paladin, but they were incredibly valuable.
  3. Depends on how you look at it. If you cannot get massive returns to a single spell, it would indeed be harder to rely on them in situations that matter. You would be encouraged to spread your specialization out across multiple different abilities, rather than relying on stacking tons of +% effects onto a single spell.
  4. Actually hybrid builds were a thing. You can find some pretty fun ones just by googling wotlk hybrid specs or builds. I myself used to use a hybrid disc/shadow priest in PvP with extremely good results, especially paired with my warrior partner. And if you want to talk about what Blizzard has done, the Disc priest was really fun in legion (literally a DPS-Healer), and last time I checked they also buffed the damage of healers in general by about 25%. On this server, hybrid builds are not only easier to do (since thanks to X->Y talents you can obtain synergy where once there was none), but players can get far more creative not in merely their own build but their collective builds, allowing for players to serve roles and create balance in ways you really couldn't before, such as primarily being DPS but being able to clutch heal when something bad happens, or support the team by mixing more damage and stuff in while healing. However, if you're forcing players into a situation where actually taking advantage of Ascension's toolkit will ensure you are utterly useless compared to people who just sit and spam the same button over and over again for ridiculous gains, you kill that. You kill it with fire.
  5. That's utter nonsense. It's the existence of drastically overpowered builds that reduce diversity in builds. Forcing people to spread out their REs would make it much harder to rely on 1-button builds. "Oh look, I have this one spell that hits for +infinite% damage or costs -infinite% resource that I spam over and over, I'm such a good player". And some people have the audacity to suggest that makes someone "less casual" because they mindlessly ground gold until the RNGods blessed them 1 button pwnage. If anyone is concerned about these poor "not OP builds" that must be saved by 5REs at the cost of allowing viable-option killing meta domination, maybe a better solution would be to suggest which of those poor underpowered things need to be buffed during a transition to 3REs.
  6. I agree with Gubby. I like the freedom and potential for characters that you could never have playing WoW (such as building a "priestess of the moon" who specializes in archery and healing). Nothing about the Ascension project as it is described even remotely suggests that the point of the server is to create OP builds. That destroys the entire point of the server, because the build your own class aspect becomes utterly pointless. What it leads to is "Build one of these OP builds or don't play". That's contrary to the spirit of the server and it's contrary to the server's health. As for grinding, nothing about grinding makes you less casual. There are people that casually play games like Runescape or phone games, where all you do is grind. Maybe it would be better to encourage players to experiment and do lots of different things with what could be a beautiful and amazing customization system, rather than insist that they build 1 button builds and sit in front of a computer screen for a week AoE farming with another 1 button build for the privilege of doing so.
  7. Yeah, I feel like we'd be getting far more overall with 3-cap over 5-cap, especially if some were buffed.
  8. Ah, thanks I felt like I was forgetting something. So that brings it to 17. I still think 3 would be better, with some effects buffed a bit (such as the aforementioned 1% to 1.75%). I'd much rather see a set that looked more like this: 3/3 = Increase Healing of Renew by +15% 3/3 = Damage, Healing, and Critical chance of Holy spells increased by 3% 3/3 = Increase total Intellect by 9% 3/3 = Increase Amount healed by Holy spells by 6%. 3/3 = Reduce Spell Damage taken by 6%. 2/3 = Increase spell haste by 4%. Rather than one that looked like this: 5/5 = Increase Healing of Renew by +25%. 5/5 = Increase Amount healed by Holy spells by 10%. 5/5 = Reduce Spell Damage taken by 10%. 2/5 = Increase spell haste by 4%. EDIT That said, could you explain why 5 is better for healers and tanks? Because it seems to me that reducing DPS exploits indirectly buffs boths tanks and healers in PvP. Or are you speaking in terms of PvE? And if so, how so?
  9. Also, it's really early in the morning here so I might be forgetting something but IIRC our options include... 1. Head 2. Shoulders 3. Chest 4. Belt 5. Wrists 6. Hands 7. Pants 8. Boots 9. Neck 10. Ring 1 11. Ring 2 12. Weapon 1 13. Weapon 2 14. Ranged For a total of 14 possible slots for REs. So given this, I for one would much rather see 4.6 different REs on people (assuming limit of 3/RE) than 2.8 REs on people (5/RE). I strongly feel like this would lead to less hyperspeccing and more well-rounded builds.
  10. It seems like a good solution on that front would be to simply make some 1% REs 1.75% instead. That way you'd get returns of 1%, 3%, 5%. EDIT: That would actually make a number of the less appealing REs more attractive, since you could get +3-5% towards something with fewer REs invested.
  11. Definitely casting my vote for 3 RE. The ability to stack so much n addition to talents encourages players to spec into one-trick ponies. It also seems like the most glaring balance issues are coming out of people hard stacking REs to make certain abilities way too powerful. From the new interface previews it looks like we'll be able to "collect" random enchants and apply them more consciously to our items, and if so, I'd much rather see the RE system becoming more of a second talent tree instead of the hyperspecialization it's been.
  12. Andorhal Fight Club Introduction: Andorhal has a remarkably flexible system for handling Battlegrounds, and has inspired me to organize the Unofficial Andorhal Fight Club. A place for new and old players to come together to get matched up with friends and rivals, and engage in jolly PvP activities while earning rewards for their participation. It is an attempt at organized matches, and serves as a base for PvP interested players to put out a call to arms to other players within the same level range. Honing skills and having fun is the purpose of Fight Club. Not a Guild: The Fight Club is not a guild. Rather than tie players to a specific guild, players instead join the Discord server. The Fight Club discord can be found at https://discord.gg/xAXMXqF. This allows players to receive notifications about fight club events or organize battlegrounds matches themselves with other fearless heroes while engaging with their usual social circles in game. Likewise, since it is not a guild, both factions are equally capable of joining the club and participating in glorious combat. Team Balancing: One of the things that originally sparked the decision to form the fight club is the cross-faction PvP, where teams will be matched against one-another even if they are on the same faction, and can be mixed with members of the other faction. For example, if you have 8 members of the Alliance within the same level range, you could que up for a 4v4 Warsong Gulch and get into the match. The fight club is intended to make setting up battles easier, but also allows us to engage in sporting behavior using a sort of school-yard approach to balancing out teams to make for better games. That way we can avoid things like matches between a team of levels x0-4 vs a team of levels x5-9, or rotate team members who have consistent victories to weaker teams to keep matches more interesting. Announcements: The discord server has been set up so that you can use the command "?rank" with the bracket you wish to declare yourself a part of. Doing so will assign (or un-assign) you the associated rank. This allows us to quickly reach players that are interested in the same brackets, while not bothering players who belong to other brackets. For example, by using the command "?rank 10-19", you will make it so that you receive any @10-19 mentions in Discord. If you have Discord on your phone, you can receive alerts for your bracket directly to your smart phone such as "10-19 BGs, looking for 4 more players". When you level out of a bracket or are no longer interested in alerts for that bracket, the same ?rank command will remove you from the bracket. You may be in multiple brackets at once (useful for someone with alts at different levels). Future Possibilities: As Fight Club grows in members, it would be quite cool to be able to do things like organize specific events or maybe even a battleground league. We'll see how it goes. JOIN THE BATTLE TODAY!
  13. I wouldn't want instant ports on Andorhal either. Also, the idea that it isn't worth the EXP is ludicrous. Dungeon XP is crazy good.

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