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    it would be nice if there was solo content. Well, for example the tower or something. This would allow you to continue to play, even with a little online. I see the script like this. The player enters the dungeon activates the mode and the Titanic scroll is applied to the monsters. The first levels they will reduce the power, but then will increase with each level
  2. i don't know how caster can survive on BG, when backstep deal more then 1500 dmg. I have 40% reduce dmg from armor + 12% reduce dmg from talants. Melee meta have a lot instance huge dmg. Now ratio on realm is 7 backstep's build vs 3 caster build (based on BG runs). By the way, heroic strike deal 400-500 crit from the same player. Looks like need nefr backstep by 50-60%
  3. looks like login server under ddos or some problem with login server. Much people in game now
  4. It's only i have? How fix this?
  5. it's available on season 4? I don't found info for that.
  6. will be good if 1 free respect will be avaliable each 2 week or maybe month. For example player 60 lvl made bad build and cant farming mobs or bg with this build, so have high chance that he just leave from server.
  7. Full drop is super hard and no one will be play on this realm. (maybe a few) You can spend 10+ hours for farming good equip and lost it for 5 min when you has been ganged 2 rogues. The better idea is save main theme high-risk reamls and add features like on Laughing Skull for solo players. for exaples: 1. Royal Chest with guards. 2. Сaravans with quards (i like guards who don't? little feature for lore) With two ways: kill all or steal 3. POE has awesome idea with Exiles 4. maybe some rifts This small features forces players to travel in world and not sit in dungeon/raid/BG/city sorry for my english, i hope you are understand that i mean
  8. surely no one will be transferred. I think this for a new players and after some time, when the online will fall, can these realms merge. Laughing Skull realm has a feature for solo players, so if you are, it will be more interesting to play there
  9. I do not know how to generate rage. A normal hit creates only 4 rages, and the attack speed is pretty low and it turns out that you just stand and do nothing. What are the ideas how to improve the generation?
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  12. most people who have already started playing on Cenirius, are unlikely to switch to a new realm. It may be possible to transfer characters, for example to level 30. Then it would unload Cenarius

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