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  1. Gathermate2 is working for Ascension, use the 3.3.5 gathermate data
  2. Its been a while since I played so the XP rates might be wrong but yeah you dont have to worry about getting ganked and losing stuff till you hit lvl 20. GL out there I might come back and try season 3 but am playing Division 2 atm
  3. 1-20 is no risk PvP at the normal XP rates (typically this is 3x vanilla server rates I think).
  4. Heya, Thankyou for joining the server and sharing your build with us Please ignore the above posters as you can see we have a problem with edgy kids also playing the server. Its best to ignore them, and dont worry as you play the server you will start to learn all the little tricks and such other players use. I look forward to seeing any future builds you wish to share as this server could do with more public build makers. And for those laughing at him not having the RE's or little tricks you have learnt to use over time, quit laughing at him and help him learn instead, we want players to join not leave because you wanted to be edgy and insult them. Just remember players coming from retail servers will find doing 5K dmg in a vanilla environment extremely high and broken so to them first starting out this is insane dmg compared to what they are used too on other vanilla servers and from when they played retail vanilla.
  5. Im confused by this thread, If you dont want PvP then go Andorhal. You say you want a retail like server cause your getting ganked but I got ganked tons of times on PvE retail servers, thats the whole point of having 2 enemy factions lol.
  6. Ingame Name: BlastMcBlast Guild: Wonkru Faction: Alliance Discord (If applicable): Maulkin
  7. An official announcement on the use of tools that increase view distance would be appreciated.
  8. If you cant report it and GM's dont reply to you in messages or on Discord, then I would say release it on forums and let the GM's find out that way.
  9. Welcome back Id recommend using the new Ascension Launcher at http://project-ascension.com/Downloads it will update the game for you automatically
  10. The point im about to make is specifically for the issue of "Zerging": Have you guys never played a non specific group size (i.e 5 v 5) PvP game before? Every single PvP system in every game will always come down to who can bring the most players to a fight, unless there is some agreement between player before hand. You will always find a group larger than yours willing to stomp you, unless the devs implement zone based group restrictions. On that Hand I would agree heavily with a few high level zones that dont have crows cache spawns to be given a group size restriction in order to cut down on the number of larger groups preying on smaller groups. Obviously this would not stop a group of 3 stomping a single player, but hey its PvP if you cant handle getting ganked dont play.
  11. Last night I took 2 crows chests Solo massive profit for me Perdition Blade Ring of Spell Power Fang of the Faceless Pretty nice loot tbh along with some blues and orbs and runes
  12. Hey dude and welcome 60 is Max Level for now till we move into TBC, most people guess about 2k+ at busiest periods but devs haven't released total player numbers. If you have any other questions feel free to ask ^^
  13. AUX Addon still a usefull addon though
  14. Then comeback to the Alliance, or imma start a Sister guild and rez Dark brotherhood
  15. After testing Id say the damage is fine only if the Proc rate is increased, this is supposed to be a legendary RE but in 50 casts it had procced 4 times. Doesnt seem very legendary to me. Edit: I think a 1 in 15 casts proc rate would be more appropriate, but a 1 in 10 chance would make it feel more powerful and more legendary.

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