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  1. Sure you may be correct, but at the moment firemage are behind in regards of Re's compared to other specs like Forst bolt or holy smite. I feel there should be more Re's for Firemage
  2. Greetings adventures and developers! I have seen Re's that support many caster builds like this one: Shadow bolt casters - Increase damage of your shadow bolt equal to 5 % of you spell Power. Any idea to make one for fireball? Specifically - Empowered fire talent from - Mage - fire. Suggestion Re: Name: Empowered fire. Effect: Increase the damage of your fireball, frostfire bolt and pyroblast spells by an amount equal to 5% of your spell power. Each time your ignite talent causes damage you have a 33 % chance to regain 2% of your base mana. Rarity: tier 2. Either make it a bit weaker so it is possible to have 5 of these Re's or make it a bit stronger than the talent and label it ( does not stack ). Feels like there are a lot of Re's for many caster based builds out there, but firemage is lacking Re's to compete with the rest of the casters right now. Friendly Regards, Camie, Dark Wolves.

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