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  1. I disagree. The problem is that the Wrath of the Lich King ended what little class diversity there was to begin with. In PvE, what is the difference between Wrath and Frostbolt? One does more damage than the other. There is simply no reason to take the lower damage option. The good news is that the solution is easy to see. The bad news is that it will take some effort to fix. So, what is the solution? Make each spell different. In the Burning Crusade, i Druid tanked, and Paladins were far superior AoE tanks, but Druids were far superior at boss tanking. So, almost every 25 guild out there had one of each, iirc. Wrath killed this by (attempting to) make all tanks/dps/heals be equivalent in all facets of the role. In Vanilla, DPS diversity was great because of the other tools each class offered. A Warlock might not do as much damage as a Rogue would, but a Rogue couldn't soulstone. Starting with Wrath, the two reasons to not stack all of the same classes was gear and melee vs. range differences. The solution that is being offered in this thread - to limit the number of talent trees - does not solve the problem. If one set of three talent trees does more damage, or tanks better, or heals better, it will always be prioritized over other sets. So, what does my solution actually look like? Arcane Power, for example, is now the best ranged burst buff in the game. Promote it. If any other ability comes close to this ability's damage output, nerf the other ability. Give it a group of talents and spells that mesh with it. Arcane Blast comes to mind (but obviously that is turned off right now). But, in return, make this ability have its weak points. Make it incompatible with mana returning abilities, like Innervate or Evocation. Make it imcompatible with spirit builds. The consistent damage output of someone who fully specs Arcane Power should be much supbar. Then, design fights around these abilities. Introduce an add that must be bursted within 15 seconds or the raid will wipe. Now, of course, my raid would like the high burst of someone with Arcane Power in their build. (Or perhaps, i could take three medium burst specced, which would be different talents and abilities, players). However, i could only afford one, maybe two, in my raid because otherwise their cons outweigh the pros.
  2. I did redownload the game, and have just started playing again. This is what i gather over the past few days. 1) The random enchant menu (while i haven't really figured it out yet) looks so clean. In fact, all the custom menus look so clean and professional. 2) Talents are really hard to grasp. I spend hours looking over the talents and spells, and while i really enjoy doing that (building my own fantasy hero), it isn't friendly at all. 3) It's hard to be the non-geared newb player amongst a sea of veterans. I put up a thread on the Guild Recruitment section, looking for other newb players. I'll also post on the suggestions.
  3. Hi, I am a tank on Alliance. I have returned to Ascension after hitting 60 and then quitting (over a year ago). Admittedly, it's hard to return when everyone else just facerolls dungeons. So i am looking for new/returning players to play with. Maybe we could form a guild and start from MC and work our way to the more recent raids. If interested, send a message or in-game mail to Hlud on Alliance side.
  4. That's fantastic news. I'll be sure to get back in.
  5. Hi. I played on Ascension for a while, leveling to 60 and doing some dungeons. I really like Ascension. When i quit this server, i actually quit playing WoW altogether. What piqued my interest in this server, obviously, is the ability to make my own class. And so i did. I like to tank, so i leveled as a dual wield tank. Even though i was able to make it viable up until 60, it was very tough to make it viable at 60. Basically, it was bear tank or bust. Well, i played around with the talent calculator to see if i could make a support class (which basically buffs your raid as your role), but again, i was struggling to make it feasible. It seemed like the only viable specs were those which copied the outline of WoW's original classes, and took a few buffs here and there. Ascended WoW classes, if you will. Well, recently i have been watching some videos of the server, and i want to come back. I must first ask, have things changed in this aspect? In other words, is creativity still punished and shunned, or is it now rewarded? Can i truly make my own class? Thanks.
  6. Yep, i agree with you. Having access to so many spells does mean a character's weakness tends to go away. Jacks of all trades are fine, if they are at least master of none. When i last played, that wasn't the case. You had jacks of all trades who were good at everything.
  7. bobblo


    Ahh, that explains a lot. I hope that changes. I really miss playing on this server, but i just have no desire to play cookie cutter roles on a server that should crush them.
  8. I said it in another thread, and i will say it here. I hope the devs are listening. But, abilities need to be looked at in depth. All of them. Talents, too. What is the strength of this ability/talent? When can and when will this ability be used? What kind of build would want this ability/talent? What is the weakness of this ability/talent? What cost (outside of just AE/TE) should come with picking up this talent/ability? These questions must be answered. As of now, there are currently way too many abilities and talents that are just too good, and way too many abilities and talents that are really bad. This has led the devs to an awkward balancing style. They balance around popular builds, which oftentimes lead the unpopular builds falling further behind. With this style of balancing, i expect (though, i accept that i may fully be wrong on this point) that build diversity will lessen and lessen over time. It will be a lot of work, but i am sure this load will be reduced taking into account community effort.
  9. I actually like this suggestion, with a big caveat. As a PvEer, i am big on new classes and roles. A fantasy role i would like to assume is to basically just buff people. While i wouldn't want this change to happen without a cost, i believe something on the lines of a skill that costs AE, along with some talent points to be able to do this would suffice. But, clearly, buffing roles need a lot more work >.<
  10. bobblo

    Two-Handed Tank

    The server advertises itself as one where you can make your own class. Basically-a-warrior doesn't feel like a new class. I truly don't know what the devs are going after. This might be the pinnacle of their 'new class' philosophy. If so, i am extremely disheartened. Now, to make your own class also doesn't mean you can put AE/TE into random spots, call it the Twist of Fate, and expect it to be viable in everything. However, i came to this server expecting to combine different skills together to make, for example, a Scout, or a Bard, or a Shapeshifter, or a Spellthief, and none of these are happening. That fantasy of creating your own class is lost. I feel trapped by the classes of old.
  11. bobblo


    Ahh! I missed time during beta, then! I want to try out so many specs, but i quit before i even open Ascension up, because the devs clearly don't want you to make your own spec >.<
  12. bobblo


    Personally, i would want to see Spirit's utility increased, especially for melee fighters. To the rest of your changes, i disagree that viability should be based on (in your case) damage alone. This is what the devs are doing, and they are only playing whack-a-mole with balancing. It doesn't work! Vanilla balanced this side the best. Each class, in vanilla, was unique in the utility they brought. (Yes, individual specs sucked, but the class balance was very good). Right now, on Ascension, there are only 3 (?) roles: tank, damage, and heals. You are hurting yourself if you don't play the best tank, the best damage, or the best heals. Diversify the roles!
  13. bobblo

    Two-Handed Tank

    Sad to hear this! I just hope the devs back their promise that we can 'create our own class', and not be eternally bound by the classes of old.
  14. bobblo

    Two-Handed Tank

    This is indeed a flaw of the design philosophy. You can shell out 90% of your spec with only 10% of AE/TE. Certain abilities are far stronger than others. In Blizzard's WoW, this totallly works, because balancing was around the entire spec as a whole, and specs were limited to what they could get. It clearly isn't working on Ascension. My suggestion is to identify strengths and weaknesses of every ability. Then, when doing balancing, buff the strengths and weaknesses. For example, Shield Slam - does a moderate amount of damage and low threat. Removes one buff off the target. Improved Shield Slam - Does 100%/200%/300% extra threat if a buff is removed. While i just thought of this change on the fly, something more on these lines makes more sense when balancing.
  15. bobblo

    Two-Handed Tank

    That's the thing i am trying to get across. You can try things on the server, but you won't get far unless your spec is Blizzard-like. It doesn't feel classless at all when you are bound to the classes system of old. This server should go further than people just being 'basically a prot warrior, but with this extra ability'.

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