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  1. ^ This. Completely and entirely, 100% this.
  2. "You are not very honest" - Pot calling the kettle black, no? Also; Utterly incorrect. Short of two paragraphs, everything else I've posted is data analyzed based on what you've said, what others have said and what information was readily available to me on this forum. Experience and external sources played in, sure, but in such cases they were provided and/or named. But "not [..] honest"? That should be aimed at you, not at me. "but most of all you are pretty aggressive toward people you don't even know" - I am aggressive towards what you have let me know about you thus far. Which has, except for a few things you've said, been entirely negative. The burden of that isn't on me. "I've seen a lot of guy that like to play with word and try to show everyone they are smarter etc, so I won't spend too much time talking to you as I think it will only get worst" - So let me see if understand this correctly; You've read what I said, and the conclusion you drew wasn't that I had a point that I was trying to get across, but rather than I care about what your personal stance is on the issue of my intelligence? This is why I get aggressive. I don't care whether you think I'm dumb as a brick, or bright as a bulb - the only thing I care about is correctly analyzing the data I've been given, deconstructing it, reinforcing what is true and reliably disproving what is not. The tone in which I do so is irrelevant. "I'm not saying you and the people that wish a reduce xp rate do not exist" - No, but you are intentionally diminishing them. But I suppose that doesn't count, does it? Bad behavior is only bad when others do it, right? "I'm saying that you will still lvl up if you care about that server even if no change is being made." - So your mentality is that if someone is willing to take on a punishing grind, grit their teeth and get trough it, then everything is dandy in Dandy-land? It's a good thing we don't have people like you running something actually important, such as a Government Organ. Nothing would change for the better until people rioted and blood was shed. I'll say this again; 75% want an increase. To anyone anywhere near familiar with the concept of voting, this should be a clearly understandable message. Your logic of "pile on more hay until the final straw breaks the camels back" is one of the poorest ways to conduct oneself in a healthy community. "It's not hard to understand" - I understand it quite well, and if I don't , then you're failing to explain it properly. If you were correct; I couldn't refute you. The fact that I can means you aren't. So it's not my understanding of your counter that is lacking, but rather your understanding of what you're arguing against and the value of gain vs loss involved. "but it seems that you enjoy playing with word" - Eloquence is a side effect of a highly verbal mind, yes. That being said; I haven't intentionally twisted anything you've written out of context that I felt you intended for it, but simply argued against it as the entirety of your writing allowed me to understand. "and try in any way your mind allows you, to turn anything to dominate your opponent" - Only if they are factually incorrect. If they are correct; Then what can I possibly do to argue against it? If the logic is solid, if the proof is there, if there's nothing wrong with what someone is saying, that I can debate against - what can I possibly do? I can't change reality. It is what it is - and you are at odds with it. Hence why we're having this talk. "I use those fighting words because when I read your post I almost feel like you are fighting for some greater reason" - Truth. "that you are trying to save the human kind" - No, just truth. Facts and the like. I'm no doubt passionate in all that I do, but what I do is what matters more than how I do it. And in this case, it's correcting you. Had there been no need for corrections - there wouldn't be a need for me to invest my time into this. But alas, neither of us was that lucky. "You need to relax." - I don't think you understand what debating or analysis is. Relaxing is impossible during either. That just how our brains work. "There is no need to behave the way you do, it's ridiculous." - There is. When someone misrepresents facts and defends that position, it can misguide a lot of people. Some of those people may be persuaded to make the wrong decision based on said inaccurate information. Those who know better should correct people who behave this way. I'm simply doing my part. "If I offended you by my wrong english, or by some a little bit exagerated numbers well I'm sorry." - No need. I've been debating/correcting/improving for over a decade and a half now, so I've got a thick skin. And your English is fine, short of a few issues here and there - but nothing one can't understand. "I won't even answer all your personal attack" - I'm sure you'll play this off, nonchalantly, in just a second. That's what I'd do if I got my ass handed to me on every front. "because you don't really interest me" - And there it is! Right on time. Well, if nothing else, I'm pleased to say that the feeling is mutual. "and what I think remains the same idea" - That's fine. If this is your version of spiting me, you're completely out in the wilderness on that one. I couldn't care less of what you think. My replies this far haven't been about you, but rather people who think the way you do, and more importantly, those who are willing to think trough all of the ways to view this issue, before making up their mind. People like that need to be supplied with correct information - which you're making difficult, and I'm fixing. As far as that goes, all >you< did was represent what's incorrect - don't think more of your role in it. "Same xp rate is better for a feeling of fairness and community." - The feeling of fairness persists if the fairness of opportunity persists. Meaning; Everyone can do the same thing, or whatever they prefer to choose for themselves. "A long lvling process allows to have a natural selection of interested players whereas a more quick process allows more and more people that don't really care. And only people that really care in the long term representation will lvl up longer." - Does it matter? Yes. Does it do so to the exaggerated extent that you've claimed? No. Was that exaggeration necessary in order for you to have a point? Yes. Does this mean that you're lying to fit the narrative? Yes. By this logic, your logic that is, reducing the exp rates to x0.1 would produce the best community WoW has ever seen. By this same logic Vanilla WoW had fewer trolls than TBC did. I won't even bother countering this, as I already have countless times before. I'll just let this sink in, for who ever is reading trough your completely unrealistic and simplified representation of reality. This is what this person is advocating, believe it or not. "I hope my english wasn't too bad so you can't take any sneaky way to make yourself look good." - The last thing I am is sneaky. I'm more of a in your face guy, as you've already noticed. So why you're contradicting yourself by first saying I'm aggressive and now saying that I'm sneaky - I honestly don't know. Nor will I dwell on it. I don't much expect you to make sense, as you've had every opportunity to do so, and have failed. "I hate lvling and I didnt start yet" - Wait... So, when you said this; "I hate lvling, I only do it here" See, this is why I'm lost. You'll say one thing first, then you'll say another later, then a third, and then go back and seemingly edit out the first thing you said from the reply. And I'm the dishonest one? Your constantly contradicting yourself. "I will spend few more hours for a game that will last for a very long time. " - "few; 1) a small number of 2) used to emphasize how small a number of people or things is" This is what I'm talking about. You're downplaying it, and have been doing so ever since you tried to derail the topic into a discussion about talents and spells. It's not "a few more" hours. If it took 10 and instead takes 13 - that's "a few more". You're twisting the facts. This is DOUBLE - AT LEAST. When going from 50 to 100, that's not "a few more". Can we pay attention to the language we've all agreed to use, here? And don't give me any of that "Sorry that my English is bad"-nonsense. Your English is fine, you're just choosing to use it in a way that is detrimental to the reality at play here. "But your lvling experience seems to have traumatized you" - Not traumatizing - worse, as far as games are concerned; Tedious and boring to a fault. "I hope you get what you want friend" - That's not the point of this. The decision is ultimately in their hands. The important thing to me is that they're well informed when that decision is made, and have valid reasons to make the call they choose. And "well informed" just so happens to be a concept that doesn't include lies and exaggerations. "Just try not to react as wildly when someone doesn't agree with you" - I don't care if you agree with >me< or not. I'm not the issue here. Hell, I don't want to live in a world where no one disagrees with me. That'd be a world in which I can't be wrong, which would make it a world where I can't learn and grow. What I'm concerned with is when someone looks up at the blue sky, then looks you in the face, and with a blatant smile goes; "Isn't the green sky nice? I think it's nice. We should keep it that nice shade of green." I couldn't care less about agreement or disagreement; Truth is the only thing that matters to me. "it's pretty childish." -
  3. "imo you are exaggerating this issue" - Baseless claim. I'm working off the data we have, as well as over a decade of experience on the scene. You ought to ask about that first, just to make sure, before assuming anything. "only 80 people voted on your poll" - It's not my poll. It's a poll initiated by @skyblast12 - and the credit for it should go to him. I'm simply someone with enough experience on the matter for my opinion to carry weight. "and you can't take any information with such reduced number, you at least need 150 or 200 players for that." - https://www.sciencebuddies.org/science-fair-projects/project_ideas/Soc_participants.shtml While a larger sample size results in more accurate results, as far as "you can't take >ANY< information" - You are, factually speaking, incorrect. The math says the margin of error in a survey with 100 participants (Which this will have given long enough) lies at 10%. Meaning; This poll holds more water than your baseless assumptions and claims have thus far. Which seems to be something of a trend for you. "you at least need 150 or 200 players for that." - This has been proven to be a personal opinion above, one that is detached from actuality. "And even if we could consider that 80 players is enough to find out what's the best option, 50 people are for an increase, and 20 are for no increase xp." - There's a reason why percentages are used; They are a more accurate representation of the numbers in play. Currently, just shy of 75% of the players polled are for an EXP >INCREASE< while 25% are against. Don't missrepresent the facts to skew the next statement to your advantage. "Also, you didn't put an option "reduce xp", which also false the results." - That is because those players wouldn't vote for "increase EXP", as that is an antonym to what they would want. They would either vote "No EXP increase" or they would vote "Other" and explain themselves. The combined amount of players within this faction is a tad over 25%. Meaning; Your statement, and the direction in which you're trying to lead this is, once again, utterly wrong at best, and manipulative as well as misleading at worst. "You have no idea how important the fact of having to spend time lvling their char can be for a lot of players." - We do. It's not unlike how we felt the first 10-100 times. The novelty has worn off. The majority want a change and unlike most other places the change presented here does not directly impact you in a negative way. To still oppose it for self-gain is ridiculous and selfish beyond any reason. "I'm sure half of our players enjoy that part of the game." - According to the data we have, you are incorrect. But suppose you were correct; That would still leave half of the players that wanted this change. A change that DOESN'T prevent the other half from doing what they want. And THEREIN lies the difference; What we want does prevent what you want. But what you want, prevents what we want. You're not in the right here. Hell, you're not any kind of right thus far. "So if you allow some people to have increase xp compared to others, the others will feel isolated." - No, they won't. They have the option to follow suit, or do as they please. And it's that FREEDOM that matters, which is more freedom than we have now. I've leveled on a server with this system, and a large part of the population (Roughly 1/3) chose to level at x1 - and the others didn't. And it worked. No one died, no ones house caught fire, no one was denied Raid Slots, no one was ridiculed against because they weren't leveling at x2 like the "kool kids" - the world didn't end. The community progressed as it always had. This point is moot. "There won't be this feeling of community, of sharing the same experience as the others." - While I agree with you that EXP rates can, and often do, have an impact on the community, this only applies to extreme examples (Such as High Rate) and can easily be disproven; Sargeras is at x3 - Do you claim they have no sense of community? Is this a bad joke? They're doing just fine. To claim anything else is admittance to not being able to read, or being selectively blind. One only needs to read topics posted by the people that play there to see that they clearly care. Furthermore; There are examples of Servers with High Rates that have had great communities (The Frozen Throne was one of them) and there are examples of servers with Low Rates that have terrible communities (DalaranWoW being a prime example). You speaking in this "either/or" type of way is nonsensical, and isn't supported with any evidence you've provided, nor any examples you've provided. "The lvling process is very important." - For someone who has been doing this for the longest time; The leveling process, is a learning process. There's something to be said for exploration and sense of wonder, but that only holds true for someone who isn't tired of it. Well; People are tired of it. A lot of them. Most of them. You can be as dismissive as you want, and you can romanticize the masochistic leveling process all you want, but facts are facts. "if you divide the community with 2 different lvling options, you this part of the community feeling a lot of players are here for." - I'm going to assume you meant to say "kill" between "you ... this", and I'll address it as such; So, your sense of community comes at the cost of me suffering for hundreds of hours, rather than half that? I'd like to know what you base this groundless fear on. Lets see what you've got to support your claim; "I've played on customs server with instant 60 or 20* xp rates and what happens is a huge part of those players leave after a short/very short amount of time." - This has to do ENTIRELY with the fact that NO amount of effort goes into said characters. Instant 60 is INSTANT, and x20 is PRETTY MUCH instant. To claim that there is a correlation between a thing that takes no time, and a thing that takes a large amount of time, just slightly less than it used to - is ludicrous by default, and would be thrown out by any person with sense. And this is what you based your whole argument on? That x2 is just as bad as x20 and instant 60? This has got to be one of the most poorly throughout things I've ever heard on any Forum. Are you seriously saying that x2 attracts the exact same type of person that refuses to play on any Realm that isn't x20 or Instant 60? I'm not trying to be rude, but are you high? Because if this was the case, then Sargeras is utterly f*****. >WHICH IT CLEARLY ISN'T<. " And the less a community share a common experience, the less strong the community feeling is." - Incorrect. There is NO version of WoW where the player-base has >ever< had the EXACT same experiences. In every version of WoW there has been something that split the population down the middle. In Vanilla it was either being dedicated to PvE or PvP (As both required absolutely retarded amount of time to progress in), in TBC the exact same choice persisted, but now with addition of "Hardcore Guilds" that further divided the community making most of the former "in between players" pick a side, and in WoTLK and beyond, different PvE modes were added to virtually everything you did, further dividing the community. Essentially; You're lying, because it suits your narrative. And it's really remarkable how easily you can shrug off facts, as if they don't even exist, just because it benefits you to do so. "Also, players that spent some time lvling are more likely to stay longer on the server." - While this is true, it does not in any way diminish the validity of the suggestion provided; As people WILL STILL HAVE TO LEVEL! And a lot! If they're not AoE grind farming in the same spot (Which I'm not), for hours on end, it will take hundreds of hours to casually do quests and level to 60 at a nice pace - it'll just be LESS than it is now! How are you not getting this? No one is proposing instant 60 - no one has even mentioned going above x3 on Andorhal. What imaginary world do you live in? We're speaking about an increase that moves the grind from painfully dull to comfortable and enjoyable - and it's BECAUSE what is "enjoyable" is different to everyone that I've proposed EXP Commands, with a cap. This enables people to resolve this issue for themselves, without screwing anyone else over. It provides that freedom and flexibility that a >Classless< realm should inherently have, so that people don't have to conform to a specific set of specs in order to reduce the pain caused by the grind! How many times, in how many different ways, do I have to explain it before you actually start understanding what you're reading? The above is further inaccurate because I've played, activelly, for years on end, on two High Rate realms, as have several other thousands of people, 30+ of which I've raided with every other day for the duration of that time. You couldn't be more wrong, in saying that if people level any faster than x1 then they're bound to leave, and mess up the community. This is just baseless fear. Complete and utter nonsense, supported by nothing but exaggerated examples and dismissal of facts on your part. "So it's the very fact that lvling is painful and annoying for everyone (even those who enjoy it ...), that allows a selection of players that really want to spend time here and those who are not really interested." - Do I seem not interested to you? Does anyone here, who came and expressed their opinions, who signed up on the forums and voted - do we seem not interested? Once again; Are you high? I can guarantee you, that in the time that it has taken all of us to get this far into this discussion, several people who are in love with x1 Vanilla left for servers that excel in that, due to being unhappy with the Classless feature, or those who are in love with Progressive Realms have left for those that excel in that due to the same reason. And did so without saying a single word on the forums about any of it. We're here BECAUSE we're interested, BECAUSE we care - so to shorten this; You're wrong. This is a draconian way to view things, and entirely unjustified given what we know. "Also, the lvling process no matter if you like it or not increases the value you give to your character." - This is an imagined value that is extremely individual in nature and is thus only measurable on a person level. Meaning; What it is to you, isn't what it is to me, which means it's none of your business to make blanket statements about how others perceive such things for themselves. You happen to be one of the people who values their effort by time invested - my proposition accommodates that. I happen to be one of the people who wants smooth progress and it is within that I find value - my proposition accommodates that as well. The difference is; Your stance eliminates mine. Mine doesn't even begin to touch yours. Once again; You have no ground for any of what you're saying. "Wow ascension is going to be a long adventure, so once again; 2 or 3 weeks compared to the entire time ascension will last is worth it." - I never said it wasn't worth it. I said that it's nonsensical and does not fit the image projected by the server, which is liberty. To not allow one to choose the pace at which one progresses (Once again; Within reason) is absurd. Chaining one to a wall and being given absolutely no other choice to level comfortably, short of doing AoE pulls with that 1 spec, while having to fight over AoE-grind spots, does NOT make any sense. If you're going to argue with me - argue with things I've actually said. Not what you've imagined I said. "Now I don't like lvling myself, but because of those several reasons, I believe that it's alright." - So now we find out that you don't even have the necessary qualification to partake in the conversation? You're speaking about the past for you, while we're speaking for our present. Are you serious? You're not even speaking for someone else, are you? You just want others to have it as difficult as you had it. I'm willing to bet, right now, that the only real reason you don't want this change to be implemented is because you don't want this, to somehow, in your twisted mind, diminish your accomplishment. This paragraph, unlike the others, is an assumption on my part, and I could be wrong, but if I'm right; You're ridiculous, and utterly so. "It's a small cost to pay to have players that really feel good in the realm once they are lvl 60, with higher chance to be mature because they care for their char." - Did you just measure the maturity of the person playing the character, by how much time they've spent playing it? ... Seriously; What is wrong with you? I'm struggling to take you seriously now, but I'm in the final stretch of this nonsense you've written, so I'll endure; Maturity has nothing to do with hours sunk into a character in a game. Maturity is a psychological concept. Also; Hundreds of hours isn't a small price to pay. And while half of it is certainly less - it still wouldn't be a "small price to pay". The fact that you think as much only shows how little you value yours, or how little use you have of it. "The lvling process is a selection and erase a good part of immature players." - I am mature now, and if tomorrow, the rates were x2, I'd still be mature. More so than you, apparently, as I don't dwell on baseless fears, or survive by ignoring facts like this were Dodge Ball. The fact that you rationalize something utterly wrong this way, is nothing short of amazing. Once again; The trolls you fear from x20 and Instant 60, that you felt the need to tell us about - won't settle for x2 - That'd be too much effort, cause it's still hundreds of hours. Are you thick? "Now the downside is that some players might never try ascension because they are not sure if that's what they want, but we are in 2017. You have youtube and discord and the forums etc. You can already have a very good representation of what this server is with those medias. " - I wanted to ask if you realized that the second part of this statement didn't, in any way, relate or address the first part of it. But then it hit me; Of course you don't. Why would you? You're as oblivious as the day you were born. This is beyond ridiculous; A person literally objecting freedom of choice based on nothing of value. "If a player doesnt think 2 or 3 weeks of lvling isn't worth 2 or 3 years of a free and with a huge potential game, it probably means that he simply doesn't like the idea of this server and would have left the server very quickly, I can't see any other reasons." - Interesting! Except; I'm still here, and so are a bunch of other people AS YOU CAN SEE IN THE POLL! I wonder, why are we here? Oh! Could it be because we're interested in the server, despite you saying we aren't? Yea! Could it be because we like the idea of the server, despite you now saying we don't? Yeah, it could be because of that! But this part, this part is my favorite; "and would have left the server very quickly" - You see, I like this part, because this part is you saying I don't exist here. Well done! I mean, don't get me wrong, I've seen people dodging facts before - but this... This is world class. This is something else. This should be a TV show. It's a talent. Nothing short of it. And finally, the gem; "I can't see any other reasons." - from my unnecessarily long, and yet delightfully brief exchange with you, I can tell you there's a lot of things you can't see. Unfortunately, most of them are called "facts", and you seem to have developed an ability to dodge them so well, that you can now do so without recognition, care or even reason; completely unconsciously. TL;DR; He had nothing of value to add to the conversation, that could be proven or supported by any evidence short of his own biased rhetoric. Just fears, exaggerations, opinions masquerading as facts, blatant denial of reality coupled with a healthy dosage of reasoning as imbecilic, as it is broken. Nothing to see here, folks. Scroll on by. Rest in peace, the 20 minutes I wasted on you.
  4. This is you derailing the conversation into an entirely different direction. There are sections of the forums dedicated to talents, specs, spells and so on, as well as their interactions and synergy - these thoughts should be brought up there, not dragged into an entirely different matter and used as a catalyst for the justification as to how this discussion is essentially worthless. And as for this remark; "but it's not a long term issue" - it is if it's keeping people from joining the server, or if it's making them leave, even if it's after quite some time and effort already being put in. I can guarantee you, with ease, just by looking at any other x1 server that isn't strictly Blizz-like, and say that it has, no doubt, kept hundreds of people from joining - and that's not mentioning the hundreds that would appreciate this change being introduced that are already playing now (Probably more if the Vote above accurately describes the stance on this of the server population - 70% of the population being okay with some form of EXP rate increase is going towards the thousand mark, not hundreds). The population of ANY server is bound to decline over time - to purposefully gimp that growth right at the start, especially when the issue at hand is so easily addressable, isn't a wise choice. The solution proposed takes no more than a quarter of an hour of some of the Staff's time and satisfies both parties involved. You writing that, and me replying to it, took more time and effort than it would take them to administer the change. Which begs the question; What's the arguing about? Once again; We're looking for valid counters, and since the very start of this discussion there hasn't been any. I'm still waiting for some, but thus far we've had people using their ego as a reason not to enable the EXP rate commands, we've had people ignore the discussion completely and say that the entirety of it meaningless - but what we haven't had, is anyone actually disproving what I've said. So, if we can be adults here, for moment, lets keep the discussion on topic and constructive.
  5. Also; #spelling. I guess my brain is shutting down, little bit at a time.
  6. Hold up a moment. You're actually saying that people are willing to gimp others EXP gain, just to >maybe< hit 60 before them, just to >maybe< gear up for Raids faster than them, just to >maybe< get to a Raid Slot, where >maybe< they'll kill the boss, and >maybe< the gear will drop, and >maybe< they will win it? Once again; Either the logic behind this isn't being explained to me clearly enough, as to how this is a viable counter in this given situation, or even how any of this is true to fact, or it simply doesn't possess any. No matter how soon, or how late, you hit 60 - you still have to wait for at least 24 other people to do the same (Assuming 24 man raids - 39 if otherwise) before you can do the Raid (And this is assuming the 25 people in question CAN communicate and are WILLING to progress together) and even then you have to compete with far more people than usual simply because this is a Classless realm. Simply by being >Classless< there's already going to be much more competition than ever before - leveling speeds don't even enter the equation here, when talking about competition for gear. That is LITERALLY the least of your concerns. My brain is beginning to freeze up at this point - how is anyone this shortsighted? Have people lost all capability of properly analyzing data before speaking? What's going on? So let me get this straight, the argument went from; "I want to hit 60 before you, but I want to do it the slowest way possible, while restricting you to the same for no other reason than to feel validated - even though there's 10 of you to each 1 of me" to "I want to hit 60 before you, so that I wait for you, and 23 others (Most likely more), just to see if the gear drops, so that even if it does, I have to compete with twice as many people as before, and this is how there will be less competition - and all of this just to refuse you the freedom to level at the pace you want"? I swear to God, I feel like my brain cells are committing suicide, one by one, whenever I write down one of these summarizations. Does anyone even think about these things before dragging them out, slotting them with wrung and twisted justifications in between and posting them? Cause they should. The lack of thought is appalling. Look at gain vs loss - These are not valid counters once that has been accounted for. Is anyone seriously considering not doing the right thing, as far as the largest parties concerned, on this issue, just to satisfy some fringe minority that suffer from an inflated image of self, who are obsessed with some hypothetical, arbitrary, completely unrealistic and imagined, self-gain?
  7. Then those people need to be ignored. Post having 1 of each faction reach 60 - there's no need for, nor point in, competitive leveling (As the realm is Classless). Meaning; That these people are using an illogical, and thus false, reason as a definition of "fun" that is detrimental to "fun" of another group of people that both ISN'T detrimental to anyone and is a far bigger faction of the player-base than these maniacs. When your fun doesn't interfere, or gets in the way, of many others then that's valid. If it does, then that's invalid. As this is. Allowing EXP rate commands (and I feel like I've said all of this before) enables those who want to level slow to do so, and those who'd rather get trough it ASAP a way to accomplish that - neither makes the other impossible. Neither prevents a new person on the server to do either of the two, that they'd prefer. Neither gets in the way of one another, nor makes them more difficult. To claim that this whole outlook, sense and freedom is negated by some imbecile who considers leveling to 60 a competition - despite the fact that this has already been accomplished and all actually competitive people have hit 60 on both factions - is nothing short of being detached from reality. Saying that; "I don't want there to be EXP rate commands because I don't want others to be able to outlevel me" - despite the fact that we're all going to the same level, is a testament to ones own ego - which is disproportionately large, to say the least. To bring hundreds to a crawling halt, simply because "I want to be first!" - DESPITE NO LONGER BEING ABLE TO BE FIRST - is the opposite of a logical and valid counter. If these people were serious about getting to 60 first - they would've been 60 days ago. Like most serious levelers were, when they were competing for Realm First. Meaning; We're not talking about actual competitive levelers - we're talking about people who aren't as dedicated, aren't as determined and aren't as willing, trying to repair their ego by proving some sort of a made up point by overcompensating after the competition is over. So then, I have a question for you; What is the point of competitive leveling, on a realm where said competition is over, with all the participants of this new, made up, competition not even being actual competitors for something that ACTUALLY EXISTS? < This is NOT logical. For crying out loud, I lost track of what the point of that was as I was writing it. This is nonsense. And nonsense gets ignored, as that is the only thing nonsense deserves - especially when something so intellectually broken is holding so many back. This is the same type of person that will turn anything and everything into a competition just to feed their ego, from drinking milk in the kitchen, to how many times they can kick their dog - even if no one else is participating. I asked for a logically valid counter and, quite frankly, this isn't one. It's so far from logical that it's pretty much wearing a religious fanatics face. Stupidity exists everywhere - but the approach to deal with it shouldn't be to punish everyone else besides that person, that is both counter intuitive and could be considered preferential treatment.
  8. I will reiterate the following, as no one has addressed it, or countered it - but rather ignored it, because there is no valid counter to it: Enabling exp rate commands allows those who want to level slow, level slow and those who don't want to spend hundreds of gameplay hours doing >the same thing they've done for years on end< a way to avoid that. There is no harm in enabling this feature. It doesn't screw over those who want to level slow, and it doesn't make those who want to skip it a tad faster suffer as the current system does. Either directly counter this, with valid logic, or cease any further discussion as a viable solution has been provided to the question posed by the thread. It doesn't have to be "either/or" - There's no valid reason for this ultimatum. Those who want X1 can have X1 and those who want X2 can have X2 without either affecting the other.
  9. Here's how it should be made to work; Multiboxing for PvE? Allowed. Multiboxing for PvP? Not allowed. Simply implement a Server Rule that says that if a Multiboxer uses their setup in PvP - they get banned (Perhaps investigate the matter first, just in case it was a mistake). This means that the Multiboxer can't fight other players, nor can he kill them if they attack him - he can heal and try to get away, but any offensive PvP action will be a bannable offense. This keeps Multiboxers strictly PvE focused - doing things like 5 man Dungeons and the like. Which does no harm to anyone, while bringing more people to the Servers - even if not many. If you want Multiboxers to work, without being in anyone's way, or causing issues, this is the way to do it.
  10. I'm going to put this as simply as possible (And all of this is aimed at Andorhal); It's been over a decade. The amount of players to whom this is their first Vanilla experience are slim to none. As such; This is a repeat button, combined with a snooze button. There is no reason for x1 rates - matter of fact, it may turn away more players than it attracts. There's no reason as to why exp rate commands couldn't be enabled to let people choose between what rates they want to level on (x2 would be enough for me - but x1 to x3 is reasonable). And I can't stress this enough; It's been over 10 years. Finding a new rock in the middle of Desolace you hadn't noticed over the last decade does not justify the creeping, snail-esque, level progression that drags out days of playtime on end - weeks if you've actually got some modicum of a life. The EXP should be tuned to such a degree that completing a zone enables you to move on to the next level range. Example; Darkshore is 12 to 20 - once every quest is done, the character should be level 20-22 in order to be able to move onto Ashenvale and progress in the 20 to 30 content. This is not the case right now. Once you're done in Darkshore, you're going to be around level 16-17, and this is after hours of running up and down the damn map, dying on a constant basis to mobs that are constantly orange to you. At this point you then have to move onto Westfall and then Loch Modan to reach level 20-21 just to be able to progress further into Ashenvale. This is not logical, to any degree - Nor is the lack of freedom of choice in the matter, on a server that boasts freedom, justifiable. The main attraction of this server is NOT the x1 leveling rates (There are others that do this, and do it better, boasting a wholly accurate Vanilla experience) - assuming as much is nothing short of misguided enthusiasm on your part. The main attraction of this server is the freedom it offers, and the possibility for experimentation that comes with it. Restricting that freedom to a horrendous grind, in which one has no other choice but to partake, is an antonym to the very image of liberty it projects. Enable the exp rate commands so people can choose the pace at which they want to level, within reason (No higher than x3) - this will provide a satisfactory solution to all sides involved.
  11. I cast my vote to "No", but you can consider it to be either depending on what your own answers are (aimed at Devs) to the following questions/propositions/statements; 1. Will there be Cross Faction content? This question is focused entirely on the ability to group up and do PvE, whether it's instanced or open world in the form of quests. If the answer is "No", then my vote on this is "No" as well, as Cross Faction Chat serves no purpose, in such a scenario... 2. ...unless the population on either side is so low, that anyone who joined World Chat would immediately be discouraged by the lack of activity or signs of life. If this is the case, then my vote is a temporary "Yes" until the population has risen to a sufficiently stable enough number where Cross Faction Chat is no longer necessary. 3. That being said; If you can come up with any actual reason as to why having Cross Faction Chat would be GOOD for the PLAYER - short of the "just because", and the reasoning is valid, you can consider my vote a "Yes". 4. One way to accomplish the above (Assuming you're completely against the Factions grouping up to do PvE content) would be to create an area where both factions are allowed to trade with one another. This would add an actual purpose and function of the ability to communicate with one another. Essentially, my point here is; That if there is no gain, no purpose, no function attached to the ability to talk to someone you otherwise couldn't - then there is no point in it to begin with, short of artificially inflating the "activity" image of the server for the time being. When you talk to people of a similar mind, you want to do things with them - and if you can't, you're better off not even being able to meet them.

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