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  1. heroic strike doest proc posion not worth for a posion build
  2. open world and raiding is the best way to start gearing up also dailies onxe they get fixed
  3. july 30 this still stands true
  4. there defently alot of flavor of the nonth spec that roll aroubd but for the most part besides tanks and healer mostly everything pretty decently balanced
  5. i adgree with this mabey make it at least 20 - 25 sec for a heal not being able to cleanse or heal tank beside shields is kinda crazy
  6. can't down vote did to many reaction today so here my down vote in text pls tell me you joking
  7. will we have pre befor nax opens because there only 5 days left thts alot to push threw when players dont know what builds they are swaping to yet
  8. srry for repost just wondering how 60 ap is 2 - 4% damage increase
  9. 99% sure thats the wrong build posted
  10. how will rouge 4 be a 2 - 4% dps increase when its just 60 ap in naxx and right now there ist a melee play str also 6 why a stealth 6 set when caster get a burst of mana why not add in a burst of energy rage ext for melee as well because melee atm is already one of the weakest specs atm
  11. idea make it so we put res on item without playing solo grinding for hours and reduce the price of orbs from honor and finialy revert the honor prices and make respec lower so its not as harsh on new players
  12. lol go to dire maul west i think it is and pull the the whole crystal good luck dear sir then after wipeing go throw on greens and blues and go do dire maul with no one carring you guys

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