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  1. seasonal ain't in aq yet so after that they close it and then make naxx so I'm expecting September relese ...
  2. Vight

    Lvl 60 talents

    speak to a gm they might help
  3. the realm you played was season 3 you do not get to pick skills as you randomly get them as you LVL ... In regards to the speed of lvling this realm has increased exp due to you having wild card on
  4. Stormbringer, Deathbringer, Righteous Zealot, Spell Slinger, Frost Lich, and Harbinger of Flame - Can these scale from RAP as well as from MAP
  5. Vight

    PVE Realm

    the pve server is fine ... cross faction instances would be good. . . in regards to Alliance they have a higher active player base they just refuse to clear content ... you have class running 3 * 10 man teams and that is it ... the people can bearly get ppl attuned to mc never mind consistently clear it. I think more help with builds from the server would help.. like pay players dp of certain classes to go over there build on the stream with wicky... i would love to see nak go over his 2hand build. or a hunter or a healer
  6. I would be fine with them adding heroic vertions of all instances including zg and mc...
  7. Mutilate is in a super bad place right now and it isn't because of the dps it puts out the issue is it just does not do a burst amount of dps. look at all the fight that matters cthun its about doing 12k damage as quick as possible and Mutilate just does not make the cut same as frost mage it struggles to burst. I think they would of been better putting in re's that every 14 sec's your next Mutilate / frost bolt does 150% more damage to make them more competitive on the burst fights.
  8. can I ask when will players on the server be able to trade re's?
  9. Hunter request , could you allow 2 handed wep specialization in the warrior tree to affect range wep by a further 5% or 10% to compensate for the 100 attack power lost from the second rockbiter wep ( as the attack power is affecting all attacks this loss is not compensated by 10% physical damage inc).
  10. hmmmm I do not think the changes are bad my only issue is that the time it takes to got a build where its preforming to its optimal level its about 10 to 15 hours of game play and gold investment. so every time they change the server you get a load of players that have to put this investment in again as the changes they do are so extreme. It isn't like adjust a % hear and tweak this they just rewrite the whole rule book. I only play (shot) hunter ! so over the last 4 to 5 months months below has happened, the changed the shot % values making explosive shot garbage. (I still beleve that they should make explosive shot be the choice of shot for a attack speed hunter and arcane be the shot for a full shot hunter) the change how quivers worked (this had a large amount of effected on attack speed hunters). then they changed how pets damage works (this was a hugely needed fix but has caused all the player playing this hunter spec to have to rework the whole build) finally they made c'thun easy making the top re's accessible to more players this has made the build alter slightly with the extra re's. (on this I think they should have a blanket rule where re's that affect talents are all represented as values over % gains as at the moment they are having scaling issues and where do you go from having 2% more crit ! this should be 28 more crit value and i beleve they should plan this so that as a raider you can keep getting upgrades to RE's moving forward) if you was playing any of the above specs and was not there for the patch and come back and play you will not have a clue where to start. and for every adjustment it has taken me time to rework the talents.
  11. well this post is fair ... big patch in 48 h and no communication...
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. none exists best bet is finding the 'shadow' players and talking to them
  14. oak run raids at this time on horde join them they are clearing all raids

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