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  1. How about NO F***ING more seasons. This is bull shit and has KILLED normal realms. It takes an hour + to get into groups with RDF. That's IF you can even get into one. They can't even stop fucking botting much less do they need to be adding to the servers list of random horse shit that no one has asked for. Sorry but FIX the servers protections. Fix STEALTH! Fix the bugs. THEN worry about adding stupid shit no one asked for.
  2. WOW...That sounds...Bad.. Sorry but a profession is there as a secondary thing. It may seem small now but if you make it to were anyone can make anything at any time with just one guy then you crash every ones. To put it another way, if everyone can make bags, enchant everything they own and make the armor they want then why would there ever be a need for an AH? Why would anyone bother unless it's to grab an epic? Where would people then make the gold needed to but things? You would be forced to grind relentlessly for what little there is on the AH at that point. Then you change the game from a skillful and thoughtful player base trying to ensure they have the right picks for that characters needs and working hard to make it the best at "X" to a game of grind and fight. More of a "looter shooter" then anything else. Sorry but making people able to too many things changes an already hard to balance game with too much.
  3. I don't think so. The bears can use a lot of the taunts, Seals of Righteousness, Righteous Fury and the like. No you can't use a judgment as a bear I tried for you. There are ways to increase threat without the sundering attacks so be brave and try different things.
  4. Billyww


    So it's down to 6 TP and 4 SP from 7 TP and 4 SP? Wow... what a change. Sorry but that still is a big sink. I want you to tell me who has to sink that much into a basic thing that doesn't even deal DMG? I want to know. It's about MORE then just catching someone off guard. It's about a LOT of things. I am getting kind of tired of repeating that it encompasses a lot more then just sneak attacking. It's about getting away from others when you can, NPCs you don't want to fight and TUNS more. Read what all I have said. Not just a small part.
  5. Billyww


    I am not saying "no one can ever play it again". I am sure it will be ok (at best). The thing is that they have gotten rid of the fun side. Anyone could run into a simple area and do some simple things. I am sure even in a group you could sap a guy or two before it ends but if you are in a raid and need the sap it means getting it correct ASAP. If you have a "pat" or something then you will need to flee your setup or risk a bad pull. Try doing PVP though with a time crunch and people actively trying to draw you into a fight so you can't stealth. Try hardcore and see how many times people PST a warning to you that they are near. Try questing in a busy area in a map with the opposing faction running near you. There are more handy caps to the rogue build as it is with SP and TP sinks and to through a time crunch on top of it is a bad decision. That's my point. Not that "it will never be fun" but that it's too harsh to the players who really like it.
  6. I read what you said and you clearly wanted stealth nerfed. That or I guess I didn't understand what you was trying to convey. I said Stealth is at 20 seconds because in game it's a 20 second duration then dispels it's self. Tells me you want short times.... Or like I said I don't understand what you are trying to say. This is literally asking to break them from what they have always been..... Or like I said I don't understand what you are trying to say. P.S. Not venting but "lobbying" for stealth to make a comeback.
  7. Billyww


    As I said. With a time limit you can ONLY go in for someone when YOU are ready. Anything short of YOU being ready means you can't use it at all. That means there is no use for it in WPvP without even MORE of a talent and spell dump to use the ONE stealth. Without using Vanish from Subtlety (2 SP), Stealth from Subtlety (2 SP), Master Of Deception from Subtlety (5 TP) and at least Camouflage from the Subtlety (2 TP) then you will lose any chance at catching them. Being the aggressor means you have to catch someone off guard. Hard to do even in good conditions. If you are caught off guard then you will need vanish to even have a chance at using stealth and even then you most likely will have no way at getting set up in WPvP. With a time limit you have NO chance at being sneaky and no way at doing any pickpocket quests, sapping for CC or anything really. No other class what so ever has to dump that much power to be told f**k off and enjoy a stupidly small window to use it. No other class would be willing to drop that much potential into just getting close to another person. Even with all that SP and TP dumped it means you still only get close to someone and nothing is even added in power. I honestly feel that is a bridge too far to go for just keeping someone locked out of a class and I honestly feel this was a very bad call.
  8. I want stealth to last until canceled! Stealth is at 20 seconds for people like you wanting no one to ever have a way to sneak around. We already have no stealthing near someone without dumping 5-7 talent points into it and now only 20 seconds to do it in. I am sorry but stop with the hating and learn how to counter it!!! They shouldn't be throwing out an entire class just to keep someone from sneaking up on you as well as bending everything around the destruction of the class. It's a high risk realm FFS... Why can't you deal with things as they are rather then asking to drop and warp everything around what you want to see? Some times I feel like the Devs pander to the week of mind too much.
  9. Billyww


    What talents would that be? I didn't see them. I am sorry but being a rogue in PVP can have someone enter the area when you are not looking that way and you will then NOT get the chance to stealth if you are needing to wait to use for the less then a minuet they give you. The pick pock quests are about going out and skulking through the shadows to collect badges or trinkets. Yes there are even rogue only quest for this. I know most people play this game very differently then me. I don't play the game to min/max ever aspect and go forth to fight only. I honestly enjoy hanging out with my wife doing quests or with my guild mates doing whatever. When I do play alone I will do random things like run through areas trying to find new things I never seen before just to see it. I hunt for new rares I have never seen before just to see them. I am not constantly trying to kill-loot-repeat. It's fine for anyone doing it. I know that is supposed to be what I do but I enjoy all the little things in the game and finding new little things to take in. Being a rogue is fun. Pick pocketing as many as I can before the finally catch me and then trying to get away. Stalking a person in a PVP map just to sap them and watch as they pop every cool down to try and pull you out of stealth before you can sap them again! You can't do all of that even with 45 seconds.
  10. Billyww


    This is a post to address my concerns about the Stealth ability. I hope it is seen as such and doesn't come off as just b****ing. I respect the devs on this game a lot and want everyone to know that right away. I have played for a good bit now. I have seen lots of changes and almost all have been leaps forward. I have one thing I do not under stand though. The website has the Stealth ability as "Last until canceled". In game however it is only 20 seconds long. I have no clue why it's only 20 seconds long though or why the website has a different way of marking it. I don't play continuously and have little gold. I am sure that goes for a lot of people in game. This should be fixed asap. This just made me use the hyper link to affix myself as a rogue without any ability to do anything rogue like. I would prefer to have an unlimited amount of time on my stealth though. The only thing ANY rogue like player will EVER have going for them is the limitless stealthing around to get that all important shot in. With a time crunch added it means pickpocket is useless as well as most all rogue stealth attacks. If it isn't fixed then it should have all rouge stealth attacks at 1SP to get so it's at least not as much of a drain for a short useless ability. I have always enjoyed rogues but 20 seconds is just asinine. It literally kills anyone being a rogue in any real since. Before anyone yells about "unfair" in the Hardcore server then just stop.I don't play on it at all. I don't want to. People can get stealth detection if they want to save them selves or even Second Wind, Blood craze or anything that allows for more DPS from attacks. Don't kill an entire spec just to get kids to stop crying about "fair" when they really just want to handy cap other gankers. The main point is that there are MANY way to mitigated damage from any type of attack. I don't believe that stopping others from being able to attack it's the right way to go about it. Lastly... That stupid Security Check is annoying AF.... I had to "reclick" it 4 times just to write this. That's way to fast. I try and put my thoughts together and BOOM... Security Check again.
  11. This is the best I could do. Hope this helps. Yes my Patch A is new. RE downloaded it to be sure.
  12. Same problem as Omaro and Moondoggy. I DLed it 3 times now and it will not even show in my addons selections page in game. It will not work in game even with the "/re". I can't get it to do anything. If anyone knows why this is then PLZ post. It's driving me crazy trying to figure this out.
  13. It's super hard to get into most any raid guild for a guy who literally has an hour to Three tops most days to play. My days off most times I could play all day but have random things happen. I have to stop randomly as my kids fight wife asks for help with (insert random job here) or some other randomness happens and it pulls me away. Most raids will not tolerate this and understandably so.
  14. I love the concept. There is a lot of potential. The saddest thing is I haven't played in about 8 weeks. I check updates every few days still. It seems as though the Devs haven't really done a lot to fix any of the biggest issues of the game or to balance anything out. I played a tun at first and then gave up. Then I tried the "PVE" servers. It was fun at first but seemed lacking at highest levels. The game is severely one sided in PVP at best and PVE is lacking players willing to run to do most anything. I have loved wow since I started playing back in 2006. I have always been the kind to gravitate to playing WITH others. All my best memories of wow has been of exploring dungeons and hoping for that one great drop! Running into a group of players and jumping in to help then finish off a mob of (fill in the blank) just in time! The way the server is it forces players to just sit in cities for PVP or pointlessly grind away in random spots for gold. In the PVP ether you are able to one shot someone or you are going to be grave camped for the full duration of the battle (and i use that term VERY loosely). In PVE you grind...the end. If you are lucky your guild will run some raids but for the most part i get sick of sitting for 2 and 3 hours at a time trying my best to remember who I MUST attack or wipe out 20 min worth of work. There is a lot wrong with the game still that I can't get around. My wife and kids seem to like it every now and then but as for me I am done till the game achieves some since of balance. Again I think this game can go far. I really like the concept. It just needs a lot of work guys/girls. I wish you the best of luck!

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