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  1. What is concidered doing well? I know it's doing OK in some fights, but where adds have to die quickly it's falling behind hard. AAnd just because Naxx will be out, it doesn't mean that Aqt won't ever be played. If you want a good environment to do a test on dot builds, do c'thun. It's multitarget and adds need to die quickly. There are a multitude of variants, but the one I played was a warlock/shadow priest combination with a planned rotation. I know spriest has a decent build, can do a little more damage, but it quickly turns into a single cast build with mindflay or vampiric touch at the helm. So I think it's boring. What I like is a playstyle that needs your full attention to play, because of you mess up you fall behind in damage by a lot.
  2. Just curious where those promised pve buffs to Dots went. I heard that "next patch" it would be looked at. That was just as season 2 was ending. Not cool to make a promise and not keep it bro. DoTs on rotation is a fun and challenging build to play, but falls short in a multi target fight with adds. Meaning it's more a patchwerk only build, which doesn't work for bosses with adds. Scaling some of the instant damage in pve done by devo plague or adding some instant damage to corruption can help, but needs to be tested and scaled correctly. What could help would be that the effect from haunt affects all periodic shadow damage in a pve setting, but not pvp. Just throwing out suggestions to help push the most challenging caster build out there get some love.
  3. Regarding the stats on the warlock set, not the setbonus, it's a huge loss of hit rating going for the 8 set if unchanged. Needs more hit rating!
  4. So, balancepatch. When? Really want to see some of those promised changes like shadow dots pve, and so on.
  5. +1 Good friends there. Keeping some seriousness while raid, but still great humor when no raid. Generally nice people, no drama.
  6. Alright. But here is a new idea. Making hellfire a toggle ability that turns off if you go below a %hp. Not a channel. That would make it something to pick for hybrids, casters and especially tanks. Aoe damage for sword and board tanks? Would be nice to have outside of arcane explosion.
  7. Unpopular opinion, yes. Compare this to other casters and tell me the sustained damage is the same. Like most other caster builds fall off a lot quicker, making them not as viable as running mostly lightning bolters in a raid setting. Sure, I know other caster builds with immense burst, but falls off once burst fades away. LB can keep a high damage for a very long time, while other builds are trying to keep up. Not saying it's overpowered, just saying that it seems rather unfair that any other caster can be shoved out or asked to swap specs to lightning bolt, even with same dps, just can't hold mana or multitarget as good as Lightning bolt can. And this hasn't changed since forever. Lightning bolt is as it was, a strong, if not the strongest, casterbuild allround. Low lifetap amount, high damage, low threat output and low TP costs concidering other builds.
  8. I got an unpopular opinion here. Seeing as Lightning bolt casters can cast indefinitely without losing mana if build is optimized for it, I would like to see a nerf to this or a buff to other caster archetypes by increasing the mp5 on blessing of wisdom. I know of a build that pushes 4,4k dps without almost any manaloss. This makes the wanted setup for raids mostly LB with since they offer that damage, partywide haste and never have to life tap. Increasing mana cost won't help since it's clearcasting. Elemental clearcasting shouldn't stack with omen of clarity and arcane concentration IMO. This is unpopular, but it may increase variety of casters more in a 10m setting. Gear for LB is also easy, since it's all about crit and hit, making bloodvine BiS for that archetype. Easy to win build, with no drawbacks seems a bit unfair, compared to the Grind for gear for other builds.
  9. I remember a long long time ago, it was foretold that the talent shadow and flame would be reduced to 3 TP to make room for defencives in a certain build. And with defencives I mean Pve focused defencives that became a requirement, even tho it was not planned to be that much of a requirement. Any replies on this? Keep in mind that this was "promised" a while back, and was a suggestion when other builds got their 5 TP talents reduced to 3 TP. Still waiting, patiently.
  10. If nether presence is getting a rework, I hope you are going to add the 5% haste rating to spellmastery to compensate for the loss of haste a little. Then it wouldn't be as bad. Also, is it possible to add a spell to the new RE Dark Embrace? Mindflay would be cool for us rotation casters.
  11. Sooooo. These nerfs will lead to bigger nerfs in raids/dungeons so that it is possible to do them with the changes? I don't really care what happens pvp or on high risk, I just want to be able to do all raid content without feeling gimped after investing time, money, gold, orbs and so on. Having to redo my build is fine, don't mind a little theorycrafting, but having to re-RE my entire gear because of a nerf or massive change isn't cool. I imagine that some people here have lives and can't just spawn in orbs/runes/gold to get gear. Meaning it's going to take a lot of time for people who can't play 3-10 hours daily. Farming up stuff is a part of WoW, sure thing. But for people who use their precious time to get bis, to then have to go farm even more to change their gear, + for mats, is a huge requirement. You can't make a PvE softcore server a terrible experience because you want people to play high risk. It's just going to equate into a loss of players instead of an increase. If people aren't playing there, it's because it's not their cup of tea. Hurting the PvE would just mean that people quit instead. It's like changing a menu from having a decent pepperoni pizza and a semi-good hamburger, to having a turd-pizza and still the same semi-good hamburger. People won't buy the hamburger if they don't want it. They would just have to find a new pizza place. In short. If you're going to nerf this much for PvE then you need to nerf bosses/raids/dungeons even more for people to be able to do them.
  12. Asked a while back, but going to ask again. Not long ago you said that shadow and flame will get the same love as LB casters got, reducing the 5 tp cost down to 3 tp. When will this happen? Was hoping this patch would be it. ☺
  13. One change I'm waiting for is the Shadow and Flame change. Reduce the cost of TP to 3 from 5, much like you did with LB and others similar to it. Would be a nice help for us players opting for shadow bolt build.
  14. Also. The Succubus seduction would have a short cast time, but can be reduced with talents/REs.
  15. Currently I am seeing demons more as walking statboosters for casters, rather than being an integral part of someones build. Yes, There was a time where demons was super strong and did more DPS than their masters, but those times are over. I am not thinking that demons should do more damage, no no. I am more into the utility and usage of demons in raidsettings as well as in a pvp setting. Here is my current input and I would love some feedback, thoughts and other opinions on what could be done to increase the utility. Sorry for the wall of text: 1. Imps: Currently imps give a fire shield to its master or others if it has mana and is in defensive or aggressive stance. The buff lasts for a mere 3 minutes, which in turn isn't a lot, and the damage that is done is low. Having a imp is more a statboost for casters who cant pick up drain soul do to the amount of AP it costs. What I am suggesting is a rework of the Fire Shield a little bit to make imps more a utility to have in a raidsetting other than blood pact. Perhaps if it was an RE (or multiple) that would make imps fire shield last for (lets say) 20 minutes? Or just a rework of the spell and adding a RE that increases the damage reflected. In any case it would make imps a tiny bit more active if its not as a source of DPS (which it rarely is). Final suggestion would be that each time a fire bolt from the imp hits a target the duration of the fire shield is increased/reapplied. That would be cool too! 2. Succubus: Succubus are rarely ever used outside of PVP if ever. Seduction isn't worth having. The damage is also low. Changing some of the abilities to a different utility would be nice. Such as Seduction working as a form of Grounding Totem (not channeled) for the next damaging ability or spell on a set duration (30 sec). Having a CD on it would also be good for PVP so that people cant spamcast it. Also it should not share cooldown with Grounding totem, adding some extra value to it in a raidsetting. With the burst of damage in PVP this should be a huge effect. The damage would hit the succubus for a reduced amount, not instantly killing it, but possibly killing it if the damage is very high. Soothing kiss would be nice to use if it meant it reduces threat for the owner of the demon, and a small change of the manacost would be nice. Decreased to 70-ish down from 100. 3. Felhunter: Felhunter is fine in a pvp setting. Very usable for shadowdots. Would be nice if the damage scaled with priest shadow dots on PvE targets (too op for PVP). The % damage could be tweaked a little (just a little). 4. Felguards: The most used demons for casters looking for that sweet sweet extra SP. This demon is just used for its minor damage increase and the major SP increase. Wouldn't it be nice if it had some better utility for a raidsetting? It's already good for a lot of things in a dungeon/pvp setting. So I'm not asking for a huge change here. The Cleave is nice, the taunt is nice. But since its a "Warrior" class demon, how about some armor reduction? Adding a minor armor reduction that can scale with multiple felguards attacking the same target would be cool, making people wanting to almost sacrifice their demons and SP in a AOE fight to help melee out with gaining some damage. This would have to be a separate spell since cleave is so mana hungry. The % should be minor to not make bosses a cakewalk for melee, but incentivizing having an active demon instead of a statbooster. Considering this could be abused in a PVP setting, it should also cap out at a decent %. To not clutter the debuff bar of a target, perhaps it should stack in a cleaner way than adding multiple ones. 5. Voidwalkers: I have no extra input on these soakers. They are what they are. Soakers. 6. Demonic Pact: Some talents are a waste for people in raidsettings as well as in a PvP setting. Demonic Pact has a huge TE cost for little to no utility to party/raid added to having an attacking demon. Wrath totem is much better in value, meaning people drop this talent completely. What if instead of giving SP it gave a % spelldamage and healing instead of a static number (Spellpower/healing power)? Now this would have to be a number that would not overpower people but still equate to the 5 TE cost that it actually is. It would require you to have a demon out and attacking, gaining a critical and not dying in boss fights. Meaning that proper handling is also key. When it comes to a PVP setting it would probably be beneficial for some, while not worth the TE costs for others. Which I find is fine, cause if it increases % damage instead of % Spellpower/healing from owner, it could be too strong if it was cheaper. I cannot give exact numbers but someone else could probably figure out a good number. 5%? Maybe even change it to "% of your intellect" or other stats for when TBC arrives to not make it worthless to have? Any other input would be cool. Thoughts? Keep it civil, please!

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