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  2. Im kinda fresh... keep on coming on and off for over a year now lol Never liked idea of Random enchants... seems like a pain in the ass and one of reasons I left the game. Giving it another shot to see if I can digg into it.
  3. all over the place.... 19 posts... ok... leaving something doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Especially when it's used for most of things you need, and used by almost everyone present on server. So... xfaction chat still is a big turn off... But yea... when I think about it... I really haven't given much thought about Andorhal, I'll give you that. If it's JUST xfaction chat, maaaaybe I could get used to it
  4. I can live with higher rates. I can live with a lot of custom stuff you made, which is amazingly done btw! (pretty much only server I can tell that has proper custom stuff) BUT: I can't simply live with this crossfaction ideas... it's turning me down from playing so hard. For me, and I think for many of us, the WoW is about faction belonging, about that pride when you scream FOR THE "whatever faction you play" I started on LS... loved the thrill but hated the fact that simply anyone can kill you ( i had 60 camping me 1h straight, cuz I killed his friend which was 2 levels above me btw...) I re-rolled on Andorhal... someone posted recruit message for guild. I wanted to reply and got message that you can only send PMs to players of your own faction... Part of me died. I really want to play on this project. Idea of making your own build is amazing, custom menus and features are absoultely brilliant. Minor bug here and there, pathing and buggy trainer menus didn't stop me from enjoying the game. What really killed it for me is complete lack of immersion and I honestly thing you are thinking way to low of quality of such project if you think that regular blizzlike x1 realm with your custom features (excluding high risk features like item dropping and crow's treasure) won't work out. I'm 100% sure that x1 realm with proper take on factions and grouping (blizzlike), paired with this classless system and tweaks you already done, would do miracle in wow private server scene. I'm gonna take a break from Ascension as I really can't immerse myself into it. Being vanilla wow die hard fan I really care about my faction choice and seeing how here it doesnt really matter, kinda hits my immersion in weak spot. Are there ANY CHANCES of such realm ever happening here?
  5. I've clearly stated drums aren't yet finished, and whole track is work in progress. Saying this cuz I see some ppl have issues with repetitive drums. Its obviously isn't orchestral themed stuff, but Ascension isn't typical wow server so... /shrug But I completely agree that it is kinda out of place lore wise, BUT AGAIN (lol) Ascension doesn't really follow lore that much with all that cross faction stuff. This is more like alternative/grunge/metal theme and what got me to feel the connection is that clean part which kinda fits overall desert themed background. Dunno... just sharing some random thoughts while working on a song Thanks for honesty and quality feedback! I'll keep the track online for few more days before deleting it I'll post it in offtopic once it's finished
  6. i'd love lower rates too... Could be no.1 reason why I consider re-rolling on Andorhal despite it being no risk realm.
  7. I've been thinking.... While listening to this song which is still work in progress I was like "damn, this would kinda fit that desert screen on Ascension!" So I've muted game sounds, opened the main menu, let the song play and recorded it. What do YOU think? Is it good fit? Question for staff: if it IS a good fit and you like it, would you be willing to do it ? We would give you the song files free of charge, with just a credits in return. Disclaimer: drums in the song are just "placed to be there" and are definitely subject to change. It's gonna be done in week or so when we will finalize the instrumental.
  8. i posted that literally 2 or 3 days ago...
  9. why is each of your posts such a pain to look at... on the other hand, i'd like to ask devs wtf is purpose of bg if you can't get gear currency from it?
  10. 1st - sorry for necro, if it can be considered as one 2nd - I couldn't help but to reply Now the reply: Your post is made of assumptions, little to no research and a bit of arrogance which can be felt in your rather colorful post. I'm new here too and let me tell anyone who reads this post why he / she should play this GAME: - it's not your random WoW - it's not your random fun, custom server - it's 100% free - no pay to win - amazing, well thought out and executed custom elements of interface - great custom touches in game via random enchants, collection tabs and even ingame store with item previews. All executed to such level that beats a lot of renown companies. - good sense of community in terms of what to focus on at certain realms ( various gameplay type options, high and low pace rates, each featuring specific type of pvp ((hardcore, softcore)) ) - future. you can clearly see this project is here to stay What this project could use is some fine touch in terms of fixing small, annoying bugs. I personally hate that some trainers won't even open the menu... So far, as a new player I'm having a blast! Once again, if this was necro, I'm sorry but just couldn't help not to reply.
  11. THANKS DUDE! Googled "Cooldowns by Yarko 3.3.5a." and used 1st link - BULLSEYE! Finaly got it to work! Thanks a bunch.
  12. paymentwall is not supported in Bosnia... why you won't take my money ?
  13. found couple of working addons, but still can't get cooldown addons to work or atlas loot. There is literally nothing wrong you can do. Download, unzip, install into folder, that's it.
  14. OmniCC doesn't work either... btw, i'm not some sort of game newb. 17 years of online gaming, i'm well aware of how to install addons and stuff... Never had issues with it. Can't even find working atlasloot addon for this server. Weird.
  15. https://www.sendspace.com/file/6hpifv Download it and put into data folder. Enjoy.
  16. Can anyone post me link to a version of working CC addon... I've tried 5 so far... no success. Thanks in advance!
  17. Am I blind or there isn't one... This is game is not this game without community developing improvements where devs fail... so, we really need a section on forum to discuss such stuff. Such section could be used for addon promotion, asking for help over certain stuff etc etc... Now i'm forced to post addon related post into general section, where it doesn't belong. /shrug
  18. No... wanna make world alive - disable "hotkey based gameplay" aka sit in capital, press button, teleport to mars. Wanna bg? Go to bg camp on map or go to npc in city. Wanna dungeon, go there. Also, disable xfaction chat and grouping, I see 0 logic behind this and it kills the gameplay for me. Basically I feel like there are no factions and I'm the one that matters, for myself and none else.
  19. i hate to do this... but how you visit the home page of the official site?
  20. There is actually a way to import Legion models...

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