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  1. If you're using AzerothCore these are the related values in the worldserver.conf file: # Visibility.Distance.Continents # Visibility.Distance.Instances # Visibility.Distance.BGArenas # Description: Visibility distance to see other players or gameobjects. # Visibility on continents on retail ~90 yards. In BG/Arenas ~180. # For instances default ~120. # Max limited by active player zone: ~ 333 # Min limit is max aggro radius (45) * Rate.Creature.Aggro # Default: 90 - (Visibility.Distance.Continents) # 120 - (Visibility.Distance.Instances) # 180 - (Visibility.Distance.BGArenas) Visibility.Distance.Continents = 90 Visibility.Distance.Instances = 120 Visibility.Distance.BGArenas = 180 # # Visibility.Notify.Period.OnContinents # Visibility.Notify.Period.InInstances # Visibility.Notify.Period.InBGArenas # Description: Time (in milliseconds) for visibility update period. Lower values may have # performance impact. # Default: 1000 - (Visibility.Notify.Period.OnContinents) # 1000 - (Visibility.Notify.Period.InInstances) # 1000 - (Visibility.Notify.Period.InBGArenas) Visibility.Notify.Period.OnContinents = 1000 Visibility.Notify.Period.InInstances = 1000 Visibility.Notify.Period.InBGArenas = 1000
  2. MaloW

    Pay To Win

    There are 2 forms of "Pay-2-Win" in games. 1. Actual Pay-2-Win: Getting items, abilities etc. that are superior to those that you can get if you do not spend IRL money. 2. Pay-2-Shortcut: Getting items, abilities etc. that are equal to those that you can get if you spend time to farm in-game. There's a grey-zone between these two where the time to farm things in-game might be just too long for it to be realistic for most players. An example of category 1 is APB, where you can buy golden guns that are unavailable to those who don't spend IRL money, and they're superior stat-wise to their non-golden versions. An example of something that falls in-between these categories is Hearthstone where it's possible to unlock everything by just playing the game, but realistically you'll need to spend 10 hours a day for a couple of months grinding to unlock the cards you need to make competitive decks, and they rotate out every 2-3 months with new expansions. Ascension firmly fits into category 2 though, gold is quickly farmed and as such any advantage any player has by spending money can be countered with a small amount of time-investment by Free-2-Play players. So it's not really Pay-2-Win in my opinion, and even if an argument could be made that it is, as a Free-2-Play player I'm completely fine with it.
  3. Bump, should be an easy fix, or an easy "Can't do it due to performance issues"-response.
  4. Simply just don't go to Cenarion Hold? What is there that is important enough for you to leave the server over instead of just not going there?
  5. Kinda minor but I think it would generally be an improvement and should take less than 10 seconds to fix. "3. Patch - Manual Installion - Updated 6/1/2018" This means 6'th of January for us Europeans. Would be nice if it had a proper date-format like "2018-06-01".
  6. It seems these "WithRE" functions are quite computationally heavy. Any time items are changed my addons create a full snapshot of the current items, and it causes a noticeable freeze using "WithRE" functions instead. I can probably work around this though by only doing the item-link lookups when needed instead of doing a full refresh every time a change is detected.
  7. Awesome, it's exactly something like this I meant. I'll update my addons to use these, however I don't do that much wPvP anymore so it might take a while before I can actually test if my changes work and release a new version Thanks!
  8. Cool, glad to hear it's working! Regarding REs sadly that is quite difficult to solve and not something I can do on my own I think. I've talked a bit with the Ascension-dev Shelly who gave me some help regarding the REs (basically extract the custom .mpq file and find the Ascension-addons there that applies the RE-text to the tooltip), so I did some digging around there but I couldn't figure out any way to really get the RE-information about an item from within my own addons. I think what's needed is some work from the Ascension-devs to create a Lua-API that can be used by addons like this to get that sort of information, but I doubt something like that would be prioritized as it's honestly not that important compared to many of the other things that can be improved upon
  9. I've made 2 addons that me and my friends have been using for a while now and I figured I should share them with some more people. MaloWAscDeathDrop - This addon will print all items in your chat that you drop when you are killed in PvP combat. MaloWAscKillLoot - This addon will broadcast gold and items that you loot from players to other people in your party/raid that also uses the addon, and they will have that printed in their chats. (MaloWUtils - A support-addon containing code required by all the other addons.) The addons probably have a few bugs left that me and my friends haven't found yet. If you encounter any feel free to report them to me and I'll see if I can get them fixed. Direct download: https://github.com/Malow/MaloWAscensionAddons/releases/download/v1.0/MaloWAscensionAddons.zip If anyone wants to contribute then feel free hit me up and we can discuss it. Be warned though, I'm quite a novice at Lua so the code is not the cleanest. Github page: https://github.com/Malow/MaloWAscensionAddons
  10. The Yikes vs Warmonger clips are other good examples of this. Notice how both mobs and enemy players sort of just pop into view, and it's impossible for either side to estimate the numbers of the other side before they're close enough that the fights are already started. So it's definitely not something that affects just me.
  11. Everyone I've played with says it's the same for them, I've also seen other people discussing the same thing in /say and /world. I usually have less than 40ms to the server, 100 Mbit/s stable fiber connection. I'm running the game maxed and my PC is quite overkill for WoW at least (7700K@5Ghz) so I doubt it's anything on my end.
  12. The view distance of creatures and players feels quite low compared to other servers and retail. I would guesstimate that it's around 50 yards on Laughing Skull right now. That in combination with the fact that the server doesn't seem to update very often if a player is within view-range or not leads to some annoying and difficult situations especially in PvP where both you and the other players are moving. Increasing it to something like 80-100 yards, and/or increasing how often the in-range calculation is made on the server, would improve both PvP and PvE gameplay in the world by a lot. Especially WorldPvP feels a bit weird with how people can just all of a sudden appear seemingly out of nowhere when running on fast mounts. As you can see in this gif: In this situation I wouldn't have time to react at all until we're in range of each others abilities which is quite odd. On most emulators changing this is as simple as changing a config-value. Usually the big private servers with thousands of players turn this setting down a bit to reduce server load, while smaller servers often turn it up because they can spare the extra server load. Hopefully the Ascension-servers can handle this extra load and we can increase the quality of life on the servers.
  13. I'm currently playing on Sargeras and I think 3x is alright, but would prefer something like 5x. Leveling a character to max level is something I've done probably 100 times now over the 13 years that I've played WoW, and when there's a new experience to be offered for the leveling it's kinda fun and I don't mind the 1x rates (first time I leveled an Ally-char and a Horde-char, when a new expansion is released, when the zones were redone i Cata, on some custom private servers with custom quests). But doing the same old leveling experience that I've done at least 20 times is just not fun anymore. If the server offered custom quests and zones I would be fine with 1x, but when it's the 21'st time I'm doing this same shit I just really wanna push through it quickly, hence why I think increasing to 5x would be nice. On the same note I think prof rates could use a bump to 2x rates, or even better keep 1x and do a rehaul with custom gear to make profs a bit better. Would be really nice if profs was a good and stable way to get yourself geared up at all levels since you can often end up naked by getting ganked.

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