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  1. Great idea, but definitely not in high-risk servers, unless the vendor only buys grey items.
  2. bmannion4

    New PvP Gear

    PvP gear is essentially free. It was not made to be an optimal return on your time investment. This gives people something new to work towards without making other content trivial. If this was an "upgrade worth the price" then people would be complaining about other gear sets being worthless. The ONLY thing this requires to earn is time. I'm a big fan of reducing the power gap between tiers anyways. In my opinion, especially on the high risk servers, the power differential between 60 blues and BiS should never exceed 30%. Give players something to work towards and an advantage, but reward skill > gear. And create more forms of lateral progression in keeping items the same ilvl but different options in terms of stats, similar to how this set is. Everything doesn't need to just have bigger numbers, sometimes different numbers is a great way to go too.
  3. bmannion4

    New PvP Gear

    You assign your owns stats. These have a net gain and most pvp builds stack Stam, this will allow those people to allocate stats elsewhere since they will meet their Stam goal easier through gear. It's an upgrade, and I think it's the right % upgrade and has the added bonus that it requires some knowledge to get the most out of it. You lose 2 int but gain 7 Stam? Cool, reallocate 2 points from Stam to int. It's also time gated gear, not skill gated. It shouldn't be crazy strong, but it still gives people a way to progress their gear in BGs if that is what they want.
  4. What did you do? I haven't heard of them banning many people.
  5. I think any spell that serves a unique role adds to the server.
  6. The debate isn't if the server is wrath-like, not wrath-like, if Blizzard pulled the spells or not. The entire question is... "Will adding these spells improve the Ascension experience?" That's it. Nothing else matters. When Blizz removed them means nothing. Rather they were in wrath or not means nothing. Will they or will not improve the experience on Ascension? This is Ascension, not Vanilla or Wrath, not patch 123 or 321.
  7. bmannion4


    I would suggest Private Internet Access if you want a great VPN.
  8. bmannion4

    Unique items

    They fix based on priority, but they are constantly working through the bug tracker. I've seen many bug tracker reports get fixed. With so many new features and realms being released the priority list probably got moved around but they DO rely on the bug tracker to fix issues. My guess is that this is a relatively easy fix and pretty important. A bug tracker report is much more likely to be fixed than a forum post.
  9. bmannion4

    Unique items

    Did you submit this to the bug tracker? That's the only way to get it in front of the people who can fix this.
  10. I've found hunter pet + autoshoot and buffs is the ultimate 1-20. You can survive mistakes, you can quest above your level, you can kill multiple mobs, and you have literally zero downtime. If you play it well you can just leave Cheetah on as well since you should never be taking damage. It by no means a super exciting build, but it's extremely efficient.
  11. I suggested a slightly different take on an ilvl system encouraging players to get into the world before. Essentially, create new open world spawns and areas that require a certain ilvl to farm. Each mob would have an AOE aura that dealt damage to players based on their ilvl. If you have the proper ilvl the aoe does nothing, if you don't... it messes you up fast. This means if you want to go gank people in a zone like this you are required to also bring higher ilvl gear to risk, otherwise the mob aoe will melt you. The other system I'd like to see implemented is an ilvl based damage scale. Basically, new 60 mobs would scale their damage based on your ilvl, as well as the damage you deal to them. For example, fighting a ilvl 100 mob in ilvl 100 gear would deal 100% damage and take 100% damage. Being below ilvl 100 you would take and deal 2-3% percent more/less per point. On the other side, fighting that same mob in ilvl 200 gear would still only result in 100% damage. This opens up a way to "tier" open world mobs and areas by introducing a variety of areas between 100-however high they want it to go, while requiring pvpers to also risk their gear if they don't want to be 1 shot by the mobs in that area. They could also take lateral approach and instead of ilvl rework how resists work to fit that same concept.
  12. You guys are coming up with solutions on a broken foundation. The "solution" is to increase incentives for solo play while decreasing incentives for gank squads. Buffing players being attacked by a gank squad or segregating zones is trading one problem for a different problem. It's making the symptoms more bearable for you but it doesn't solve anything long term. I would like to see some spells tuned specifically for solo players that could be a short term and long term solution. For example, an AOE spell that also hits friendly players, and has damage scaled based on how many people are attacking you. Give solo players a real tool against a gank squad, while making it unusable in group pvp as it would kill your allies too. Disable the friendly fire in BGs and Instances. (Perma ban anyone exploiting damage on this by having friends intentionally boost the damage). Create a heal spell that gives you a damage shield based on how many people are attacking you, cause damage reflection based on that number(disable in pve and bgs). The idea is to create tools that make playing solo more rewarding and viable, not to remove another player's ability to play their way(gank squads). Changes like this coupled with expanded open world content that encourage 1 on 1s and group vs group would create more meaningful conflict and give everyone the opportunity to play their way without punishing one segment of the population that will always exist in a ffa pvp game. That being said, they really do need to introduce some risk and consequence to being a PK as it expands gameplay massively and has a ripple effect through every aspect of the server.
  13. Or we implement a consequence driven pvp system and create real risk to being a PK or ganking. While this is a well thought out solution, it will only shift the problem, not cure it. The problem is not gankers. It's that there is no incentive to not being in a gank squad. There is no incentive to NOT kill and loot another player. Because of that, it create the pvp environment we have.
  14. bmannion4

    Unique items

    Good catch. They should definitely make items like that unique-equipped, especially because you may need more than 1 in case you lose one in pvp.
  15. It opens the door to abuse. Not that the staff would, but it limits their ability to hire new GMs and speed up ticket time if they have to worry about people fibbing item restoration, playing favorites, determining what is fair or not, ect. It does suck, but I would rather not have the ability to have an item restored instead of wondering what internal politics were going on behind the scenes with item restorations. What happens when a GM is also in a progression guild? What happens when people find ways to game the system? It would be nice if they wrote a script that saved the unique item ID from raid drops when they dropped and saved to an external xml or something, that way if the server crashed they could still help guilds pass out loot, but I that would be the only instance of item restoration I would support and I would hope it would all be open to public scrutiny.

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