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  1. I have to disagree with a lot of your points. Slam overpower and Mortal Strike all scale with Weapon Damage and single minded fury makes them all hit with both weapons so saying that 2h weapons are just better for those kind of builds is wrong I think. And since they all scale with weapon damage and single minded fury affects all of those, buffing them would affect 2handers just as much as dual wield builds. Also I am not primarily talking about slam/rend/overpower/mortal strike but slam/Bloodthirst/mortal strike. Bloodthirst scales with attack power only so it does not matter at all if you're using a 2h vs dw. My main point is that the investment in slam is super low but the gain super high. All the talents that provide synergy to allow slam to act as a catalyst just are not worth the investment which begs the question why these even exist in the first place because you invest in something to essentially become weaker
  2. Hello guys, This is about the seasonal realms primarily. This season i am playing a dual wield melee character. My main abilities are Bloodthirst, Slam and mortal strike. I am also spamming cleave permanently. Lets compare the investment between using synergies and only spamming slam aswell as the damage Let's look at the talent point investment for the synergies. Mortal strike + improved mortal strike, improved slam, Bloodthirst, blood surge and unending fury. That makes 13 talent points. When only spamming slam you need unending fury and improved slam. That makes 5 talent points. So you gain 8 talent points. Now the problem is that the dps from using slam only is higher or equal to that with the synergies without even investing the 8 talent points. I will provide logs when I am back home aswell as link my build. I want to ask the devs if they think that this is acceptable. I think it is not for several reasons. 1. The talent point investment is way lower 2. It is much easier to play(1 button vs 3 + having to watch stacks and a proc) 3. It is much easier to get. All you need is a skill card for slam and you are set. When you want to play with synergies you have to get either mortal strike or Bloodthirst via RNG because single minded fury is required. Just as a side note I have also tested this with rend/overpower but the difference is even worse. I would like to hear all of your opinions on this.
  3. Yo my man, that is such a broad question especially when you're playing on the normal realms. There are a gazillion viable builds. Do you want to be a caster, warrior, rogue, hybrid? Ascension did a good job creating synergies within a single tree. Arms warrior enhancement shaman and retribution paladin stand out to me personally. So once you have decided what kind of style you want to play I would look into that.
  4. Hi, are you playing on the seasonal realm or the normal ones? I mean what gear is good for you is entirely depending on your build. And since I don't know what your build is, I can't say what gear is good for you. But in general more stats = better.
  5. There is a talent called touched by the light in the prot paladin tree which gives you spell power depending on your strength. Then there is a enhancement shaman talent which increases spell power basen on your attack power. I think I would start with those and then stack as much strength as possible. You can then also pick up Malestrom weapon in the enhancement tree. That talent essentially gives you instant cast spells every now and then. And the faster you attack the more instant cast spells you get. Sounds just like what you want. And if you want to go fast, definetly use daggers and slice and dice. Maybe a windfury totem aswell.
  6. @Nestor You just said exactly what I was thinking. Can only agree.
  7. Just FYI the Fury Warrior Talents also gives + 5% hit chance when maxed out and the improved Execute talent also increases Exectue damage. Also, if you want more strength, consider Cruelty in the Fury Warrior tree. It's a tier one talent and grants 1% crit and 1% strength per point. I know it does not say so in the talent calculator but if you look at these talents in game you can see it. oh and btw Windfury Totem is not included in your Build right now (grants another 10% attack speed). If you consider this and still prefer your changes over mine, then I think your build is complete!
  8. Trays

    Tanking build...

    Really? that's strange. Here are some imgur links i hope they are working. https://imgur.com/32g2nfd
  9. It could work if you are able to stack the Sudden Death RE. Without it however, i believe your builds rotation is lacking. you got Rend every 15 seconds. Overpower every 5 and then a couple Hemorrhages. On Every fight that lasts longer than 20 seconds you are gonna run out of globals. Could be enough with enough Sudden Death RES tho. Imo you should buff your offhand damage because your attack speed and your additional attacks scale incredibly well with it. You also need hit rating which you will get from the offhand damage fury warr talent. Changes I would make given you have Exectue RE on your gear. I would: 1. Get rid of Taste for Blood, Improved Rend, Improved Overpower, Overpower, Rend, Trauma, Focused Rage, Swift Retribution, Reckoning 2. Take 5/5 Dual Wield Spec in Combat Rogue, 5/5 Dual wield spec in Fury Warrior 5/5 Divine Strength in Prot Warrior, Stormstrike. 3. Dump every point into strength The core build would then look like this. If you add all the Attack speed buffs together, you will have ~ + 40% attack speed at all times and +60% with Blade Flurry active. With the Legendary RE you can have up to + 85% attack speed. With this much Attack speed along with the additional Attacks and Windfury, you should be able to spam execute constantly. http:// Edit: The more I think about it the more I think this build is gonna dominate single target dps meters.
  10. Trays

    Tanking build...

    So here is the core of a tank build that I would run. Def stance + righteous Fury + some extra threat generating talents should be enough to keep aggro. For multiple Mobs we got Avengers Shield, Hammer of the Righteous, Consecration and Revenge For single target you can just spam Devestate and Shield Slam. Try to get Reduced Rage cost REs. 9 Would be perfect so your Devestate does not cost rage anymore. This build still has 21 TE and 29 AE left so plenty to play around with and give it your own twist. I would stack all the armor buffs get armored to the teeth and go full stam with Hunter VS Wild. Just my opinion tho. GL Terob Edit: I picked a wrong talent in the build above. Damage shield 2/2 is wrong. Should have been Critical Block 3/3.
  11. Do you want this build to be a PvE or PvP build?
  12. Well, yes it would but since you are using only one 2-Handed Weapon you only get 80 AP which adds far less dps than Windfury. Oh and by the way TG is not included because you will have -15% damage on your bleeds and they scale with main hand Weapon Damage and AP. So in order not to hurt this archetype I did not take it which makes Stormstrike useless. Also no poisons included so the buff you get from stormstrike doesn't benefit him.
  13. Well i don't know then, I'm sorry. I have not heard of this problem. Usually the WOTLK launcher only opens, if you use the wrong .exe.
  14. I just downloaded Patch A here https://project-ascension.com/downloads, replaced it with the old version in the respective folder and started Ascension as usual. Works perfectly fine.
  15. Make sure to use the Ascension.exe and not the regular WoW.exe

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