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  1. @Nestor You just said exactly what I was thinking. Can only agree.
  2. Just FYI the Fury Warrior Talents also gives + 5% hit chance when maxed out and the improved Execute talent also increases Exectue damage. Also, if you want more strength, consider Cruelty in the Fury Warrior tree. It's a tier one talent and grants 1% crit and 1% strength per point. I know it does not say so in the talent calculator but if you look at these talents in game you can see it. oh and btw Windfury Totem is not included in your Build right now (grants another 10% attack speed). If you consider this and still prefer your changes over mine, then I think your build is complete!
  3. Trays

    Tanking build...

    Really? that's strange. Here are some imgur links i hope they are working. https://imgur.com/32g2nfd
  4. It could work if you are able to stack the Sudden Death RE. Without it however, i believe your builds rotation is lacking. you got Rend every 15 seconds. Overpower every 5 and then a couple Hemorrhages. On Every fight that lasts longer than 20 seconds you are gonna run out of globals. Could be enough with enough Sudden Death RES tho. Imo you should buff your offhand damage because your attack speed and your additional attacks scale incredibly well with it. You also need hit rating which you will get from the offhand damage fury warr talent. Changes I would make given you have Exectue RE on your gear. I would: 1. Get rid of Taste for Blood, Improved Rend, Improved Overpower, Overpower, Rend, Trauma, Focused Rage, Swift Retribution, Reckoning 2. Take 5/5 Dual Wield Spec in Combat Rogue, 5/5 Dual wield spec in Fury Warrior 5/5 Divine Strength in Prot Warrior, Stormstrike. 3. Dump every point into strength The core build would then look like this. If you add all the Attack speed buffs together, you will have ~ + 40% attack speed at all times and +60% with Blade Flurry active. With the Legendary RE you can have up to + 85% attack speed. With this much Attack speed along with the additional Attacks and Windfury, you should be able to spam execute constantly. http:// Edit: The more I think about it the more I think this build is gonna dominate single target dps meters.
  5. Trays

    Tanking build...

    So here is the core of a tank build that I would run. Def stance + righteous Fury + some extra threat generating talents should be enough to keep aggro. For multiple Mobs we got Avengers Shield, Hammer of the Righteous, Consecration and Revenge For single target you can just spam Devestate and Shield Slam. Try to get Reduced Rage cost REs. 9 Would be perfect so your Devestate does not cost rage anymore. This build still has 21 TE and 29 AE left so plenty to play around with and give it your own twist. I would stack all the armor buffs get armored to the teeth and go full stam with Hunter VS Wild. Just my opinion tho. GL Terob Edit: I picked a wrong talent in the build above. Damage shield 2/2 is wrong. Should have been Critical Block 3/3.
  6. Do you want this build to be a PvE or PvP build?
  7. Well, yes it would but since you are using only one 2-Handed Weapon you only get 80 AP which adds far less dps than Windfury. Oh and by the way TG is not included because you will have -15% damage on your bleeds and they scale with main hand Weapon Damage and AP. So in order not to hurt this archetype I did not take it which makes Stormstrike useless. Also no poisons included so the buff you get from stormstrike doesn't benefit him.
  8. Well i don't know then, I'm sorry. I have not heard of this problem. Usually the WOTLK launcher only opens, if you use the wrong .exe.
  9. I just downloaded Patch A here https://project-ascension.com/downloads, replaced it with the old version in the respective folder and started Ascension as usual. Works perfectly fine.
  10. Make sure to use the Ascension.exe and not the regular WoW.exe
  11. Alright then these are my 2 constructive cents on the topic. One huge barrier regarding balancing is the fact that every change they make will have an effect on PvE and PvP. From what I have heared there are many viable PvE builds and TG builds are not even one of the strongest but again i haven't tested that myself, it's only what I have heard in game / read on the forums. So if this proves to be true then nerfing TG Builds in PvP, therefore making other builds more viable will result in less PvE spec diversity. And even then I doubt that more builds will shine because people will ,especially on Laughing Skull, take the next best build which would be the hunter/caster type. And then you would have to nerf that but that would influence PvE builds again and so on. My point is that in a High Risk environment where you must always fear to lose gear when you are out in the world people will always just take the next best spec. All in all I think that the current system is too simplistic. We need some sort of barrier to make people think more about their spell/talent choices so they do not just take the best of everything cause they have got enough points anyway. The System would need to be something that does not directly prevent the player from picking certain abilities/talents, because that would go against the idea of the "classless" pick whatever you want idea which made this server great in the first place. That means barriers in the form of the original talent trees where you need to put a certain amount of point in one tier before you can get to another are not an option. However maybe you could introduce a System that uses the old you need talent x to get to talent y system for talents that have the same theme. Look at this Example: There are 3 talents in the Holy Paladin tree which revolve around judgements. Enlightened Judgements which is the level 55 Talent gives 2% hit with all spells and all attacks. That is better than any other talent and with those 2 point you can usually get to your hit cap just like that and it does not even matter whether or not you can utilize the increased range on your judgements. But if you make it so that you need the 2 others Seal/judgement improving talents before you can get to this powerful one players would have to really invest a lot before getting access to this no brainer talent. You could also instead of having to invest all 5 points into both talents have the player invest only 1 point in order to being able to get to the next tier. In this example you would then need 4 TE for 4% hit chance along with some more haste seal and judgement damage and more range. This makes the barrier a little smaller. This imo is a way to make players still feel like they have a choice but makes it so not everyone can pick these no brainer talents.
  12. Trays

    Dot based Tank

    Unfortunatley there aren't any viable builds of this kind for PvE since there are no AOE life drain abilities and you just won't be able to generate enough aggro. However there is a build for PvP that works like that. Stack Stamina like crazy and get all the %regen health when being crit/stunned along with shadow form, vampiric embrace and devouring plague. The idea is to get as much health and damage reduction as possible and focus on onhit effects like poison/frostbrand and your dots as damage. For gear you want to use the lightbringer set which gives nice stats for a hybrid class.
  13. Since this is a rant thread anyway, might aswell blow of some steam. First of all I can agree with every single one of your points. I have played a lot of lvl 60 Wpvp duels and Bgs. I myself run the typcial arcane barrage full spellpower mage bs like everyone else who plays caster and does not have the Fireblast legendary RE. And the worst thing about endgame IMO is immunity spell chaining. bubble into deterrance into ice block into dispersion. It's so fucking annoying. Every fight lasts forever and it ruins the fun when a guy with 5 hp can defend a base in arathis basin for 30 seconds just because of this garbage.
  14. Trays

    Bleed rogue

    Someone else had a similar question regarding a bleed build. It does not include a pet but maybe it'll help you anyhow
  15. I answered to similar questions some time ago.

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