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  1. A 45 sec duration spell with a 2 min cd, three shades casting shadowbolts every ~2 seconds that potentially do ~750+ damage each. That's over 2200 damage every 2 seconds man. Do you understand how OP a spell like that would be? Cool concept for a spell I suppose; but my god.
  2. @Voodooman how on earth does giving alliance more reward fix anything?
  3. Andorhal is the server for you.
  4. "It isn't fun for ME so turn it off for EVERYONE ;("
  5. Hey, why do they call it an Xbox 360? Because when you see it you turn 360 degrees and walk away! hahaha XD!
  6. Fricking lol. "They didn't play seasonal with us which means they are "elite" stuck up morons!". It couldn't possibly be that they are players like myself who just don't like the PvP parts of Ascension, or just can't be assed to level and gear a new character no matter how easy it is. Or maybe its that even if they did make a character on seasonal and gear it up, they'd maybe find no use to having the character after seasonal finishes because like Tryant and heaps of others have said so far, gear is soulbound on Andorhal, so having that character just means another potentially unused alt. Also, assuming that most of these "elite" Andorhal players you're speaking about aren't also playing seasonal or at least gave it a try is just wrong, there are plenty of people from OAK that I know of that are playing there, likely the same story for some of the other major Andorhal guilds too but I can't speak for them. Pull your head out of your ass.
  7. LS/BS can trade gear between each other, AQ40 gear or not. They have pretty much entirely free reign as to what they want to do gear wise/build wise compared to Andorhal.
  8. Like Blart has said plenty of times across the discord and on the forums, the AQ40 release came at a terrible time for OAK and pretty much Andorhal as a whole. Speaking for OAK specifically, we had a heap of people quit or something along those lines around that time and didn't even start AQ40 progression properly until like 2-3 weeks after the raid released. Taking that into consideration, the time it took to actually get through AQ was pretty good. So don't swing your cock around too much mate.
  9. As someone who played a Felguard oriented build for over 8 months, I can say with 100% certainty that the viability the build once had in PvE is now gone. This is speaking from an Andorhal PvE perspective of course because PvP on these servers is shit, but the 3 stacking RE change completely and utterly ruined any chance of using a build involving a fuckstrong Felguard in raid for dps. My poor Felguard, Haathun, had his ballsack ripped off and thrown into an incinerator on account of this change (everyone please say a prayer for my former companion's manhood). Without any new REs being added I don't see any possibility at all for him to get a new pair of nads. Also Fricking LOL tbh fam.
  10. You think that's bad? The devs completely cut my poor Felguard, Haathun's, ballsack off. No anesthetic either, just ran a blunt razor blade across his sack until it was all gone.

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