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  1. You know, a solution could be reached more efficiently and a lot of time could be saved if a thread's original post is read properly... though I suppose there are downsides to that as well... I did mention that a buff like this can be "abused" by ganging up on someone without being in a party, and that I don't necessarily believe there's a need to prevent such "abuse". If prevention is desired anyway, there are fairly simple ways, at least conceptually, of achieving it I do not believe that proper grouping is in the least invalidated by this. In a group, party members can heal each other and benefit from the buffs of others - thus, I expect that this would promote a style of team play more akin to a raid setup, rather than the current commonly encountered mindless gangbang Spells/passives/abilities that are based on how many people are attacking you was actually the idea I had in mind before this - I believe this is another potentially effective solution, but only as passive abilities/buffs, not active spells. However, as I thought about it, I found some weaknesses in this idea which seemed more complicated to counter than those in a flat-buff system As for banning, I am absolutely averse to the idea. Banning and punishing is almost never a proper solution to anything - resorting to punishment shows that there is a fundamental problem somewhere within the system itself, and a "punishment" is at best a temporary tool to stave off disaster, which can itself be a harbinger of disaster The idea of single combat zones may be effective, but it leads to segregation - as a solo player, I would feel that I am restricted to a proper existence only in parts of the world, while the rest of the world would be a death trap. I might walk into it, but I'm not too fond of the notion
  2. Well, if something like this is implemented, being in a group would make you individually weaker - if you get 30% extra resilience when you're alone, you get 10% if you're in a party of two, and ~3% in a party of three (or the buff could just be completely disabled when in a party) - I guess what I'm going for with this is that unless you can properly cooperate with your party, you'd probably be better off fighting alone - a party would not directly overpower a solo player, and they'd be taking a risk by attacking such a player, especially because that one player would potentially be able to loot the entire party if he is victorious
  3. In general, my response to such things is to become so powerful that no ragtag group would be able to oppose me. But as things are, this probably doesn't work too well with more than a few kinds of builds. Here's a suggestion for something that can help almost any spec participate in world pvp without being driven to form feeble alliances with others just to have a decent chance: A permanent buff to resilience OR damage to players while not in a party, reduced by 2/3 for each additional person in a party (100% -> 33% -> 11%...). On its own, this can partially be bypassed by ganging up on someone without being in a party. Countering this may not be necessary, though one option might be to make a player take reduced damage if being attacked by multiple players who are not in a party If the player chooses the damage buff instead of the resilience buff, it should only be active if he delivers the first blow The exact numbers for the buffs can, of course, be decided along the way, but I'd like to offer a few technical comments: First of all, I'd like to address the issue of characters who already have significant damage mitigation. The effective health of someone with 5000 health and 50% mitigation would be 10k, but for someone with 75% it would be 20,000, and 40,000 for someone with 87.5%. However, I'm almost certain that sources of damage reduction like resilience stack multiplicatively, and so someone who has no armor and 30% resilience would gain the full 30% of the resilience and have 30% mitigation, while someone with 75% armor and 30% resilience would end up with 82.5% mitigation, gaining only about 7% of the original 30%. I think this is acceptable. It may promote a sort of "player raid boss" which may take a party to bring down, similarly to actual NPC bosses, while at the same time it would contribute to the survivability of solo players Resilience equivalent to an extra 25-35% of damage mitigation or 50-75% increased damage against players may be a decent place to start for this I think this will offer a fair boost to solo players without negating the cooperative benefits of team play, like for people who actually have friends, but it's 2018, so...
  4. Levitate, Slow Fall, Waterwalking, shaman Waterbreathing... Not the more "major" spells with reagents that are available from vendors, like divine intervention and infernals, though I probably wouldn't mind a way to cancel out the reagent requirement for those as well This suggestion is inspired by my selfish desires, mainly cause I wanna float everywhere with Levitate, but I highly doubt that anyone* takes these abilities, or if they do, that they use them, because of that reagent requirement And, seriously, floating everywhere with Levitate can kick ass for some themes I am going to take Levitate anyway when I can and hope this happens eventually <3
  5. This is probably most desirable, and addresses a major point - you can actually play the game this way and not be stuck in a semi-instanced environment at level 60. The main downside I see is that, like I mentioned earlier, you likely wouldn't be able to play the "spec" you want, because a lot of unique builds are only available past a certain level, thus the forced identity change. If talents, at least passive talents, become available for all levels, that problem should be taken care of. Adjusting high-level spells for lower level scaling would be ideal, but that would probably be more complicated to do Let's get something out of the way first - what "works" or "doesn't work" matters very little to me. I do not care for practicality, only that the ideal is upheld. If I want something strongly enough, I will have it. If I believe in something, I will make it work. If I fail or give up, it's most likely because I'm weak, not because my ideal is unreachable. Unfortunately, the voice of experience falls on the deaf ears of a blind idealist here. Having experience in running a server means almost nothing to me if there was no regard for ideal. Sacrificing the few in favor of the many or vice versa is unacceptable. As one of the (assumably) few, I do not accept triple rates on a hardcore server. I will not back down from that, but my solution isn't to drive away the people who do want it, but to figure out exactly why they want faster leveling, why I don't, and to find perfect synergy between our desires, as long as the core ideals of the realm (which are currently somewhat vague) are preserved. Maybe they aren't intended to cater to my audience. That's fine if so, but I find that hardcore and 1x rates go hand in hand in World of Warcraft
  6. Let me just make a significant distinction between "hardcore elitists" and "minmaxing/gameplay elitists". I call myself a "hardcore elitist" but that's only as long as I play on a hardcore server - I would not look down on people who play on a softer server or call them "carebears" or bullshit like that. However, if the hardcore realm that I play on starts catering to such players, I would be in my full right to act as an elitist to those of them who show up where I play, at least when they have an option like Andorhal "Minmaxing/gameplay elitists" are what I'm calling people who try to instill the notion that there's somehow a "right" way to play. That you have to follow that build and gear up that way. That sort of attitude disgusts me, and no, insisting on 1x rates is not part of this category Sargeras should be transitionary. The hardcore realm should aim to be as hardcore as it can be. If it is deemed that it can be more hardcore, it should rise to the challenge. Permanent death, however, may be inappropriate, because the game isn't quite "perfect" enough for that yet. But players can always give themselves that challenge --- If, for some unholy reason, 3x manages to crawl its way onto a hardcore/high-risk realm, it should not be the default rate. It should be available for players to switch to at any time, and cause them to be permanently branded with something that I would personally call a mark of shame, similarly to how the Scroll of Resolution does the opposite thing currently. That way, I may be able to properly acknowledge others, and those who want to level faster may give themselves some pause before going through with it
  7. Quality and health are both subjective anyway. High population doesn't mean a healthy server if the price is one of the server's metaphorical limbs or organs. For a "general population" realm like Andorhal, there may be more leeway because the ideals may be more vague and/or shifted by the current population. But for a realm with defined ideals, "healthy" would mean that the original ideals are upheld completely - everything else comes after that, even if it's also crucial. A hardcore realm is unlikely to have a high population and that's fine, or at least preferable - it may result in the death of the realm, but I believe the core ideals of a hardcore realm should prefer death over compromise As a hardcore enthusiast, my opinion may be more important than objectivity. A realm advertised as "hardcore" attracts people like me, and though I don't speak for all of us, I do believe that going beyond 1x rates goes directly against the "hardcore" ideals. Will 1x attract people? Not as many as 3x. But it will attract different people. 3x is repulsive to me, while 1x is attractive. I don't know how many of us there are, but I think most of us would choose the fewer people who are attracted by 1x than the many who are attracted by higher rates I'll go ahead and offer some design-related points anyway, though laying things out logically is overrated: - 1x offers more time and opportunities for players to face risky situations in different environments. Rushing to the end-game causes much of the content to be ignored. Regardless of how much hardcore players care about different zones, the end-game as it is limits the diversity of situational challenges and problems that are faced. Ideally, all zones would offer something for all players regardless of level, and top-level players wouldn't live in a semi-instanced environment. Even so, however... - 1x allows you to soak in the experience of weakness. On a high-risk server, that's precious. It can be fuel for your inner fire, whether it's in the form of frustration, ambition, vengeance, or whatever. Too much fuel and not enough oxygen is a problem, but the solution to that should be more oxygen rather than less fuel. Meaning, don't make things more convenient, just make them more worth fighting for - Reaching max level on 1x on a high-risk server is a testament to your perseverance. On a regular blizzlike realm, it may just be tedious. Tedium is still important here, but more than that, it's tedious while being dangerous. You've got a lot of stairs to climb - while you do, something is probably gonna try to mess you up. Of course, that goes back to the question of population, but one without the other is incomplete, it's no good to sacrifice things for population One thing that does bother me about the "journey" is that if you want to play a specific theme, you often don't get to do that from the beginning, and you may end up playing with a different "identity" for varying parts of the game. You've got to wait til you've gone through a bunch of content before you can play a Shatter mage, and Titan's Grip is only available from level 60. The "journey" should not force an identity change, and that may be one reason to rush through. However, making leveling faster is not a proper or acceptable "solution". I think it would be good if all players could start building their identity and theme from level 1 or 10, rather than treating level 60 as the beginning of the game. Anyway, this is probably going in a direction fit more for the Suggestions forum, so that's all for now
  8. I don't think I said anything about difficulty? Other than mentioning that hardcore shouldn't be easy, among other things. 1x isn't "hard", it's inconvenient. That's more than enough reason why it's important that it stays
  9. what no hardcore should not be fast, hardcore should not be easy, hardcore should not be convenient Anything higher than 1x rates reeks of cheapness and casual convenience. Even if I set my own rates to 1x and play solo as I usually do, I'm not sure I'd be able to acknowledge the other players around me This realm must not cater to weakness. Problems should be conquered and resolved, not rushed through This is one post that I would bring attention to, the bolded paragraph in particular I am one of those elitists. I am one who accepts no compromise when it comes to preserving ideals. Hardcore must be hardcore
  10. First of all, I fully support a true hardcore realm. No hand-holding, no conveniences (a prominent example being 3x), no mercy. Some say that mercy is for the weak - only the strong can offer mercy. The weak can only accept it. In that sense, mercy is for the weak. Sacrifices are unacceptable. Higher population loses meaning if the realm's identity deteriorates. Beta Sargeras was pretty great, Tichondrius-style sounds even better A split between pure softcore for those who want to just play WoW with the customization, and pure hardcore, sounds pretty much ideal to me. Hardcore players should probably be prepared that they might lose everything at any time and not rest on their laurels anyway, so I don't think a restart would be too inappropriate - the population merge takes care of some other potential problems I have in mind, I think (if you're attached to the stuff and...statistics...you've acquired that much, it seems the merge will let you keep them; if you've got some sort of pride as a hardcore player, would you really let something like Ragnarok stop you? Quitting because you have to conquer the steps to glory again, hardly the mark of a champion) People do seem to play Sargeras for the "wrong" reasons, and although it may be simple enough to allow character transfers to Andorhal and revert Sargeras' features to how they were during beta, I'd like to see it as an even more hardcore realm - I probably wouldn't mind if it's a volatile perpetual "beta" with experimental features tested constantly - that might be even better - just keep adding weird stuff into the fire and see how it explodes
  11. Any kind of permanent man shield is probably fine, but here's one rough idea - an early tata lent (3rd tier max) or GeneraL ability to make MAna Shield: - last until cancelled - be unable to be dispelled in any way (like an aura) - redirect all damage taken to mana at a ratio of 1:1 (at least when talented), preferably even from sources like Cha jjjjj os Bolt and environmental damage - significantly increase damage taken when Mana Shield is turned off or when out of off of on mana And maybe: - significantly buff Spirit while Mana Shield is active - ??? cause healing to apply to ??mana?? instead of health (a tweaked Spiritual Attunement?) - limit "healing" received to match how much damage the character has recently taken/absorbed (kinda~~~~~~~~~~ like Incanter's Absorption) ===>>>
  12. It would be interesting to see something like this happen. The main problems I see are that Savage Defense is supposedly the bear alternative to blocking, and that faster weapons might benefit a lot more from it. A solution to both problems might be to make Savage Defense weaker by default for non-bears (or even buff it for bears), and make the coefficient for faster weapons lower. For example, a bear would receive 25% of its AP as a shield, a 3.6 speed weapon in humanoid form would receive 20% or less, and a fast dagger would receive 5% or so. A weapon speed-based internal cooldown might also work, but that sounds more boring. OR it could just be made so that Savage Defense doesn't work if a shield is equipped in humanoid form I might also be curious about a spell-based version of Savage Defense
  13. As a bear main, I think the main balance problem with bears, at least in PvP, is the damage - it's pretty easy to reach significant damage with little investment while simultaneously being very tough to kill. Though I believe that, thematically, a synergy between high survivability AND high damage is fitting for a bear, I also think that the damage we can achieve with little effort is way too high I would not like to see bears take a hit through a nerf on Armored to the Teeth or Hunter vs Wild, because, like I mentioned, I find the synergy between toughness and damage thematically fitting. Instead, I might suggest lowering the benefit of AP for bears by default, and offering them talents to bring the benefit of AP up to where it is now or beyond, for those who prefer to focus on damage; base damage might also be something to take a look at - alternatively, or additionally, something similar could be done for survivability - bear armor and stamina can be nerfed a bit by default, and talents could bring them up to where they are now As a final comment, to clarify some bias I might have, I should mention that I am a bear that focuses on soaking up all sorts of damage, rather than dishing it out, and I had plans for something that could potentially lead me to the brink of invincibility in almost all ways (like over 100k effective health against most things if I did my filthy minmaxing theorycrafting properly) - I was sorta hoping to feel like a raid boss that offers a lengthy battle, especially against a party. But because of this, I've noticed even more clearly that the damage I've dealt throughout the game has been higher than I would expect for something like that
  14. Though I currently don't expect to play on Andorhal, and I have no plans to multibox at this time, I nevertheless vote "Yes" in order to support those who enjoy multiboxing - here is part of my reasoning: On Sargeras, the reasons for not allowing multiboxing are pretty clear. On Andorhal, however, I believe it is reasonable to allow multiboxing in PvE. It would be pretty obvious when someone tries to abuse it for PvP, and it probably wouldn't be more difficult to deal with than trying to execute all multiboxers. In any case, I'm not fond of using rules and punishment when attempting to solve problems or maintain order, so here's what I propose: A system that accommodates PvE multiboxing while maintaining balance in PvP, which might even work on Sargeras as well - this could perhaps be done in a way similar to the Scroll of Resolution on Sargeras - you take a "multiboxing charter" and sign it with other characters. When the charter is signed, these characters gain a "buff" effect that officially recognizes them as part of a multiboxing group, but only the "leader" character can take any action during PvP (preferably making the other characters untargetable, at least until the leader is defeated - an effect similar to that of Divine Intervention might be close to what I mean). There should be an option to choose another character to be the leader, but there should be some sort of cooldown period or some other limitation to prevent the leader from being changed too often. If someone attempts to multibox in PvP without this charter, rather than banning them, a game master could just sign a charter for them, problem solved, everyone's happy...probably. From an RP point of view, this could be compared to a sort of "spiritual bond", and breaking a spiritual bond is rarely without consequences. Also, not just for RP purposes, but to prevent people from tricking others into signing a multiboxing charter, some kind of soulstone-like item could be used instead, and each character must get one of these items on his own, then bring them together.

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