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  1. you know that cats bis set is pretty much 6 piece shadowcraft right then its going to be the 4 set darkmantle
  2. go smoke your crack somewhere else you cata baby
  3. alot if you want the best gear aval you gotta raid
  4. you prbly want whirlwind dmg over offhand dmg and you still want 3% ap /str/all stats id suggest using a maelstrom trink its still worth if you're not hybrid and its buffed by your stormstrike
  5. theres no super titan players with all the gold not every guild is a super rich no life guild either no one on this server has close to 100k either or they could buy the entire AH all i see is a person who couldnt get into one of the big guilds and now is whining about it
  6. a good guild will do a raid in about 1 hour or atleast 1 hour 30 on ls
  7. you cant donate for gear lol all the gear most people have is hard earned
  8. Quog the thing is tommyruins builds are memespecs they are not actually good that build has 0 dmging abils
  9. this is not a care bear server if you dont want to pvp then go onto andorhal or cenarius.
  10. People shouldn't be punished for killing people on a server that is designed for you to kill people and why sarge died is because people moved to ls and sarge only had the raiders that were still devoted on it. This does in-fact punish more senseless ganking, killing, etc. - But the effects of said punishments are not /that/ heavy. But rather a scenario of 'Risk .v. Reward'. (i.e. Red plays can still level with dungeons, grinding, chest finding, etc.) makes me wanna kill myself thats too restricting goes against the whole point of this server oh yeah btw you killed a bunch of plebs now you cant lvl anymore because the fucking guards hate you and you cant step within 5 feet of a town to take a fly point or buy food but youknow.
  11. You do understand people need to go into towns to quest n shit right? that system would fuck over soo many people in the end its redic
  12. starting out TG is -15% total dmg
  13. how bout we get rid of town guards on ls ruins wpvp at lower lvls

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