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  1. sEaSOnAl dOn'T TAkE tiMe fROm lEGAcY DeVELopMenT
  2. Yes gank. And I answered him. If you unlearn a talented ability, the AE will roll a new ability leaving you with just a TE.
  3. The unlearned points will go straigtt into a random spell though. I did the same mistake. /cheer for hunters mark on my caster.
  4. OAK goes to both and camps them. With our 60players online at all times. No srry, we're 120 24/7 geeks. The reason we come here saying 'get good' is cuz you were a.... wonderful human being claiming that's what we'd do. Cuz you know, ending an arguement with "anyone who comes here disagreeing is a part of the problem/dumb" is a pretty... epic thing to do.
  5. Making an option to opt out of pvp in the world would mean queuing in line for questmobs for dailies, no way to fight over gathering nodes, no epic clashes around raid entrances. Go play chess, no risk of getting ganked.
  6. Lil tidbit: I'm a chestpuffing horde (snicker), I played a horde alt during aq invasions when you had full 40man allianceraids at every other spawn. You know what? Not once did I go on the forums and complain about it: as suggested - get rank and leave, or just straight up get to next location while the horde is clearing. You got your 'constructive solution' 2 posts above yours.
  7. git gud. For real though, on your standard invasion you do NOT have a bloody raid full of aqt geared, pvp specced players. I would stay away from UNO members and just get rank, you're about 75% more likely to succeed getting major.
  8. Thinking I troll just cuz you don't realize the full scope of your suggested changes... /shrug
  9. The thing isnt that you build mp5gear. It's the additional free AP/crit from raidbuffs and even base stats..
  10. And that for a THREE set lululul
  11. I was more worried about the mp5= str AND agi bonus tbf. That would be downright retarded 😛
  12. And most of your changes would make them way too good xD
  13. it IS a spell in the arcane mage tree tbf 😛 But yeah, I'd also much rather they beef up something useless instead of removing a bread n butter talent for what I can only imagine is a majority of (atleast pve) casters out there.
  14. Foibos

    % meta

    Dynamic hitboxes? Wrong game. Also: melee ain't meta atm, even though they work just fine to stomp new players with.
  15. Yeh, pick sheep and poly the metamorphed play... oh wait. I agree that it's somewhat stupid and that the pet itsekf is only a part of the problembut your suggestion is so far out there I don't even Sheep someone immune, kill the pet that has dr akin to a defensively built player.

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