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  1. thats something that i agree fully, it is night and day. However as many people may like it, but pvp fights should take atleast a min or 2 not just 2-30 seconds... if you look at retail it rated arena's have lasted as long as 30 min. Not to go to that extreme, but you should have a gap to react and be able to outplay someone not just ohh god im being attacked and die while you try and blow all your CD's just to live after 1 hit
  2. you say take defenceive abilities which i am running 3 % damage reductions and pally bubble but if you are hit twice in 1-2 seconds for over 5k damage its kinda dumb dont you think
  3. So after a few weeks to think about this, its come to my attention that the way talent spec-ing and stat allocation affects some moves, they might be a little overtuned. I created this to bring the attention to the dev's. After playing a full DPS frost mage, seeing the holy fire spam build, and lets not forget about rogues damage, or TG/bladestorm for certain abilities may be quite overtuned. when a mage has the chance to pick up like 10 different get aways and shoot you with a single spell for around 2k which for a HUGE majority of people is half your HP, or a rogue who can just be stealth come up behind you and ambush/backstab or evicerate and do your whole HP bar in 2 moves with full resil gear... I just want to say damage needs to be brought down quite a few notches for everyone it takes away from the actual PVP aspect when you just get blown up there is almost no skill in it there is no using CD's just raw damage. I believe some things are tuned for WOTLK and i might be wrong, but if you guys can look into this and adjust or give me or us feedback i would appreciate it.

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