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  1. Hey does anyone have like a Druid focused Regrowth and Hot healer, probably build around the stormrage set
  2. thnx for your help cant wait to try it out
  3. I'm a huge fan of AoE healing and would love to make a chain heal build but i need help. i focused on building around crit healing however I've been told my build needs more cast speed but im not sure what i should change around. my current setup: https://project-ascension.com/development/builds#/talentsandabilities/editor/?hash=:118:642:687:688:698:1064:1120:1243:1454:1459:1953:2006:2458:2782:2948:4987:5384:6117:8143:8170:12051:20484:29166:51730:52127:774994:818045:581t3:583t3:611t3:613t5:1696t3:1697t2:1733t3:1784t3:1790t3:1858t3:1895t3:1917t1:2049t2:2060t2:2064t1:2083t3:2179t5:2195t3: I'd greatly appreciate any help that can make my build a beast

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