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  1. Yes you are right alot of players use some skills more than other.But limiting the skill points you are not fixing thinks out!Metabuilds,cookie and all that juz you mention will always be there! It might not be the 1st month it might not be the 1st 6 months, but eventually there will be a meta!! This discusion was made quit extencivly back when the only server was Sargeras.At the end the player base was kind split in the midle and devs disited to let it be as it is.Personaly id like morewith a cach but more skills more talents! What is that"cach" well there is an article in my sujestions that enatails rasing the lvl cap to 100(for all expancions and after WotLK comes out) and after you ding 100 have the option to reset your lvl back to 1 but this time with 1 more talent point 2 more skill points and 4 more atribut points.Lets see how meany will manage to make all thous resets to become demygods if not gods(well GM are the demi gods and Devs the true gods but you tak my meaning!).
  2. warrhammerr


    Greating! Nostalgia hit me and i loged in into onother priver server (yes i know im a siner or smthing ) named Maniac WoW. They have on think there that there launcer not only updates files but with there costom file-update it updates the graphics to the newest available models. I must admite i like that it was convinient. As a sujestion, coold you emplement that here as well?? I think your work is far more complicated in this server than just maintaining a bliz like server, and i think so far you have done a grate jobe!!! PS1: If by eny chance you have implemented it to your launcer it seams i have done somthing rong, or there is conflict with files i had download a will back tto manually update the graphics. PS2: Excuse my terible righting....my skill cup is buged at a low lvl somhow 🤣😂🤣
  3. Thats verry interesting... To be able to swap talents and spell/abilitys with one universal Essence tipe. I can see the problem of people going 2 spells 2 milion talents(like all the % crit passive ect), But admititly your idia is intriguing!!! Here i woold have to say thou that i woold not like to see somethink like D3 or Mulegend were you have a hot bar of 5 skills and thats it.... Personaly,as i have stated in a prevews coment,i do like divercity in builds! Fore me its nice to see a warior base build with curses, or a mage with cleave for personal maters So,in case my coment above made some confusion, i woold like to see more ability points, also i think, in my humble opinion, that all abillitys soold cost 1 essence and maybe some of them like resistance auras,food/water,manna gems and some of the hunter aspects(maybe bufs as well) soold be groupt up like bmannion4 sujested earlyer! Lastly id like to point that althou this sujestions might be good and fine, we have to consider what the devs wont and what/how the ones that imagind this server wont to do. We participate in there worldand they triye to sape it so that they can tell the same story under a new light,at lest thats how i see it
  4. Im afrayed im gona so disagree with you....1st of all the essences are gain per lvl so there is the feeling of progres 2nt You coold argue that we only need a action bar Diablo 3 like with 3 essencial skills.Unfortunatly that woold be boring and the game woold not be fun woold it?!?! Just spam 5 spell that are essencial do dmg or ubsorve or heal and GG...WoW is an mmo RPG!!! For thouse that have forgoten what an rpg is do visite a game like neverwinter or guther some friyends and playe D&D or vampire or even triye D&D online!! 3rd Its nice to have options and more options(even if they are situational) means more freedome,we do wont to have freedome right?? And lastly 4th Greed is good and it be fun to have all spells all talens and be as OP as One Punch Man.well the road to ther woold have to be hard but becoming OP is such a fun(100 push-up 100 shit-up 100 squats 100km runing with no air-conditioning every day)!!! Well that how i see the point into this eny way....and althow i like dungeons and be with friyend raiding im alwayes dreaming going in there and after an intense stare contest with the end boss exchanging blows till he drops his pants(and my loot)!! PS: Rly sry for eny inconvinience my terible spelling cose to you

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