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  1. Well shit. Looks like they did come out with something like what I was asking for.
  2. It certainly doesn't need to be a currency. It could just be a token, but then how would they determine what kind of token were dropped? Would the raid have to roll for it? 1 token that were able to be used for a choice of armor, accessory, or weapon, would have greater value for a weapon than armor. Whereas if it were a currency that everyone got with boss kills, then the devs can assign a number of that currency to items at a vendor, just like wotlk emblem vendors. I think that would be the easiest way for the devs to implement something like this and would be very easy for players to understand (it boggles my mind how many times I get asked questions about the RE system and even the blizz like systems. google and forums are a thing).
  3. I didn't mention AQT or Naxx in the list for the reason of not having C'thun gear available, or AQT in general. With the first 4 raids that are generally lower tier iLvL and difficulty giving tokens, the players will have to spend less time getting gear and less rng, and so there will, potentially, be more people clearing, or at least progressing, AQT and maybe a few bosses in Naxx, which I think with a lower threshold at this point in the vanilla content, will prove to be better for retaining people before TBC, rather than people giving up and deciding to quit until TBC.
  4. Agreed, but this way you can aim for specific items you haven't yet gotten. Still pretty irksome to go back through MC/ZG for an item that every time it has dropped, you lose the role. At this point, I only do ZG for idols, which are a bother to roll against others that are going to just apply it to that blue because they are excited about getting it. If I can raid and exchange higher tier tokens for ZG tokens and exchange it for an idol, I'd love to have that. I think it has been over 2 weeks now since an FL was actually defended and wiped. Kinda getting boring. And tired of getting the same caster gear to vendor.
  5. Does Battle Stance do nothing for range?
  6. I am wondering what the community and developers would think about implementing a token system similar to Wrath emblems and a vendor that exchanged gear from dungeons and previous tier raids, namely MC/BWL/ZG/AQR. Dungeon bosses (daily dungeon gives 1 Raid tier) drop tokens that could be exchanged for dungeon gear (say, 10 tokens per armor/accessory, 15 per weapon) or raid tokens (MC/ZG) at 15:1. Raid tokens are similar and MC/ZG share 1 token and BWL/AQR share another, and similarly the MC/ZG can be exchanged for BWL/AQR and vise versa, 10:1. 20 MC/ZG tokens per armor/accessory, 30 per weapon, and 30 BWL/AQR per armor/accessory and 40 per weapon. Certainly, there are pieces or items in these raids that wouldn't be sold, such as the bindings or sulfuron/elementium ingots. I do have 1 binding myself, so I would be happy to see them listed, but I do not really think that would be fair. Although, if it were something like 200 tokens per binding and 100 per ingot or something, that would be something you could aim for and still require quite a lot of work. If the game is going to progress to TBC content, then we only have this one last raid tier. Faction Leaders (FL) is a convenient way to try gearing up, but it has become more of a way to get mystic runes/orbs and vendor trash for the most part. Being able to directly aim for specific gear would make more newcomers and guilds push into Naxx, rather than having this great barrier for entry that may be there for people, especially those maybe coming from seasonals, for only the last several months before tbc.
  7. Can you reduce the cd on shield block if you are reducing the amount blocked? tbh, i'd like it to be changed to it's tbc era form.
  8. Fraggn just sounds like a troll. But damn Tekkies, you are really trying. Wildfungus, sounds like you should have gone to Andorhal instead of LS.
  9. Please change Iron Will to include 1h. Maybe something like 5/10/15% of strength conversion and a 30% damage reduction after mocking blow deals damage. I will probably have some other ideas or thoughts, and hopefully some others that tank as well will provide some desired changes they may have as well.
  10. I have come across issues with the RAM limit of this being a 32-bit client. If needed I can just trim my addons list, but would rather not. Has anyone found a fix for this? I tried using the software "Large Address Aware" to edit it, but that did not work. If there is a way to do this, I would greatly appreciate the info Thanks
  11. There was talk about the portable mystic altars and mailboxes in the store, which lead to shooting out some fun ideas. If possible, it would be great to give some love to guilds. I am particularly interested in this because of the name of my guild being Theramore Forward Legion, it would be great to utilize some of these ideas. 1) As a general guild overhaul, the UI is trash. I have no idea how it would work and if it were possible to do, but revamping the vanilla Guild Panel would be great. Do something similar to retail, with guild logs for those who have access to see who joins, when, and who leaves and when, and maybe something also that keeps track of guild scheduled events aside from the calendar. Having a tab for guild buffs or rewards/items would be nice too. 2) With guilds and the portable items on the store, it would be great if there were to be a guild wide item storage or something, where you can buy things from the store and apply it to the guild. I am thinking of things such as a portable AH, Bank, Guild Vault, Mailbox, Reagent and General Goods/Repair vendors, and possibly an altar too. Maybe some of them have a cool-down, and maybe a duration (or have it persist as long as a guild member is within the area). 3) Guild specific rewards for certain achievements, or guild levels. Completing activities as a guild would increase the guild level, and then you can have access to certain buffs, vanity rewards, npcs for raid repairs or reagents, etc. My real desire for this is that when someone jokingly says, "Let's go home" and they drop a portal to Theramore, it would really become our home. Other guilds have similar ideas, and someone even mentioned something similar in a post about seasonal servers having such npc's in other places such as Theramore. It would be interesting too because of the reduced levels of the guards, we could potentially be attacked by a horde guild, or any other guild on a hard core realm. Again, no idea if something like this would even be possible, but I would definitely like to at least have guild collections for access to portable npcs. Thoughts? Thanks
  12. dungeon threat and raid threat is different bc the number of mobs per pull is significantly smaller in raids. Here is one I started out with. I have made some changes over time. It is mostly used for raids.
  13. Great! Thanks. Do we know the scaling? You said "100 str crusader," what does that mean?
  14. Can we get some clarification on whether extracting RE's can only be done with rare or epic items? Also, how do we determine if an RE we find on an item is tier 1 or 2 or whatever, or is it where we have to extract and we will find out by which placeholder it takes in the collections? Thanks
  15. This is great, but what I cannot see is how do we differentiate between the ranks in-game? I am looking at a weapon now with crusader (which, btw seems to be only "Crusade" in the catalogue) but how can I tell which rank it is before I extract and place it in? Or do I need to place it and then I will find out, but who knows how many times I extract and each time it is the same rank?

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