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  1. @undeadrise I just thought that it'd be a nice addition to the game to add another level to the 'hero' aspect of it. It could help or hinder some people but it could also just be a waste of time in the fact that no one would bother with the quest. It could honestly go either way; simply up to the community. -The Scarlet Eamorl, Officer of Phantom Thieves
  2. I meant current end-tier (Granted that would be it maxed out not starting out). Not like Lich King level weapons when you just got into Molten Core. -The Scarlet Eamorl, Officer of Phantom Thieves
  3. I don't like the AP grind much either but also getting handed everything is a bit boring aswell. The weapon would either be on-par with the end tier raid gear or slightly above it (5 ilvls or so maybe?) and the weapon would also be entire optional since the quest would only open up at 60 and not be a requirement to go any futher in the game. Granted that they would have to change the -entire- questline just for a simple addition. -The Scarlet Eamorl, Officer of Phantom Thieves
  4. I read and thought over the comments and (hopefully) came up with a sort-of solution. Either have it able to get multiple weapons and be unique equip, or like @ManeaGeo said, to make it where you can change to what weapon you'd like to change it to. The problem I see with being able to change your weapon type would be that if you were an all AGI build with a bow, and you decided to go for a tank or a healer, that stat would be (semi) useless if you were going for a normal build. The only reason I say semi is that AGI also compliments Dodge builds for Tanks/Long-Lasting Healers. But this one reason would be the only way for me not to say 'Yay' for the weapon change and for it to be more reasonable to the multiple weapons. This is how I thought to solve that idea @youngketo It's only an end-game tier weapon, not an all expansion weapon. You can only get it at max level and can only progress through end game content like raids and dungeons and so forth. And since it's got a grindy-upgrade system to it it would allow you to temporarily upgrade your weapon for a better one so happens that it drops in a raid higher tier than your weapon is currently. And when a new expansion drops it would be virtually useless because greens of that expansion would out ilvl the weapon by 10 or more atleast. So you'd be changing weapons while you leveled up until you hit max where you get yet another quest to upgrade your weapon and then be able to progresss like before. (EDIT: Another way to make a difference to choose another weapon over your hero one is the RE system! A simple enchant could make all the difference you'd need to swap it out if you need to. Also remember that it's not a whole weapon set, simply one weapon so that could mean up to 2 other weapons would come from normal progression.) -The Scarlet Eamorl, Officer of Phantom Thieves
  5. I really enjoy this idea and think that it would be a great addition to the RE system! -The Scarlet Eamorl, Officer of Phantom Thieves
  6. I'd like to add one more QoL, AoE Looting. -The Scarlet Eamorl, Officer of Phantom Thieves
  7. If you have any comments or questions about it just hit me up! I'll respond ASAP! -The Scarlet Eamorl, Officer of Phantom Thieves
  8. I already know the first thing that'll be said towards this since it was also the first responce when I said it on the suggestions tab of the Discord. "This would make it feel like Legion!" While this is somewhat true, I believe it would, even still after thinking on it for a few days, make a difference on Ascension. (Term highly used: ilvl = Item Level) What I mean by 'Hero Weapons' is that once a character hits 60 he can choose to take a quest from his faction leader (Bolvar for Alliance, Thrall for Horde (If he is the leader at this time, I don't play Horde so I wouldn't know)). This quest would involve the Hero (Us players) to go out and do specific tasks and gather materials from all sorts of random and unusual places across Azeroth that would be currently avaliable to us. And once we return to our leader to turn in the quest, he would send us to one of the smiths in either the capital city (Stormwind or Orgimmar) or one of the more 'smithy' like cities (Ironforge for Alliance, I'd assume Undercity for Horde?) to have our weapon forged. When we get to this part, we choose what type of weapon for it to be (Be it a simple Shield, 1H sword, 2H mace, Staff, Wand, Bow, etc.) but it only be that one weapon. And have that weapon grant us the stats (Starting with a base ilvl of 60 and possibly progressing up to the maximum ilvl of the current release whatever it may be) that we roll on it of our own choosing and a special perk being whatever it could be. And allow us to choose what that weapon looked like via the different in-game models already avaliable to us to choose from (Any of them! Up to Vanilla MC ofcourse). We can also change the weapons appearance at any given time, granted if you have the coin (Which could increase with each change or stay static but at a reasonable price?) After creation we would get a new quest from the smith that created the weapon to upgrade it (Possibly 1-2 ilvl's?) And to add a special proc (Only one can be on the weapon at any given time but possibly changed when you max it out or spend x amount of gold or something to change it?) and/or stat to it based on what the weapon is (Like more block chance for a Shield or more strength for a 2H sword or more stamina for a bow or what-have-you). And this would involve us doing End Game stuff such as killing the last boss in a raid or a end-level dungeon and getting a certain item from that raid or dungeon. Then we bring said item back to the smith for him to upgrade our weapon with yet another choosing of what we wish to add to our weapon. And have more and more quests until you max out your weapon to the ilvl of the current release (Which could possibly be 90 or 95 till we move on to Burning Crusade (TBC)?), which then when the new expansion or patch is released that increases our average ilvl maximum there could be more quests added (When the new patch drops/week after it drops OR when you hit max level after an expansion is live for us) which will then upgrade it from (90 or 95?) to either max or slightly above max ilvl for that release. There is much more that could be done on this subject if it is considered by the Devs to be brought in. But I don't mind getting the publics viewpoint on this either. -The Scarlet Eamorl, Officer of Phantom Thieves
  9. Can't waiiit for all this to go on! Also I hope to be adding to our events for those of the people who would like to RolePlay (RP). Once I get around to little miss GM about it.. I'll be having some polls go up for various stats about our RP section so be looking out for that my fellow Roleplayers! - The Scarlet Eamorl, Officer of Phantom Thieves
  10. @Nammey True, but it could also give more incentive to group for dungeons which would make the community better if the rates were slightly here. Win some, lose some. But it's a bit difficult to see what others would do given the rates.
  11. @Nammey I believe making the Quest XP 2x and Mob XP 1.5x would be a good change. Maybe up it by one more for Dungeons?
  12. I didn't say it was bad, I just said it would affect it. It could go either good or bad based on how stingy/greedy people will be with their gear prices.
  13. Should make a Poll for this and also, it would affect the Econ slightly since Higher Levels = Better Gear = More Auctions

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