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  1. I bought the Book of Ascension now, I cannot be bothered to go back to town and to every class and 2 profession trainers, I mean it just ruins the game flow for me if you are in a dungeon and have hit a critical lvl where you could rank up multiple abilities but you are unable to because the summoning stone is miles away from the entrance and you would have to walk back again, that is a time investment of half an hour, it happened to me recently in Black Fathom Depths, thats when I decided to get the book. Also to quote worgyn you dont go to the trainers on retail, you get everything as you lvl up, but doesnt matter, I get what you are saying that it ruins the game to some extent since you wont see players in town anymore or something similar to what flying did, but I think the way it is now is just straight up worse, since you wont get a mount until 40 and you are forced to invest into a alternative movement skill. I am open to any changes to this system, I just thought giving everyone the book would be the easiest solution, but I guess Penrose's suggestion is a good start too, just have one npc in town that can teach you everything, perhaps call that NPC the book of ascension and make it look like one, this way you can advertise the item from the shop and the server makes some profit? I realized that people actualy dont know whats in the shop for the most part, used the modified hearthstones in a dungeon run and all my guild mates who were with me asked me wtf that was.
  2. Hello, gona keep this post as small as possible, lets get started. My suggestions are as follows: Maybe have a donation option for a mount of choice in the future? Or transmog blueprints of cool looking gear, which only serve as a transmog and have no stats. Speaking of transmog, why does it have to have such a high price, I personaly would also like to use it while lvling since you are lvling for a while and not on my most endgame of gear that will probably be replaced anyways because of the enchant mechanic , just make it free or alot more affordable please Why does the book of ascension have to be a paid service, cant just everyone get the book or the ranks of the skills they are using added automaticly? Feels bad to have quality of life behind a paywall if its that basic Is there any chance that you guys can make the quest loot a shared loot like it is for some quests, meaning if I get the quest item my friends also get it? since I am playing with a few other players we are really strugeling to complete these type of quests that require an item since it has to dropp for every single player, and its not as easy as saying yea just skip those quests and do kill quests. As it turns out the majority of the quests are based on getting something, on top of that with the 1x rates and way you get xp works you cannot afford to skip many quests at all, so this would be a much appreciated change in my opinion.

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