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  1. Yes, i would very much like the random enchant system removed, AND replaced by an idea i was talking to a friend with. Ascended talents (WIP name, just thought it fitting for the server). So one of the issue with the current RE system is that 99% of the RE's are utterly boring, and just %increases to stats, dmg, healing etc, while there's only a few RE's that are actually a slight bit interesting, like some of the newer legendary ones. In any case, the system is boring. And as such a friend and i were discussing it a bit, what if the system just got removed, and replaced with something new. The Ascended talents. The idea would be to have a separate talent page, where you can spend ascended talent points (I'm bad at names 😄 ). You would have a very limited amount of these points at level 60, around 3 or so. this would involve entirely new talents, but NONE of them should be %increases and stuff. Instead they would be unique effects that changes your build up a bit, by enabling the use of unused spells in your rotation. Let's say you're a lightning bolt build, and you're tired of pressing 2 buttons, but at the same time, you don't want to lower your dps by picking additional spells. Then you look in the Ascended talent page, and see an interesting talent: >insert name here< Your lightning bolt adds a mark on the target, your next shock spell will have an additional effect on that target. If this is tuned correctly, you could then perhaps use shock abilities i your rotation, depending on the circumstance. This talent in itself might not seem that unique or interesting, but that's why you'd have about 3 talent points for this, so you can pick 3 talents that would fit your build. I do realise this is A LOT of work, since for the system to be optimal, you would require a bunch of talents, tailoring to the different types of builds, and some which would somehow making it viable to mix 2 builds. within reason ofc. we're quite likely talking at least a hundred different talents. And as a final note, not only would this be fun in my opinion, it could also be less daunting than the RE system for new players, since atm getting full RE's as a new player can't be fun, having to farm runes for all your RE's and then orbs to use these RE's. Any input on this would be greatly appreciated, as there is certainly gonna be flaws with this system that I'm not able to point out.
  2. Adding to nestors comment, ALL your changes keep going to pvp changes, making it worse and worse for andorhal players who's atleast as big of a playerbase, probably more
  3. Can i ask why you're nerfing sp talents so hard though, it's 100-200 sp loss in some situations, which 5% haste doesn't quite make up for, sorry to say
  4. Just something random, but is it possible to do something with revenge so normal 2h dps can use it
  5. All in all, these changes seem really nice. They're more exciting and useful than some of the old ones, there's just one thing though, the mage 3 set. It sounds like something my fire mage would LOVE, there's just one issue, and that is the talent itself, it kinda needs just a bit of buffing, preferably by making it a 3 point talent that gives a 15% chance, or something like that, oh and a question as well. Would it work with the spell slinger re proc? and thank god for giving combustion some love.
  6. This might very well be true, but Itswicky is on the balance team, so he has to focus on this sorta stuff. also people have asked for buffs to shadow builds for ages (me included, with a focus on the shadow priest style) and this is just great in my opinion.
  7. I can say for sure that Armored teeth is more than likely not worth it.
  8. AQ40 is still needing a bunch of work, but it's getting there.
  9. +1 would make atiesh bis for me :3
  10. it would be over 300 i believe, which would make a HUGE difference on boss fights in pve. The rest idc about '
  11. If you have flametongue on both of your weapons it will give sp from both, has been this way always
  12. Indeed there are, but they are not 100% up to date with ascension, since ascension has made custom tweaks to scaling
  13. Also the second season will most likely not have staggered leveling, since that's already being tested now, and then for the next season there won't be any reason to test that. Of course it could just be a way for them to test other things at every leveling bracket. Also, where's the fun in just getting a build handed to you :s
  14. i feel a pretty big difference when i get more RAP, but it really does depends on the spd on your wpn

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