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  1. I also just noticed how important enchants are, it's a pretty great system. anything that add freedom and choice for players, I'm up for it. But yeah you don't have an unlimited number of item on you, so you can't have that many enchant on you. Also, they require a farm. So I like the system, but making more talent with the enchant's core idea which is to get a greater diversity, is the way to go imo as talents don't require a farming like enchant, and mostly because a player can pick way more talents that he can pick enchant as enchant can only be put on an item. Overal I do think enchant are a great idea, but imo talents should be the main tool to use to create that diversity and freedom that I know you are actively working on
  2. I just read that post, it's pretty cool. I hope to more talents when I come back from holidays
  3. You are not very honest, but most of all you are pretty aggressive toward people you don't even know? I've seen a lot of guy that like to play with word and try to show everyone they are smarter etc, so I won't spend too much time talking to you as I think it will only get worst I'm not saying you and the people that wish a reduce xp rate do not exist, I'm saying that you will still lvl up if you care about that server even if no change is being made. It's not hard to understand, but it seems that you enjoy playing with word and try in any way your mind allows you, to turn anything to dominate your opponent. I use those fighting words because when I read your post I almost feel like you are fighting for some greater reason, that you are trying to save the human kind. You need to relax. The people you are talking to are human beings, I know that you are superior to most of us but man, you are talking about some xp rate on a private server. There is no need to behave the way you do, it's ridiculous. I won't even answer all your personal attack because you don't really interest me, and what I think remains the same idea: Same xp rate is better for a better feeling of fairness and community. A long lvling process allows to have a natural selection of interested players whereas a more quick process allows more and more people that don't really care. And only people that really care in the long term representation will lvl up longer. I hope my english wasn't too bad now so you can't take any sneaky way to make yourself look good. If they accept to increase the xp rate so be it, I hate lvling and I didnt start yet. If they don't accept well it's okay as well, we will spend few more hours for a game that will last for a very, very long time. But your lvling experience seems to have traumatized you in the past, I hope you get what you want friend. Just try not to react as wildly as you do on that thread when someone doesn't agree with you, it's pretty childish. Even if you think we are all not as highly intelligent as you are.
  4. The thing is that in my opinion, you don't have any other choice. Creating more talents is the only viable path the server can take to improve or even to survive. The reason why I think that is because you don't have any restriction left on Ascension compared to the blizzard way where you need to spend X number of talents before getting better talents in the tree. Here, any talent is accessible. And for that reason the diversity is highly reduced because the best talents will be taken by most people since there is no restriction whatsoever and that the number of interesting talents is not huge at all. So to make more diversity in player's gameplay you either: restrict players from taking those few talents together (wich is almost the same as coming back to the blizzlike way by forcing a player to choose) nerf those talents (wich doesnt really remove the issue since those talents will always be more effective than most pve talents that increase few stats) or you create more talents with mechanics, this way the diversity will naturally come. That's the only path for diversity and greatness. Creativity and effort to code that creativity in the shape of talents, without any restriction like blizzard did by forcing us to spend X number of points before being able to pick the one talent we wanted. I'm sure it's a lot of work to code new talents, but that's the only option
  5. imo you are exaggerating this issue, only 80 people voted on your poll, and you can't take any information with such reduced number, you at least need 150 or 200 players for that. And even if we could consider that 80 players is enough to find out what's the best option, 50 people are for an increase, and 20 are for no increase xp. Also, you didn't put an option "reduce xp", which also false the results. You have no idea how important the fact of having to spend time lvling their char can be for a lot of players. I'm sure half of our players enjoy that part of the game. Now having said that, you think that there is no harm in enabling some players to lvl up faster, I disagree: It's an mmo, it's not a solo game. So if you allow some people to have increase xp compared to others, the others will feel isolated. There won't be this feeling of community, of sharing the same experience as the others. And this game is, first of all, an mmo. The lvling process is very important. if you divide the community with 2 different lvling options, you kind of harm this part of the community feeling a lot of players are here for. And the less a community share a common experience, the less strong the community feeling is. Also, players that spent some time lvling are more likely to stay longer on the server. I've played on customs server with instant 60 or 20* xp rates and what happens is a huge part of those players leave after a short/very short amount of time. So it's the very fact that lvling is painful and annoying for everyone (even those who enjoy it ...), that allows a selection of players that really want to spend time here and those who are not really interested. Also, the lvling process no matter if you like it or not increases the value you give to your character. Wow ascension is going to be a long adventure, so once again; 2 or 3 weeks compared to the entire time ascension will last is worth it. For those reasons, I think that we should have one same xp rate in each server, and that the lvling process shouldn't be done in only 2 or 3 days. Having 2 or 3 weeks of lvling allow to have players that actually care about their char, wich increase the quality of the social aspect for everyone, and even the gameplay's quality; because once a player care more, he tends to have better interactions with his environment. The apparent downside is that players that are not willing to spend 2 or 3 weeks of lvling (maximum) for a new game wich such a potential and that just began and will last for a very long time, might not join the server. But are those players a real lost ? I prefer for my part players that know what they want and that care as much as possible about their character. Players are the core of every server, so I think it's important to make this natural selection through the lvling process.
  6. It's not like lvling up took 3weeks, if you really enjoy that server, lvling up and spending few boring hours is ok i think. I hate lvling, I only do it here because I think that server got a lot of potential, I think we should be focus on the long term here and talk about what really matters (how talents are linked together, what kind of talent can we bring etc in order to improve the gameplay and the diversity). Lvling up is annoying but it's not an issue that will last over time, when you'll hit 60 this issue is over. My point is, I get that lvling is boring and in 2017 we shouldnt have to be forced to spend hours killing mobs, but it's not a long term issue so we should focus on issues that will are here before and aduring lvl 60 (to me the most important issue is how we can improve talents and the link between talents and talents, talents and spells, spells and spells)
  7. I totally aggree with iwasapirate. You want to make us farm gold or find a way to get donation; there are 100 different ways to make that happen without touching the respec. If you don't want people to respec all the time you can make a 2hour cd on each respec. And in case for some reason you really want to make respec cost some gold because you couldnt or wouldnt imagine another content for us to farm, allow an interesting farming by doing bg's or world pvp. Killing players could give a special token and winning bgs too. With X number of players token or/and X number of bgs token we could get a respec
  8. Allright cool, maybe it shouldn't be free after all you are right. And also, if there is a system with rewarding win in bgs it would make them way more interesting; I prefer more interesting bg and a bit more farm for respec than less interesting bgs where players are less focused and free respecs
  9. Your retail experience seems to have traumatized you, but don't worry you will still have enough things to farm here. First you need to lvl up, it's longer here than retail. Then you need to do dungeons, raid, bg's, farm your gear and enchant. So yea, there are enough things to farm for here. But if we really need to put a price on a respec because some players can't enjoy the game on it's own and they need to be forced to do things in order to have a sense of purpose, at least give us a more interesting way to farm those respecs. Because farming gold by killing mobs over and over again is an old and pretty retarded way of farming that should never had existed, idk who invented that.... If some players enjoy not using their brain while doing this kind of farm, so be it. But for players that don't want to fall asleep while playing, I'm suggesting here to allow another kind of farm that actually requires you to play the actual game. Give us something like bg's tokens after winning a bg, and with X number of those tokens you can get a respec. If you lose the bg you get only 1 bg token, so everyone will try to win bgs. Bg's will become way more challenging, everyone will have more fun because winning will actually be rewarded with those tokens. So overal, you get an interesting way of farming that also increase the challenge in one of the most used pvp content in the game. Win/win
  10. I made 2 or 3 post regarding the same concerns you are having. The moment you allow any talents/spell to be taken, players realize that 20% of all talents and spells are better than the other 80%. Wich result in everyone using those 20% talents/spell, so you'll end up with 4 or 5 main builds in pve, and maybe 8 or 9 main builds in pvp. For instance in the war tree and druid tree (for bear), a player using rage as a main resource could have talents that makes his gameplay way more challenging and interesting: Basically, his abilities using rage will get boosted or nerfed whether he got a certain amount of rage or not. Of course it needs to be well though and some test need to be run in order to see how much rage a bear or a war generate in average and regarding a bad gear, a decent gear a good one and a very good one. You can have 2 or 3 talents adapted for 3 different lvl of gear, and the idea of the talent would be to make a player always look at his rage and sometimes wait the right moment to use his abilities, because that talent will boost his abilities damage by maybe 25% or 20% when he got a certain amount of rage. For instance, MS deal 20% more damage if a player got 80 rage or more. WW deals 15% more damage if a player got 30 rage or less This is an example of what the talent's idea can be. It will force a player to wait for 80 rage or more and not doing any heroic strike or other abilities and in the same time be careful to not have extra rage because any extra rage over 100 is a potential lost of dps. And when his WW is ready soon, he will use his abilities quickly to benefit from the talent, but he'll be carefull to keep enough rage to actually do WW when it's ready. I can only see talents that link your amount of energy and rage, if you have more than X energy and less than X rage then you get X% of damage on your next SS or MS or whatever. That's the idea, and I think we can apply a challenging system for every class with some creativity and will.
  11. If it was me I would make respec free so the less expensive it is the better yea
  12. You want us to farm in order to have respec, but let us farm something interesting and challenging instead of mob or mats, because this kind of farming is the most boring one ever. Give us some kind of token or marks whenever we win a warsong, 3 bg token if we win, 1 bg token if we lose. With 150 bg tokens we get a respec. Something else: after killing someone, we get another kind of token. Let's call is pvp token. And with that kind of pvp token we can get a respec for 300 pvp tokens. Rewarding players to win warsong will also actually improve the challenge in each warsong making everyone trying their best to win. We can easily imagine the quality of bg's being increased a lot by rewarding players if they win.
  13. That's your idea of an mmo, a place where you need to farm a pretty long time to get what you want. Some people don't want a really rewarding system that reward the amount of time you spent playing. That's a system for nerds if you want my opinion. You can make reward system that reward you for killing bosses ? that's why you loot. It doesnt require huge amount of skill but still does, and I think some boss harder than other will be available too. Thats a good rewarding system. You can make rewarding system with arena rating ? if you get X rating, you get better loot. That's a great rewarding system. Having to spend hours in front of your computer killing things ? thats the most basic and boring rewarding system ever created. I know some people that enjoy farming like that, but I find this way retarded and I'm not the only one.
  14. For some unknown reason, you guys decided to make respec something that requires a certain amount of farm. Now I can't understand why but i respect your reason ofc. So what I'm asking is a server test as often as possible to allow players to test the spec and gear they feel the most comfortable, so they are more confident in their choice of spec in the real servers. That's the main issue of players, not knowing if their spec is viable or matches what they have in mind regarding the gameplay mechanics. If you open test server, players will respec less in the real servers because they won't need it as much. If your goal by making respec not free is to keep a player from using different spec for different situations and force him to stick to one then your goal will be obtained more easily by giving us regular access to test servers. On the other hand, if your goal is to force a player to farm in order to test different spec, server test are indeed a bad thing. But if that's your goal I would really be disappointed, and a lot of player would be too. Why would you want to slow the process of talent discovery when that's the main thing we all want.
  15. You make me write long post because you switch argument all the time, and they are always very far from the core of my idea, it almost look like i'm attacking this server and that you defend it without trying to understand much. The only reason why we can say i'm attacking the server, is because I kind of care about this project tbh and I want it to be improved. I'm not attacking it to be mean or anything. Now if you think the gameplay right now is just fine I can't argue with that, even if even right now by looking at some videos you can see how a lot of time the gameplay is kind of ridiculous. So when more players will learn talents and how they work, the gameplay will become less and less new and his flaw will become stronger. That's my opinion, and if you think that my way of thinking a talent system is only a way to add a "refreshing" touch later on, I can imagine some reason why one could think that. I simply believe that the more near of a player's vision talents can be, the better. And right now it's far from being the case. The more close to your gameplay your talents can be the better: if you like to aoe in teamfight and yet be very tanky, you should be able to have more talent that allows you to get %armor or maybe some heal if your aoe hit a lot of players. If you prefer targeting caster specifically, you should be able to have a talent that allows your charge or intercept to silence your enemy if he is casting a spell during your charge or intercept If you are not tanky but like to be very efficient in teamfight, you should be able to give your dots 5% chances to grant you 15% more sp for the next 15s. So the more players you will dot the higher your chances are etc, etc That's my idea of a fun game. Without specific talents, it just seems boring af and simply not alive

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