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  1. Great guild would recommend
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  4. Remove tomes and instead of tomes dropping you have 1/5 chance of a reforge token to drop instead of tomes
  5. I was thinking about gold/reforge token rewards and the dailies itself to be focused either on killing mobs in a certain zone or doing proffession dailies
  6. I,ve been playing on sargeras beta since januari and then from the start of the launch. Since the first time ive hit lvl 60 i disliked tomes in the game. Tomes make respeccing even more costly plus it gives new players a disadvantege because they dont have tomes yet or gold to buy them. From my understanding tomes where added to encourage farming in the world and thus creating world pvp. Now my point is remove tomes and add dailies these dailies will reward gold/reforge tokens. This makes the player still leave capital cities and encourage world pvp. another point is that farming gold is just dull boring content for most people, at least dailies give diversety in wich zones you play and in wich spots you play.

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