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  1. @Ashsj1992 I don't know who you call top 1v1 players on the server but i'd really like to know ur name ingame cause u seems to always come up reasons hunters don't need any PVP buffs. Of course you gonna have a chance against people who play glasscannon specs etc its mostly 50/50 vs a glasscannon depending on circumstances mostly. But any decent player that knows how to stick to you as a melee or a caster who knows what their doing can absolute shit on a hunter without them having a chance at all. I've played a lot of specs during my time in ascension and theorycrafted a lot of specs which has managed to work good in LS. And it's not only me who thinks that pvp hunters are not that good in wpvp some people that I've known since sargeras think that aswell. Yes we perform well in BG's and mostly because we sit in the backline and attack. I never said I played a perfect pvp build. Like u said there's no perfect builds because there's always ways to improve. But you need to understand that i've improved my hunter build over the years so much that I've come to the conclusion that we hunters actually some kind of a buff to be competitive. Which is why I have some suggestions which are Explosive shot should be able to proc 3 times poison if you use the talent to increase instant poison procs and RE Deadly brew could use to have more yards to proc especially after melee got warbringer buffs. Mana on ranged hunter abilities could be reduced. Scaling on Chimera shot could be tweaked. (I used to use random enchant and talent to get 60% more damage on Chimera shot and it never crit more than 700-900 on geared people with mortal shot talent and high amount of RAP at that point)
  2. You're joking right? I've played hunter since start of Sargeras I don't think I need you to tell me how to build a pvp hunter. I've fully experienced the hunter gameplay in ascension and it's not as good as u make it to be. The buffs u mention in that hunters got are just for PVE mostly and wouldn't contribute to more damage in a pvp situation cause hunters are both talent/ability essence heavy if u wanna deal damage at all so if u want to use these new changes, it would take alot of tp for absolute nothing. Like I dont wanna sit playing hunter and get charged and lose 1/2 of my health from a gcd or get cc locked by a caster that just puts on a PWS that I can't burst through fast enough with them sitting with Hots too then hit me for 2k. Like I can go tank hunter and perform better than full damage hunter. Also I can just use 5 AE just for my pet to do more dmg than my full hunter kit. Or nvm let me just drop all my hunter spells and take arcane barrage instead cause it would do more dmg than my hunter abilities even without any SP I have some multiple suggestions to solve this such as adding back so explosive shot can proc instant poison 3 times again and please so evasion doesnt have 50% miss chance on ranged attacks cause thats just broken
  3. "hunters got a buff" u do know that its for PVE mostly?
  4. i'd like to see some buffs for hunters in pvp, ty.
  5. ok still no ranged hunter stuff
  6. wtf, people saying hunter doesnt need buff in pvp? BIGGEST JOKE LOL. I've played hunter since sargeras and i can still say that hunter is shit in pvp compared to other specs, especially after all our abilities got nerfed in pvp especially explosive shot not proccing 3 times poison anymore and the huge 15-20% reduced pvp damage on all our spells and yes we received buffs thats why we got those nerfs but pvp hunters die easily if they stack damage way too easy compared to other specs and the damage isn't even that high if u go full damage and we receive 1 rap per agility which makes stacking stam/int better choice since we have mana problems and scaling sucks. Pet's were a problem because of the RE's and the huge health pool that they used to have but now thats fixed and base hunter without pet and fully specced into whatever hunters spec into nowadays (arcane shot,chimera etc) is still weaker than a pet specced hunter even after all the nerfs pet's have gotten. Pets are not supposed to be stronger than the player, thats just so stupid
  7. This addon was made private and devs are still searching for it
  8. there is a guide somewhere in the forums telling u how to connect using winebottler with mac
  9. Insta casting a shield that gives u free speed and a shield over 1k is not fun to fight vs against and with them having such high sustain built in is just stupid.
  10. Man, still no new changes to hunters. Last time I saw a change to hunter playstyle was when we got poisons and that was years ago
  11. I think that the reduced damage players value is kinda buggy or have wrong values since i tried an arcane shot build which crits 2.5k on dummies, its arcane damage so it should bypass armor and arcane shot has 25% reduced damage on players + most people have 10% damage reduce from resilence and thats 35% but still my arcane shot crits for 700-1k at most when it should do more than that
  12. Problem is that the recent changes on hunter and bloodscalp has affected us hunters really bad. After deadly brew was changed to 20 yards and explosive shot not proccing instant poison, these changes were fine but hurt us really hard, but compared to the changes that happened recently with the reduced dmg on players. Almost all ranged hunter abilities has dmg reduced vs players which is considerably alot considering that its only hunters that has their full kit reduced damage on players. I took up before that I had 60% increased chimera damage, which still only crits for 500-700 and maybe 1k on undergeared, considering chimera got 10 sec cooldown and still hits that low which shows that there is some problems with hunters atm If we could use steady shot while moving, it would be a nice buff for pvp or use autoshot when players are close to u
  13. once again, this is mostly for bloodscalp, most hunters in bg just gets free hits, no wonder they get good damage in damage meter

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