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  1. can we claim what we bought during beta into the live game yet?
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  3. Book of ascension is a must..... if it is available at launch which according to the poll it looks like it will
  4. I see it how Azero see's it.... it does seem like a leveling advantage... not having to go to town every 2 levels or so to learn all your spells is huge /played wise it adds up
  5. Excuse my ignorance but with the Book of Ascension does it just summon a reusable companion on all your characters on that realm that lets you level all your spells ? And if someone has it right now during beta will it transfer to live server even if a delay is put on buying it again? Or will we receive it when it is "unlocked" again?
  6. Just wondering if there is actually a percentage (about) that you items has to get a random enchant on it?

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