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  1. Kralomax

    PVE Server

    Thanks vanere12. I do appreciate your input and your encouraging words. When I started playing WoW about 100 years ago I played on PvP servers only, but alas I am older now and like chilling with my guild and doing dungeons/questing etc. Even currently in retail I jump into BGs and do some PvP, I just don't like world PvP anymore. /Salute!
  2. Kralomax

    PVE Server

    Thank you Hexent! I played for several weeks when it released and got murdered over and over again. I'm still going to cross my fingers and hope a total PvE server is released. I really love the unique combat/skill system, but hate trying to quest and being raped while doing it.
  3. Kralomax

    PVE Server

    It doesn't mean it would split players, it means it would bring in those like me that got tired of PvP and quit. PvE would bring old carebear players that quit like me and when the word gets out to those that past on it entirely due to PvP, would play. Besides no one that has hundreds of hours of playtime would want to play PvE thus there would be no "splitting" of the player base. The product is being stifled by the idea that the servers need to be PvP to be fun. Even Blizzard new to give the option when they released the game, and is even going to do away with the entire PvP server system and use War Mode. Thank you for your feedback
  4. Kralomax

    PVE Server

    Really, one that you are free from being ganked? What is it called please?
  5. Kralomax

    PVE Server

    One PvE server will fire up the projects player base. Period. Please do it.
  6. Meh, I was hoping that they included a PvE server in the changes. Oh well.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I will try and download again, but I wasn't getting any connection for downloads. /Salute edit: Yep, thats what it was Punie. Thank you
  8. Hello, I haven't played here in months and thought I would give it another go after I received a promotion in my email. My question is is the server down? I can't connect. My first thought was to download the Ascension.exe again and see if it was patched, but I get no torrent connection for that either. Thanks...I guess I just need to be patient, but I'm not.
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  10. Anyone know when we are supposed to get our items from the beta Founders Chest? I thought we were to get all the items once Sargeras released. Thank you for any info!
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  13. Arrosol, I just use google to find my stuff. ie "wow 3.3.5 elvui".
  14. lol, you must be west coast or there abouts. I'm over in Mountain time (Utah). When I was younger time didn't matter so much! lol. Might be why I don't drink now!
  15. Well, if I could crack a beer I would be doing it about right now getting ready for the fun. 36 minutes to go. Good luck to everyone!

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