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  1. Let warlocks name their demons. Also if a demon disagreed with his new name, it will attacks its master and disappears into a void.
  2. 1. Download Addon 2. Unzip it (process should create <addonname> folder from addonname.rar file ) 3. place the folder to Wow/Interface/Addons ^ if you dont have Interface or AddOns folder, start wow, login, logout and exit wow and the game should create the directory for you. If not, you are using wrong client.
  3. can you screenshot the error and post it here?
  4. Don't use installer, instead manually do all steps from ascension downlaods page.
  5. Pretty much this. I think it would be nice okay just to have one item for it (instead of new talents). And by that item I mean [Sigil of the Dark Rider] ( https://wotlk.evowow.com/?item=39208 ). The first Death Knight sigil. It can be added to some vendor and edited to Sigil of the Dark Rider Binds when picked up Unique Relic Sigil Equip: If you have no pet, every 30 seconds summon a ghoul as your pet. Use: Summons an entire legion of Ghouls to fight for you. (6 min CD) And ghoul users would be limited in ranged attacks (they cannot equip ranged weapon).
  6. Give us option at 55 to upgrade your character from Hero to Lich Hero which would wipe all your talents and spells and gear and your character gets ported to the DK starting zone allows us to experience prequests and get some starting gear and weapons (and the coolest back in the game).
  7. Window is movable with left-click and drag, resizable with right-click and drag. There is a minimum width of 250px. Some talents changed from 5pts to 3pts and many builds cannot load to the new calc. But I plan to add loading builds from web link in the future.
  8. Make sure you have latest patch-A downloaded and no other patches, that modify login screen, active.
  9. You say the feature is antisocial. For me it sounds like you don’t want anyone to see your super OP build. That you are a special snowflake. Oh wait, isn’t it kinda antisocial? Lets compare it to the normal wow rather than the real world. Build inspect in wow was since beta as well as guides how to spend your talents effectively. So you could either go to google or inspect other characters of your class to see their build and get the idea. You can inspect other players and talk to them why they think one talent is better than other, or you can see their builds and then prepare your own build with knowledge what others are using so you can better prepare against them. Basicly it just speeds up the process of creating counter builds to popular builds and changing meta. So for me, it brings healthier meta, players are more social about builds in-game and new players can see what others are using, it makes the world not so secret and shady. Btw I had similar functionality in my addon back in august 2018 (Where did you get the idea devs? ). It allowed you to inspect or share builds in-game. Well, it was in testing phase because SendAddonMessage() function did not work properly (maybe it still don't work) so data were sent via whispers. You could inspect builds of other players who had Talent Calc addon (and allowed inspection in the addon settings) and you could send your made up build as a link to other player in chat. I started to work on it to bring another social layer to the game. Shame I was inactive since then.
  10. That is constructive criticism about casters in PvP written in PvP manner.
  11. because that makes sense on classless realm..
  12. Retail. Stat squished twice. Who cared? Nobody. No if they are rebalanced. I like classless system but res don't add anything to it except they make gear less valuable and farming right gear stupidly long. Then something gets nerfed and your gear is useless. That is not fun. Not numbers. System not connected to gear would be much better for improving your character beyond talents.
  13. Seriously are we still arguing with someone who thinks PvE is not important and only minority of players is interested in it? Now question for devs: Do you want 3 dead PvP servers merging them together as they are all diying?
  14. Yeah, stopped reading here.
  15. Again that is your opinion. Fact is we have 3 PvP servers and 0 PvE. So we can run 3 PvP servers just fine.
  16. The very same I can say about your opinion. We have 3 PvP servers and 0 PvE servers. Truth is devs constantly force PvErs into PvP (and mainly into world PvP). If you don't want to have bigger community which includes PvErs, so be it.
  17. Classless is atraction but PvP is NOT.
  18. WTB PvE "season A" realm with level caps 15, 25, 35, 50, 60 remaining 45 days each and at level 50 accessible Outland.
  19. Addon Update: https://mega.nz/#!FXAXQQjL!bV1Dt2LiOzQm2MYGN71C2VyOTLVZsSagJ4KFX8ZsygU It has slightly inaccurate data of your build (when you try to load your build from menu) and in the inspect window. Also ingame sharing of your build to a friend cause lua error.
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  21. 1. Right-Click the world of warcraft icon 2. Select "Open File Location" 3. Double-Click Interface folder 4. Double-Click AddOns folder 5. Hit printcreen and show the photo here.
  22. I think every reroll try should send a code to your email and you need to insert that code in game to proceed.
  23. You can access options from Game menu (ESC) - interface - addons - ascension talent calc.
  24. I created some custom functions that might be helpful. They are contained within RE-Link addon so they should be available everywhere. /run for k,v in pairs(_G) do if k:find("WithRE") and print(k) then end end you can use them in the MaloWUtils_GetEquippedAndInventoryItemState() function to save item.link (those custom functions take same arguments as original functions).

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