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  1. honestly it is a bit of both, I didn't think I could pick other talents since it claimed I needed x amount in previous Tier. So to update this, could we get what I am suggesting ? Maybe I should re-do my first post.... I redid the first post, I hope it is clearer now..... Make it where we need Tier points but have it count across all specs. and it wouldn't just be the first Tier, it would go through till you used up the points like a normal spec tree, just instead of 3 for 1 class now you have them all to consider.
  2. interesting cause that's how the abilities are, by level, talents those state in red ,must have 5 in previous spec or they don't unlock, require 10 in previous, etc, etc. I am not sure I follow the whole, so much for good marketing.... My suggestion is sound and based off what we just had access to. Talents, not abilities are locked by requiring previous amount, ie: Tier 2 requires 5 in Tier 1 etc, etc So you both are trying to say you could freely pick what you wanted? cause I could not, the Talents, not abilities, were not level locked, but Tier point locked. I am suggesting to make it more robust, you would still have to have enough points in a previous Tier, just not in only that spec, but it would count across all specs.
  3. Could we have Tiered Talents? And have them count across ALL Specs / Talents ?? Let me explain: Example: Tier 1 from Holy Priest [ Holy Specialization ] 5/5 = counts for the first Tier of any spec / tree, so I can go to say, rogue and get something from Tier 2, once that has 5/5, I can go to any other spec and get a Tier 3, but lets not limit it to just that, say you have Rogue Tier 2 [ Deflection ] 3/3 ,then you can have DK Tier 2 [ Unholy Command ] 2/2 and since those equal 5/5 then Tier 3 would unlock across all Specs / Talents. I think this would make for a more robust system and not everyone selecting the top talents. Anyone else's thoughts on this?

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