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  1. Seals don't proc from OH hits, this includes if you are TGing. SoR also isn't great with TG, it scales mostly with SP which TG doesn't synergize well with. Windfury can proc from the OH but the ICD is shared between the MH and the OH.
  2. You could download a french version of the game, I don't know where, but if you google they should exist. Look for a Wrath of the Lich King 3.3.5a patch. The bigger issue is Ascension's custom Patch-A only has English and Russian versions, so a lot of things will be changed back to English. Since that overwrites the base games Spell names and tooltips.
  3. Not currently. All the dragonhawk NPCs spawn in TBC zones.
  4. Instance Map Patch What it does: Adds instance maps to Vanilla dungeons and raids. These work exactly like any instance map in later patches and will show your current location as well as the location of your group mates in the instance. I've also added TBC dungeons and raids into the patch, but they remain untested. Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1p5pYmUqfCGNCPoAQXDbnZr8tj_a6aDTX Installation: Drop it in your WotLK Data folder (the same folder that contains Patch-A and your other Data files). Please let me know in the comments or on discord if you run into any bugs that are not listed below. Especially if you actively run dungeons or raids on the TBC alpha realm as the TBC maps in this patch are untested. Unfortunately I cannot fix the ZG or Sunken Temple maps as no Classic versions of these maps exist, some other maps may be affected by Cataclysm versioning but their impacts will be minor. Though, I have corrected the Naxxramas map so right clicking on the map while in the instance will now show EPL instead of Dragonblight. Known Bugs: Ingame maps are from Cata patch 4.3.4. This impacts: ZulGurub - The map will show paths that don't exist and is missing a few boss locations. Comparison Here: https://imgur.com/a/OHaLTF2 Sunken Temple - The map is missing the entire upper ring removed in Cataclysm. Comparison here: https://imgur.com/a/OHaLTF2 Blackwing Lair - Custom encounter changes to BWL on Ascension have changed the location of Ebonroc, Firemaw and Flamegor. Other Issues: Temple of Ahn Qiraj - The map will not load until you stand on Skeram's platform. Changelog: 2019/08/10 V1.01 Ahn'Qiraj - 2nd floor now works Ahn'Qiraj - 1st floor now "works" (map does not work until reaching Skeram's platform) Naxxramas - Right clicking on the map while inside Naxxramas brings you to Eastern Plaguelands instead of Dragonblight. 2019/04/06 V1.00 - Initial creation
  5. Yeah, all MH or OH restricted items being opened up for Tmog would be great. You can't use any of the nice looking caster swords/daggers for Tmog unless you're currently using a caster MH weapon, and it also restricts the use of fists to only other MH weapons.
  6. Actually just realized it was dodge rating instead of a flat 3% dodge, which amounts to only about 1.7% dodge for bear tanks depending on agility currently, and value will be less given naxx gear will have a bit more agility.
  7. It takes away from seasonal as well, as presumably the balance patch will be on Season 4 and Shadowsong as well. If it's buggy due to a lack of a PTR it affects all realms. I'm happy it's going live, but really would have been good to have a PTR
  8. To add to that, rogue builds in general suffer from a few problems: 1) Reliance on energy regen REs and talents, which limits their options as several REs and TE have to automatically be spent on resource generation. 2) poor target swaps and AoE. Not just for backstab but for Muti and SS/Evisc builds as well. There's just not good cleave built into the spec, and target swapping/adds can cause lost combo points/finishers so DPS suffers, and lost energy gen through lost Relentless Strikes procs. If combo points attached to the player rather than the target like on retail it would be great for those fights. That said, rogue builds could use some love, they're not that strong even in single target. even if SS/Evisc is meta on seasonal. Its the only melee build you can get the pieces for at level 1.
  9. This is a little overboard IMO. It's almost a complete revert on the buffs bears received earlier in the year because of their underperformance. 4/11/19: Survival of the Fittest went from 4% -> 10%. Now 10% -> 5%. 3/15/19: Savage Defense went from 4/5% -> 5/6%. Now 5/6% -> 3/4%. I think the bear nerfs might be a little overboard. I do agree that they were quite strong, but this is putting them back where they were at the beginning of the year when everyone agreed bears were weak. Would've preferred to see something in the middle. I feel like these are still a bit weak and not really enough to bring cats/rogue builds up in the meta. Rogue builds have a lot of good talents and usable REs competing for space and there's just too many better options still, I'm not sure it would be worth it to drop other talents or REs for vitality. The Vitality RE especially feels weak compared to Focused Attacks and Relentless Strikes. It's 1 energy per second per RE but Focused Attacks and Relentless Strikes do better. Even though Relentless Strikes can be clunky to use especially on fights with target swaps or adds. Additionally, rogues will be losing energy regen going into Naxx from losing the free CP from Deathdealers. Having to drop talents/REs to pick up energy regen isn't really compensation for that. Have you thought of changing energy to scale with haste like in retail? 1% haste = 1% energy regen?
  10. Agreed. I think really the only items that need to be changed are the Librams/Idols/Totems, as they are all complete ass as usual, and Warmth of Forgiveness. Possible something along the lines of: Idol of Longevity: SP on Druid Healing over Time spells for HoT Healers Totem of Flowing Water: Crit on shaman abilities for Chain Heal/Healing Wave Libram of Light: Crit for Paladin Healing spells, reamains a niche Holy Light spec item As long as the numbers were strong enough to justify their use for these healing specs. My thoughts on trinkets: Warmth of Forgiveness: Needs an overhaul. change Mp5 to SP and buff the mana regen active. (Falls into same SP healing niche as Rejuvenating Gem and Fetish of the Sandreaver) Loatheb's Reflection: The resistance actually isn't terrible, I'd say this needs just a bit more. If it had some stamina I would use it in bear. Eye of Diminution: Also not bad, could argue this doesn't need to be changed, but could lower the CD on threat reduction and it could be a bit more viable as an alternative to Fade or FD.
  11. I dunno, it's not bad. It's not perfect but it's not a bad OH. SMF won't use it because of the fast speed, but cats and rogue builds don't really care about OH weapon speed. It's a great stat stick, basically trades the expertise of Death's Sting for Hit/Crit. In other cases, I really wouldn't go overboard buffing every Naxx piece that seems underwhelming. Naxx gear has a HUGE amount of overlap with other raids unfortunately. It's ILVL range is 81-92. (2 ilvls LOWER than Nef, and only 4 ilvls higher than Cthun) and the only bosses that drop loot with a higher ilvl than C'thun are Saph and KT. There are some items that are just poorly itemized (especially in the cases where Mp5 is just useless on Ascension) but in some cases the items are good, just the same ilvl as BWL loot and are unfortunately on par with BWL loot.
  12. I get the reasoning behind the Dreadnaught changes, that you want all tanks to have some upgrades in Naxx, but I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with having BIS being from a prior tier. SnB tanks have had MC gear in their BIS forever, and had to deal with having largely 0 upgrades in AQ. I don't see an issue with having 2H tanks using 5p Conq / 4p Dreadnaught, while it may not be exciting, there are many BIS pieces that never get replaced throughout vanilla (DFT/Prestors/Nelth Tear/ZG Necks/DMC/etc.).
  13. Had a thought about Bonecythe, since bear tanks will most likely be going for Bonescythe, would it make sense for the 6p to be changed to a flavor bonus that has some benefit for a bear tank? Perhaps a chance on melee ability to evade the next attack or spell? Or when you drop below a certain % of health to gain Evasion? Stays somewhat rogue-ish and gives effective HP in the form of avoidance rather than health regen in stealth. Another thought too before naxx releases: Can we have the quests for T3 be repeatable? T2.5 quests weren't repeatable so if you wanted 2 sets of Deathdealer (say for DPS and bear tank) you weren't able to get them and had to rely on off-set pieces. (it would also be nice to have T2.5 quests made repeatable).
  14. Plate bear used to be a thing, but since the buffs to bear talents which buffed its leather armor % gain, I just don't see a reason to go plate gear anymore. TG bears also go for the Feral Resilience REs to make up for the loss of a shield further diminishing the value of plate on a bear. It would be great to have a relevant set bonus, but it would require further bear talent and RE changes to make plate gear equivalent to the armor they get from leather.
  15. There are nerfed versions, but they're custom items with different item IDs. They're just "Warlord" or "Marshal" instead of "High Warlord" and "Grand Marshal" versions of each. AFAIK they were available on LS briefly and some copies may still be floating around (?), but the real Rank 14 weapons were removed.

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