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  1. Amazing guild! Amazing People! Amazing leader!
  2. Voodooman

    PVE Realm

    The only problem i find with it is; Population gets split, its hard enuf with Seasons...:S
  3. Voodooman

    PVE Realm

    IT would make ppl wanna play alliance more i guess, but as i stated i think its realy unfair and can only realy help the ratio BUT you should play the faction u enjoy the most. not cause you will be rewarded for it. But then all would change to alliance i guess which = BAD! AND i do not want a reward system! ^^ but its something atleast.
  4. Voodooman

    PVE Realm

    I agree, that a PVE realm wont fix anything. But something has to be done i like the idéa with free transfers from horde => alliance and somewhat like the; Alliance should be more rewarded so people will start playing alliance, Cause im alliance player. the only problem is, ITS VERY unfair in all aspects towards NEW hordes. A few issues! Horde clears invasions to fast / some hordes focus on ganking = Alliance Players cant get major. <-Needs to be fixed! Faction ratio! think its 70-30 horde to alliance. => Free transfer from horde to alliance? who want to change from HORDE to alliance? Starting an PVE server => Ruining the population of existing servers! Horde killing important quest givers/completers => Some cant finnish important attunement quest like ONYXIA and BWL and the lesser known d2 quest giver! = Make a faster respawn timer? => make a copy of the quest giver, but neutral in a diffrent location? how do we solve these things? i think turning andorhal into a pvp/pve realm with an ability is one way, Then players have the choice! Tho that got alot of Negative response from HORDES mainly cause they cant "enjoy" the game then. But it is ruining the experiance for ALLIANCE which makes it an issue! Make it so that alliance gets more rewards from chest / higher chance of epic in chests<- Realy unfair 2 new hordes or is it? + New ppl MIGHT loose interest faster.
  5. Never mentioned REs... would also be fine if this was a donation for 30dp..
  6. Doesnt change the fact that i want a similar ability but removes you from pvp.. if u cant think of anything better STFU, come with a concrete idéa... that may help balance this server out rather then just GET GUUUD!
  7. yes i know! SIMILAR! and no as i understood it its u choose pvp or PVE! if u choose pve u phase out!
  8. They are intruducing a similar system on S3 for your info, all i want is that but on andorhal.
  9. Still, u hordies would hate it if it was reversed. if we alliance ganked you on site and Corpse camped you! you would stop playing, you would hate it even more if you had donated. AND yes i do suck at pvp thats why i like PVE! but why should i not be having fun in events just cause hordies are cunts? and sky u started this problem when u did what u did that made u loose ur GM position! so you have no say in this matter. And this is a discussion Come up with a idéa that helps alliance instead of just saying get good, buy a 3d specc JUST for pvp. no chance if i do i go heal on that specc. i know why u trash this idéa cause it removes the possibility for you to REK and feel like u have a big dick about it. Come with CONCRETE IDÈAS instead of just trashing...
  10. Would like to point out! alot of alliance has already quit playing or moved to horde cause they dont find it funny to be missing out on the EVENTS/contents. With this in mind, THINK: if NO alliance was left on this server, what would you do then, HORDIES? move back to alliance just to have WPVP? The issue isent that we suck, i know my guild FOCUS on pve, not pvp our speccs are for PVE not PVP we dont have 3-5 survivals, 1-3 fears just to be able to pvp. We have donated just because we LOVE this server, but currently i think its about 25-40% alliance and 60-75% horde. Which makes it harder for alliance to catch up, this is also a reason why ppl move to horde to not have to deal with the constant ganking. IF you LOVE pvp Do battle grounds and maybe we can get an AV up. This Idéa is not to make it Worse for horde, its to make it more enjoyable for alliance as it is now. Tho i think NOT using the "PEACE TREATY" should be rewarded much more, but idk what.. Also i know the devs has a hard time keeping it Balanced, giving us content and much more. thats why i said to add a COPY of an ability that already exist: Criminal intent, but reversed. i think its one of the easyest thing they can do! OR they can just make the server PVE or release a PVE realm, so we who focus on PVE can enjoy it which i personaly feel is unnessery. If that happens you guys wont have WPVP. All i want is a choice! That is all. Right now it is = go to an INVASION, Get GANKED, not gaining Major, lose out of GEAR. IF we have this choice and the reward for not using Peace treaty is more valuable the using it. SO players can accualy choose to play pve/pvp right now its one sided slaughter fest. ALOT of hordes, Not ALL, find it FUNNY to ruin the experiance for alliance just cause they CAN.
  11. Instead of just saying no, come up with an idéa to make it enjoyable for both sides and not just horde.
  12. This i know but its not as easy as u might think. during the days and evenings, oak farms the necrotic runes and gank for fun which means before u can even reach private or even major u get ganked til u have a 2 minute ress time...
  13. ITs for the ppl who dont enjoy PVP.. I dont gank every horde i c.. yet when i do this they desides to gank me? the mentality of a cunt. but back to the issue alliance cant enjoy events and the solution increase the glory/honor in BGs, but allow the player to choose if they wanna pve or pvp atm its not a choice its forced. and ofc all you hordies are against this cause you know that most alliance would wanna use it. I also suggest that we need a reward system for NOT using it, it can realy be whatever... and u say it will be queuing for qmobs? lies, havent seen a horde in awhile when im doing em..
  14. yes that is one way of doing it, problem is, oak goes 2 both and camp em. get rank on both and then kill bosses...+ farm necrotic runes.
  15. Says perth purge or watever your old name was... yes, but did i not predict that some hordes would come in and say just that? hmmmm?

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