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  1. This is just the truth actually, Horde have an huge advantage over Alliance due to "Warchief's Blessing" which makes them way more competitive for Realm Firsts and stuff like that. But thats not the real point of the issue. Lets look at the racials. Human: +5 Expertise with Swords and Every Man for Himself <- (Good for PvP but heavily nerfed). Orcs: +5 Expertise with Axes <- (Really good for current contents considering best 2H Weapon is Dark Edge of Insanity). Blood Fury <- (242 AP and 123 SP for 15 Seconds on 2m CD). Cant be used with trinkets that are On-Use obviously but it can be timed like Pop Jom Gabbar then as soon as it ends pop Blood Fury thats kinda having a double CD without counting other stuff. Night Elves: 2% Dodge Racial (Useless considering as tank u can get enough avoidance). Shadowmeld (Useless in PvP as u can be seen easily, Somewhat good in PvE since it drops your threat). Trolls: Increased Critical Chance with Bows/Throwns really good one for PvP and PvE. Berserk <- (Increases your Attack and Casting speed by 20% for 10 Seconds on a 3m CD). Pretty good for PvE and PvP aswell. Considering the fact that 99% of the Horde are made by Trolls/Orcs since they're the best pickable races due to their racials will just make things be unbalanced imo. Pickable Racials would be the best thing for everyone so you can play the race you want with the racials you want it will be appreciated by Veteran and New players.
  2. Hello Bob, Speaking of these Glory requirements. I currently have 322.190 Glory and the insane amount of 52667 Honorable Kills and yet im still 178k Glory away from rank 12^^ I've been seriously thinking on making a post about this as well because, it's just stressful that you have to do so many Battlegrounds or World PvP kills whatever in order to get Rank 14... Considering that some try hard pvpers like me or Deltoids can reach the amount of 700/900 HKS per day with CTA on which is like (3,5k/4,5k) glory per day not counting the 50 glory per BG win and looking at the glory requirements we're not even able to get Rank 12 before TBC Glory removal. On Vanilla with my amount of Honorable Kills u would've been already Grand Marshal/High Warlord so yeah I suggest as well to look at glory requirements in order to make the PVP Community have a better experience and play time while ranking through r1 to r14. Commander Nakskao.
  3. Horgram

    Kathh BG score?

    https://imgur.com/a/SBRMd This is far better

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