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  1. I think it would be cool if players were capable of earning extra talent essences at level 60 for completing certain achievements. This would of course only be on significant achievements that require time and effort. For example, major achievements like a world first achievement or a rank 1 arena achievement could reward 2 TE. Meanwhile achievements that are worth noting but not super significant like say a heroic raid clear achievement or any arena achievement for 2000 CR or higher could award 1 TE each. That would mean you could potentially get 4 TE if you were good enough at PVP that you achieved 2000, 2200, 2400, and 2700 CR in an arena season. I think this would create an incentive for players to experience other content or just do different content than they normally would in order to make their character as strong as possible while also opening up more build diversity. DC Universe Online has (or had, haven't touched it in a while) a system just like this where in order to min/max your character you had to do achievements to get all of your talent points, although their system was a bit more generous with handing out talent points as i remember being able to get them from achievements that were tied to completing certain daily quests just once.

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