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  1. So I've been playing as a nature healer and regularly topping healing meters. Speaking as a Regrowth/Blooming Growth healer, I completely agree that Blooming Growth needed a nerf. Even proccing on five other players might be totally OP, but I'm not going to ask for less. 🙂 However, some guildies switched to a Prayer of Healing build and there just doesn't seem any way I can get close to PoH spam heals HPS. I would prefer to stay nature based, but it doesn't look like I can sustain a raid spot unless I switch to holy. I mean people I was easily beating on healing are now topping me on the meters Can someone at the AQ40 or higher level gearing weigh in on how viable nature is, or should I just throw in the towel and go holy? I'm fine to switch to holy if I must, but I don;t understand how spamming PoH through MC, ZG and AQ20 makes healing any fun at all.
  2. And seriously. Why did Naxx get released at the same time as Season 4 started? I get the feeling we on Andorhal are just going to have to suck it until any Season 4 issues on Darkmoon are resolved.
  3. Getting to 60 as a wildcard was reasonably fun, and the slow down in leveling only affects the wildcard player themselves. But once 60, remaining wildcard means the player is utterly gimped unless they had some extreme luck in the way wildcard spent their AP. This is creating an issue where the new to Warcraft/vanilla/ascension wildcards are turning into complete garbage characters, that are only capable of getting through L60 content, if non-wildcard characters carry them. So far I've seen zero wildcard tanks and zero wildcard healers that are capable of getting through L60 dungeons, but there's a ton of sub-optimal wildcard dps who roll need on nearly everything because they keep getting ganked and stripped of gear in world pvp. In raids it's even worse because they have poor dps, no poly, no cleanse, no banish, no tremor totem, no cleansing totem, no summons, no remove curse, no blink, no safefall…. yada yada yada. But they don't want to stop being wildcards because they want the season bonuses and wildcard achievements. Which they will only get if they are carried by non-wildcards. which means the achievement isn't the wildcards, it should be our achievement for carrying them. I mean if Batman beats the Joker while carrying a baby, the baby shouldn't get an achievement for "Beating the Joker as a baby". Batman should get the achievement "Beating the Joker while carrying a baby". In fairness to the wildcards, being a wildcard is part of the point of the server and why lots of people joined. Maybe if simply wearing the title of "the chaotic" flagged you for wildcard achievements, all this would be solved. People could respect properly and all would be well. I Certainly do not think the wildcard system is something that should be scrapped, I think it's something that has huge potential. But we have to find a way to allow players to effectively play the holy trinity roles at 60 and still be wildcards. Even some "reroll NPCs" would be helpful. Maybe even class trainers could trigger a reroll where 20-30AP was spent randomly in that class. Even a random "pick 3 trees" wildcard system would be interesting. i.e. Beastmastery Hunter, Resto Druid, Resto Shaman and 20AP spent randomly in each.
  4. The only thing that made it bearable from about L45 on was "banking" Omen of Clarity, leveling up, unlearning Omen and then getting a 2AP 1TP talent skill. By L45 all I had was Lesser Heal for self-healing, and I just lost enjoyment needing to chain cast it 7-8 times to refill 75% of my health bar. All the tracking abilities just got silly. The WC vs. Non-WC pvp was best dealt with by accepting the first death and rezzing at town, then finding a different zone to play in.
  5. This is one of the reasons I've made little attempt to do dungeons while leveling on either my regular or WC characters. The WC system needs to be slightly more focused on being able to do specific role. If even 30% of the AP could be directed at "tank" "healer" "melee dps" "caster dps", with random results within a set of core abilities, it would be more balanced.
  6. Wildcard has the potential for fun, but the mess of horrific abilities has made leveling awful for some Wildcards. PvP is just hopeless as a Wildcard. No escapes, no closes, no heals, no dps, no instants, just mashing Sense Undead and Hand of Salvation in frustration. Getting additional "rolls of the dice" at intervals leveling would be interesting and fun, and a way to add "more chances at random" to overcome just awful luck. Also, if resetting / more rolls of Wildcard were a thing, specific dice could be made drops / rewards. I.e. "Paladin Dice" gets you a random Seal and Judgment. "Holy Healer Dice" gets you two random holy based heals. "Rogue Dice" gets an energy spender and a combo spender. "Warlock Dice" gets random demon and a warlock offensive spell. " Mage Dice" gets a random bolt spell and a random AoE spell. They could come in Uncommon, Rare and Epic versions as well. Giving 2, 3 or 4 class skills. So "Paladin Uncommon Dice" gets a seal and a judgment. Rare gets a seal a judgment and an aura. Epic gets seal, judgment, aura and a blessing. There would also be Common Dice that just gets you a completely random ability just as it does now, that could pad out the AP spending. So you could somewhat plan a coherent build, but it would still be quirky and sub-optimal.
  7. Y'all keep saying seasonal realms are all about exciting experiments to see if they work. PvE + .setxprate 3 + dungeon teleports working = win If you need to jazz it up, making getting more than the starting AP and TP dependent on completion of various achievements.
  8. Do you not realize what a strong case for a PvE realm you're making here? The ONLY person in Silithus that actually wanted to do world pvp was you. EVERYBODY ELSE wanted to PvE. If everyone wanted to PvP endlessly, battlegrounds would be happening all the time. If your PvP servers are dying a population death, it's not the fault of people who want to PvE. Your PvP servers are dying because people don't want to PvP.
  9. You're making my points for me. Almost all the PvE peeps are bothered by it and decided Ascension wasn't for them. People who want to gank, want to gank people who would prefer to be on a PvE server, and will complain about a creation of a PvE server as bad for the game. And I'm sure you know that Doomhammer and Cenarius were to cope with a massive influx of new players, most of whom are now gone. So question for you SirGank. How many other players are you personally responsible for quitting the game completely? How much money do you think Ascension has lost by you inducing other players to ragequit? Please explain why you're good for the overall health of the game by ganking people.
  10. Splitting the population now looks like a bad move, but the wider MMO population has always been split between PvE Gazelles and PvP Tigers. The Ascension plan was to put the Gazelles and Tigers in the same enclosure. The Tigers thought that was an amazing idea and were ecstatic about it. The Gazelles were wary, but loved the idea of getting to eat all kinds of different grass instead of just one, so went along with it. The Tigers had awesome fun wrecking afk newbie Gazelles with their faces buried into the surprisingly complex grass selection screens. Especially offensive to the Gazelles was the idea that to get to the really good grass, they had to run long gauntlets of potential Tigers, despite the fact that they knew it was possible to teleported to the really good grass. The Tigers had wrecked the button that made the teleports work, because the enclosure would be less fun for Tigers if the Gazelles could just teleport right past them. Unsurprisingly most of the Gazelles hated the Tiger ganks and quit the enclosure. The grass was tasty, but Gazelles can't actually eat the grass when they are being teabagged as their rez timers tick down. After a certain point, playing Heroes of the Grass or HearthGrass starts looking better. Then once the Gazelles herd started thinning out, the Tigers had less and less to prey on and many of them started leaving as well. And once again, the enclosure is fairly unpopulated now. It's also huge, so the few remaining Gazelles can often go quite some time without seeing a Tiger. It's not exactly safe, but at least it's infrequent. The Gazelles do frequently ask for an enclosure just for Gazelles, and a second enclosure for Tigers, where the Tigers can fight other Tigers. But the truth is the Tigers do not really want to fight other Tigers. Tigers only want to have a "fair and fun" fight with a Gazelle. Which is also why they complain that the few Gazelles who survive and get to the really, really, really special grasses, grow too strong and big for fights to be fair anymore. Tigers want to play with their food, not have their food rush at them like a Lord of the Rings set piece. And of course the Tigers complain that allowing the paying Gazelle population to grow on a Gazelle only server is bad for the game.
  11. You have to manually flag yourself for world PvP on retail PvE servers. After five minutes of not engaging in hostile actions, you automatically get your PvP flagging turned off on a retail PvE server. On retail PvP servers, you're always flagged for PvP. That was the defining feature making retail vanilla PvE and PvP different.
  12. And can we be finally honest here. With the current system, PvP players don't actually want world PvP. What they want are PvE players forced into a PvP realm, playing PvE specs, who come back week after week of getting ganked. They want fish in a barrel and they want the fish to stop complaining about the barrel. Then they want to endlessly verbally insult PvE players for being fish in a barrel. Meanwhile, all I hear about LS is everyone sits inside the cities and they are so terrified of leaving there needs to be RE forges inside them. What happened to world pvp? What happened to high-risk being awesome? What happened to PvP players being better than PvE players? Let's be completely clear that Sargeras completely died as a server and the same thing will happen with LS. You can't create a Highlander styled bloodbath and then wonder why there's only a handful of people left after a while. You can't create an MMO where there can be only one. Eventually everyone gets their turn in the barrel and then those PvP lords failquit just like the PvE players ragequit months earlier. You don't need Seasonal Servers unless the long term stability of regular servers are in jeopardy. The devs want Seasonal Servers up and running, catering to the PvP players, before LS dies. Don't get me wrong, a Seasonal Server is a good idea, but it should happen after Naxx is out and starting to be on farm, and before TBC comes out. Assuming y'all want to retain PvE players of course. You cannot ever balance a FFA PvP system fairly. It's always going to end up with a gankfest and fewer and fewer people playing. You have to accept that there will always be an imbalance and have a dynamic system that both rewards creating an imbalance and also provides a catch up mechanic to fix the imbalance. If you want to balance world pvp fairly, you have to balance it on the basis of Alliance vs Horde. If more Alliance players are online, give the Horde a damage and healing buff server wide and vice a versa. Find a way to make drop rates or RE rates better for the side with less people. Modify the AQ invasions (which are very well done btw) to be Horde vs Alliance somehow. Why not do war effort style turn ins that spark an invasion of the enemies capital cities? I.e. the Horde turn in a pile of crap and all get ported to SW with a ton of Horde NPC elites. Wreck SW, get loot. If the Alliance defend SW, they get loot. Put a 5th enchanting forge in the world and make them all flagged as capture points with NPC guards. Give server wide buffs based on the forges captured. Are the Alliance really going to raid BWL with a damage and healing debuff because the Horde have 4 forges captured? Or does this mean they have to head out into the world and wage war? Put a flag/switch/toggle at the end of every instance only taggable by appropriate level players. If one faction has all the instances tagged on a single continent, give them a server wide buff / loot / boost / thing. Put a WSG flag in the throne room of OG and SW. Lets play capture the flag with that. Get both flags in a single throne room and gg loot for the winners. Drop some Legendary weapons into the game and make them a drop on death item even on low-risk or PvE servers. Drop on death even if not equipped, or banked. Also dropped on lack of killing after 24-48 hours. Use or lose it. Make them really, really, really shiny so everyone can see exactly who has it. If you want world PvP, make the entire game world a mix of WSG, AB and AV. I'm all for PvP styled objectives that PvE players can join into. Not interested in random ganks and being corpse camped and teabagged.
  13. Dear god you guys just don't get it. A large group of people quit Ascension because there is no PvE server to play on. They want to play on a classes+vanilla server and they have extreme negative reactions to PvP. It's two completely different player bases that want PvP and PvE servers. You aren't going to split the player base by having PvE servers. Instead you'll retain the player base that you're currently telling to fuck of and die because you're a goddam carebear pussy. Carebear pussies have money. Ascension is extremely clear that they don't want it. You are never going to get the money that supports Ascension, by constantly exposing players to experiences that make them want to ragequit. The PvE carebears hate hate hate HATE HATE HATE HATE getting ganked and you will never get their money. I totally understand the desire for PvP servers and even the High Risk server has an appeal for some players and I'm happy to see it's existence. But y'all need to get over yourselves and start realizing you guys actually NEED PvE players to keep the servers up and running. For me, the draw to Ascension is CLASSLESS + VANILLA. I play despite (for me) the PROFOUND NEGATIVE OF HAVING TO PLAY ON A PVP SERVER.
  14. Seasonal realms should only be a thing when Naxx is on farm status and we're waiting on TBC. Heroic dungeons would go a long, long way to increasing replay value.
  15. If you see a bug, please report the bug on the bug tracker.

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