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  1. I dont really have much of an opinion on #1 and #3 , Guardian by the light tho sounds very nische. 5% spell crit, 10% increased healing and increases your holy critical heal amount by 20%.  1 Crit more , 15% haste less but 10 % all healing and 20% holy crit heal sounds extremly strong, Maybe a bit too much. Seal of Wisdom - 15% haste, 5% reduced cost of spells and 10% of int gained as mp5. you removed the Damage reduction which would make this an instant choice for PvP if you can wear a Shield -> NOGO 15% reduced all Damage done <- Same Value as TG reduced it before "10% of int gained as mp5" this would be a super effortless implementation but also wouldnt engage on the Problem that gear with MP5 is generally worthless. It would also just amount to like 50 mana every 5 Seconds which is not really nessecary to Mention at all. Another Idea would be to translate MP5 to Healing power from gear for example : Could translate 1MP5 to 3 Healing Spell Power, this would open up tons of gear for Healers. Like New AQ loot Usually you will get a short Rage when this dropps.. with that mp5 converting Talent however, it is a 30 healing power 8 sp + Stat ring, suddenly very much worth it, only for healers though. for healers .. this would be equal to 79 Healing power making it much more similar to Lok'amir for healers only. Vael would now dropp a 33 Healing power neck. Seems like BWL would have a better neck for Healers only compared to Ragnaros Choker still being best for Casters. mhh that ouro loot thats otherwise garbage bc by now everyone can have already .. would suddenly have 23 Sp more for Healers only ! at this moment, every time an item has Mp5 on it, there are other Stats missing for it.. (sry for german Item Tooltips, however, should be clear what items those are)
  2. A Talent that requires a Shield to work while at the same time forbidding TG is something I wanted for a long time now. As I mentioned on my Suggestion about Elixirs, in Vanilla mp5 was a huge thing for Healers and it always bothered me that gear with those stats is completely useless here. So after thinking a bit about your suggestion, I think its a great Idea but some values are actually too weak to make up for the 20% spell casting bonus, you definitely would need to let go off, as a caster. There is no need for this talent to be Tank/melee hybrid exclusive, at least in a PvE sense. I wouldn't let any other Talents increase or influence those Boni to keep it simplistic and predictable what amounts they give. So let's check what investment there is, and what you get comparatively Seal of Light - 4% spell crit. cant wear: 2H weapon or caster offhand! -> Gets 2 AE for Spell Mastery (which you need for Seal of LIght) but loses 20% Spell Haste. The Talent is 2 Points -> 2 % each . -> 2 TE -> -20% Haste, cant wear more spell power giving Staffs, cant apply 2weapon enchants. +4% Spell Crit. That's kinda weak! maybe something like: -> 7.5% Spell Haste and 2 % Spell Crit per Point. resulting in a being forced to wear a Shield, having less Spell Haste but for the investment of 2 AE and the Seal instead of Spell Mastery. This would basically just open the possibility to gain 2 more 2% crit nodes on the Tree for an investment with losing Haste and a spellcaster offhand/Staff. Seal of Wisdom - 10% haste. cant wear: Same as above 2 Talents points for 5 % haste each resulting in an investment of 2 AE and 2 TE for 10% Haste instead of 20% with only 2 AE while being able to wear w/e u like. instead, I would suggest -> 2 points = 20% Spell Haste, 15% reduced all Damage done, 5% Increased Healing done and MP5 on items gets a Multiplier of 3 ( tbh not sure what value would be right to multiply with) this change would mean: Healers have an option to choose either TG with -5% healing done, be able to get 2 Wpn enchants out of that ( +30 SP from Wpn Enchant + 35 or talented 70 sp from Earthliving) +the 20% Spell haste from Spell Mastery for wearing a Staff or choose to ignore those 65 or possibly 100 Spell power for +5% healing done (+5% from not using TG) and that Mp5 Bonus 15% reduced all damage done is marking this choice as a Healer one. Those 3 I would dedicate to Tanks and make it viable to swap those infight for different Bonuses. Seal of Justice - 2% parry, 2% dodge and 10% reduced Damage done, 10% increased threat generated. Mitigation variant with reduced Damage done to weaken the Talent in PvP and reduce the Threat Gain compared to Seal of Command. Proc stuns provide additional Mitigation on stunable Mobs.Seal of Righteousness - 4% reduced damage taken and 10% reduced Damage done, 10% increased threat generated. Soaking variant with reduced Damage done... " . This would still be more Threat than SoJ Seal of Command - 4% hit chance, 15% increased threat generated. Threat variant with increased Hit chance to stabilize threat gain even more. And if that's not too overly complicated, the Talent could provide 4% hit like before while not wearing a shield
  3. question is, why do pets have no cooldown on bite / claw ? there should be a 3 second CD on it. enables pets to use bite on global ( no inner cd here too, gj balance team, to spent 2 points is simply a waste) combined with this talent, pets do have unlimited focus as long as you crit from time to time. And then there are those bugged Pet Dmg REs hmm.. not to start speaking of snapshotting hmmm.. so much to complain about this sadly also forces pve builds into picking up those clunky pets since they do ~700 dps .. a bit broken !
  4. Hey, I was suggesting this a few times already but I think I never explained in detail why I think that Flasks and Elixirs should be use able together. First of all, in vanilla you could stack every Elixir, that isn't what I'm asking for at all !!! What I'm asking for is to be able to use 1 Battle Elixir, 1 Guardian Elixir, and 1 Flask. That's it. there are so many Herbs that are somewhat worthless because there is next to no demand for it. Here is everything crafted from Plaguebloom. Brute Force and Mongoose are one of the best Elixirs around but since they are not useable with a Flask, they are not used in raids much. here is everything crafted with Gromsblood. Only Flask of Titans is really used on this Server. Since Herb farming aside from Groms and Dreamfoil is not effective bc of Spawns and locations, it becomes a chore, being less attractive overall makes the prices for those Herbs as expensive as they are. Here is everything crafted with Ghost Mushrooms. Nothing crafted with this Herb is actually used on this Server, even though Players would use em if they were more available. Elixir of ShadowPower is a cost-effective alternative to Greater Arcane Elixirs for Casters who don't profit of crit or just prefer to have more Spell Power. Elixir of Fire Power ( same as shadow power adds general spell power not type specific) that adds a use for Firefin Snapper for which otherwise, there is absolutely none. The only negative, I can say about the whole Elixir stuff is, that since the changes from BC / Wotlk left healers a bit unfavored. Mp5 was used in Vanilla, if I'm not mistaking Spellpower from Pots isn't Heal power therefor there are only Stat or mp5 providing Elixirs which are mostly Guardian , like Mageblood Elixir, buff it a bit and make either Greater Fire Power or Elixir of Shadowpower give only Healing SP if you have some love for Healers and don't want them to feel left out by only being able to use Guardian Elixirs. EDIT: Gubbyascension -> pointed out that Arcane and Greater Arcane Elixir affect both.  In that case Healers would have a Battle Elixir as well, just not an option for an Elixir without crit. But .. we could also talk about BuffFood ... was used in Vanilla for Healers, since MP5 is out of proportion low valued for our custom Talent/ability System, no one uses it here. Even tho it stacks with Well Fed and would be a great Ressource Sink for Healers if it would make a difference ( buff the value x 5-10 and it's actually decent-good Bufffood that will be used..) do the same for this. ( they both Stack with each other and well fed ). And please make Clams great again... make them not BoP on andorhal, its just good buff food that people want to use but can't because they don't want to do a quest for the recipe, get cooking to 300 , and farm themselves some meat for it, when technically on LS or back on Sarg, you could just buy them from someone else. Raids mostly use Flask and for Progression or even farm raids, some people would always do whatever increases their performance. That also means that some Player may want to use a stack or two of them for a raid boss they are trying to Progress on. And while it shouldn't be needed to use Pots after every Death, being able to use only 1 Elixir of both types with a Flask, would provide the possibility for extra time investment while not forcing it on Players who don't want to put in the extra time/gold. Its important for a Server that it feels alive... and this is something that would make players want to herb because there would be more demand for it. This would also make players use a profession that is otherwise mostly really used by a few players that craft the Titans/Supremes which Guilds use for raids. Ay long post, good to be back I guess.
  5. this has been a motivation killer for some people for almost half a year now. it was also mentioned on/as a suggestion here on the forums month ago as well. I feel this is way overdue considering the minimal effort for a fix.
  6. Shiru

    merging sargeras

    For the ppl the who play on LS already and get their old chars and gear swapped over for a quick gold fix . Sure. The players still on Sargeras get their server deleted and transferred to a pve realm, yay
  7. i think the frustration of players feeling you guys don't listen to stems from the countless times, players tell you exactly what they are bothered by, explained in detail with numerous suggestions ( ofc some less viable than others ). Then some implementation that aims for some goals but 100% fails to deliver on sometimes even the basic idea of it. Then things that you guys can't even mention in your Changelog because of the outrage that would follow if everyone knew about it. Or in general often times just the poor judgment on short-term decision making. Or the Balancing that happens every month now and the buffs to spells for which the talents are bugged for multiple months now ( Bugreport just ignored every patch), you guys even released a legendary RE that is based on a Talent for which also an RE exists that ALSO doesn't work like the tooltip says. People plan their playtime and sometimes invest a lot of time into getting stuff and then realize that you guys just don't give a shit about that at all. Like 5 % copious Power RE , simply doesn't work AT ALL, you can only trigger it by equipping the item, not by casting PW:S, so someone who spend all his orbs getting 5% REs maybe doesn't even notice that it doesn't work because he runs 1 piece with 4% and gets the buff from casting Pw : S , only that all the 5% REs aren't applied.. Most people won't even realize those things, because who actually goes and spends 2 hours testing different scenarios and calculating out the differences, which includes spending gold and so on? Dedicated players .. who spend their orbs, find this stuff out, feel completely fucked over and then are ignored for months. It sometimes really seems like that the Dev team is lacking people with a good understanding of the game in general.
  8. good one . Thanks for supporting my point. - the unkilled "virgin gank" with 31k HKs.
  9. WOOW as usual bmannion your suggestions are nearly impossible to implement, not thought through at all and straight up stupid .. And to be honest, considering Ilvl scaling on world mobs opens up so much bug potential, better never mention it again. And people are wearing next to nothing in world because the risk/rewards feel is right for them in that scenario. How can this be so difficult for people to understand, no felcom -> ppl WANT TO wear shit gear BECAUSE others might be stupid and the game itself gives you not exactly 100% control over your survival. It's not so difficult to motivate ppl to wear their gear, it's not ez to motivate ppl to act retardedly and lose their progressions without ever managing their risk/ reward ratio tho Ppl then say : People are being pussies and never leave town - guess they don't want to skirmish with plebs at that time. People never really risk anything in PvP if they can avoid it, instead, they go in 5 man parties or substitute their good gear with expendable gear. - well people arent 100% stupid, they try to risk manage. World is not a place where you need your epic gear for, like I said 100 times before, without felcom the amount of stats you get for wearing good gear compared to almost worthless dungeon shit, is in PvP so minimal except for weapons, is EZ counterable with playing good NAKED or having a build that is strong against the other one. So it would be stupid, to move in all their valuable gear outside, fight an almost naked dude who plays better or a build strong against you, fights with him for NO GAIN, gets killed.. losses epics ( on sargeras month progression or maybe unpayable reward) and quits the game. Because he acted stupid and paid for it. making everything worthless like on LS isn't helping either, the value that actually makes your build rly strong lies in Orbs and REs and those values are most of the times strongly subjective, meaning while a certain RE is good for me and its worth as much as the Orbs took me to craft it on an Item, but for others the RE is either on an item they don't want to destroy or use. ( or it is, prob not worth much then anyway ) .. the subjective value of the Item is only equal to players that play the same build and because of the fact that the REs value can be > the Items value, that again is something you will extremely rarely see drop bc people will try to avoid it then.
  10. The patch that had the necessary files was causing the Client to stutter when certain items / tooltips were loaded, so they removed it again until they fixed that. I dont rly think that the addon is pulling data from the server at all tbh, i think the REs are now stored within the SpellDB (inside the Patch-a file) and got a Tag ":RE" on them, not 100 % sure on that.
  11. Im pretty sure the nerf to brd droprates is a sign that orbs will get partywide soon. If it was a bad move to nerf brd before actually giving an alternative? Yes. Everyone is very frustrated atm because most people don´t find it anywhere close to reasonable how much orbs/hour you can get atm.
  12. Ignore Lover, he is just naming stuff you usually do while experiencing endgame. On LS you kinda are done when you got your 3 pieces. all you do is grind 50+ or wpvp untill the servers pop dies down again. I mean you can obviously spend month or weeks grinding on gear that you WILL lose 100% eventually if you go out with it enough, but i guess you figured thats kinda pointless for the gain you would get. You could also work on a PvE gear set, and improve the REs for it, to be able to down bosses that give you loot you cant get from world mobs... hmm.. i think if you do that you kinda spend a lot of time on something that hasn't to do with pvp tho, and therefore you will have to take increased risks of your progress getting destroyed ( A tank with fire resi gear in his Bags, makes surely a nice target in BRM) If its even worth doing mc aside of ragna when it's released. I mean, rly thankful that you can also just be the smart one and grind gold in areas where you cant get pvped, like at your real life job, and just buy everything you need and never leave town again, what a dream. #endgame
  13. your opinion is garbage and doesn't matter to me :> why? because my opinion is better in every regard. your opinion is dead now after i called it. only people who care for your opinion are the casual plebs who are gone in 3 weeks again. Hopefully we get bwl and AQ world dropps #loganpaul #wowforcasuals #almostretail... OH and now we finally see the REAL issues bc LS opend up our anuses
  14. the whole experiment with LS was a mistake in my view ^^, its in the first place, kinda obvious for most people that this server will be kinda short lived. The reason for raiding in generall just gets more and more questionable, since items inflate so fast. How many perditionsblades are there on LS by now? wouldn't wonder if it's already more than on Sargeras Which is just bad for retention. Like many other players said before, the WoW endgame gear progression wasn't intended for losing gear frequently. And even tho its fun to get gear from other players, to give player the opportunity to save their gear from dropping gives a reason to use them outside of safe spaces in the first place. I also mentioned many times now, that building pvp incentive around ppl grinding pve mobs in world for gearing, is retarded because of the fact that wows endgame should not be soloable and take place in wpl on lvl 55 mobs. Its just silly when a level 52 could find an item that he will never improve upon unless he waits like half a year for another raid to release a better weapon... While it can be a fun experience its sadly just not worth spending too much time into. Whats really sad though is how the devs are fighting their own cause sometimes. Sargeras a server that was about to get merged with a PvE realm bc the pop died down completely (playing on a PvP server without any possibility for PvE wasn't even worth for the PvP anymore), received exactly when the pop boom happened a change to the whole PvP loot endgame system, a lot closer to what it was in Beta and what made a lot people choose Andorhal when Ascension did go live. Every new player who leveled up and reached 60 never experienced full felcom and only knew that it was fun looting gear from players while leveling. Almost every veteran player who did raid on Sargeras before and did solo wpvp, hated this change bc it meant that it would be smarter for them to wear relatively worthless gear on all slots but 3. The majority of Items anyone loots from other people is vendor garbage, and in few month most mc gear will be as well. it all boils down to the same .. people drop some time they spend in the game, and the time they are willing to lose must be proportional to the gain they can hope for. On Sargeras before LS , and after the pop boom, 95% of the wpvp loot was PvP blue gear... i absolutely cant see how it wouldn't have been better if those people dropped 60-xxx gold instead if they would have wanted to keep their stuff. It's just easier to manage a risk/reward value with a currency. What worries me though is that they kinda opened pandora's box with inflating loot that quickly. Even tho rates feel low, the amount of gear in circulation already makes it impossible to merge LS with sargeras and I fear that player who burn out on LS won't be willing to get gear by usual means the same way as I don't want to play pve on andorhal bc of the soulbound system.
  15. quarter orb drop chance, make endboss drop one 100%, implement groupwide orb loot. Fun game.

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