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  1. So, do MW stacks can be used for Chain Heal now, or should we wait some more to return to Ascension?
  2. Overall, there's cool changes here. But, please, bring back insta-Chain Heal from Maelstrom Weapon. If it's op on PVP, just make it don't work on PVP fights, or If isn't possible to do it, nerf Chain Heal on PVP fights as you did with some damage spells. If the issue is with the Nurturing Instinct interaction, it alredy had a nerf so maybe it's time to test and tweak it again. Im bringing this because I wanted to play my melee-healer build again, I know it probably won't be viable besides a dungeon healer, bt it's a fun way to play as a healer that got killed by that (old) change.
  3. As the title says. I've been out for a while and didn't saw this change 'till these days when I was about to play a dungeon healer toon on andie. Talking about this wi peeps on discord, seems that If we get MW > CH back won't hurt anybody, it won't touch Raids, won't touch instanced PVP, and maybe a lil of WPVP but this can be easily tweaked. So pls don't kill a spec that probably will be only viable on dungeons but a fun way to play a healer. Ty.
  4. As the title says.. why? If it's coz of PVP simply nerf Chain Heal on PVP fights, or whatever.. It was a fun way to play a healer to go melee and dish out insta-Chain Heals.
  5. /\ This. Get rid of cross faction at all I would say. Including Sargeras, make it the way it is: Loot-on-death, no soulbound, ect. But make it Horde X Ally only PVP/grouping/talking...
  6. (Crappy topic title, I know) Two suggestions here: The first one I guess it's kinda simple, just change the display of the talents and spells of the custom interface in a way we can see both the Lv. req. and the costs (TE and AE). This image explains by itself: https://ibb.co/dGEbov The second one is about the current state of the spells which have a cast time, being (more or less) unfeasible. In addition to the casting speed increase alredy stated, maybe could be of some use to increase the normal range of all non-instant spells. Maybe 10 yds for the faster casting ones and a increasing range for the slower ones.

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