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  1. Curious as to the reasoning behind this considering that it was an ascension exclusive feature to a talent for an ability that was baseline nerfed. Also, are these changes REALLY meant to be seasonal exclusive or is this another one of the tests to see how they would do on the legacy realms?
  2. Wazed


    Hi, i'm Wazed. I always wanted to make one of these even though I've been playing for a little over a year on here, so here I am. I roll on Andorhal and I prefer to play caster, so I apologize in advance to all the LS players that have no idea who I am. I don't think anyone that has known me on here knows me for anything besides playing a lightning build, although i'm sure there are still a couple people out there remember me throwing out some scorches from my first beta toon. I really only enjoy pvp and have twinked in the 19s/20s bracket on retail between cataclysm and wod where I played disc priest/ret pally (Wazed/Wazy). I guess since I've been here for a while its not so much as an introduction, but more like a bit of a round-up. Like most of Andorhal I started in Deeprun Raiders when the server first launched, and since then made a lot of friends that I've followed throughout multiple guilds and have been on both Horde and Alliance. I have around 40k hks and I enjoyed every one of them. I'm grateful for the friends I've made and the experiences i've had on this server. That being said, I am taking a bit of a break and it is this reason that I am now writing this introduction. I find myself only logging on for CTA and fighting against the same people. I like the small top-end community that Ascension has always had, although it can get a little demoralizing long-term when it comes to getting kills, winning games, and having an overall fun experience knowing that its all about who gets on what team during certain login hours. It's just more of a personal preference at this point, and I believe that overall the dev team has done a very good job managing the server in the time that I've played. I might log in every once in a while, maybe check out the seasonal server soon or play a bit when tbc is released, but as of right now im kinda done with the weekend logging. Just wanted to say that I've had a fun time on the server while I've played, and I'm grateful for the friends I've made along the way.
  3. I saw in the developer update #72 that there was an idea of making custom REs for certain mobs, I think that is a neat idea and I waned to give a few ideas of what some of them could be. I'm trying to go for more flavor in these enchants rather than viability, as I think its more fun. Baron Geddon, Embers of the Baron: Increase the cooldown of your Living Bomb by 12 seconds, It now deals all of its damage at the end of its duration and causes its target to be knocked into the air. Have some fun yourself with one of the most classic raid mechanics! Acts like a miniature curse of doom with a fun little callback to Geddon at the end. In pvp it gives your opponent time to have some counterplay, dispeling the debuff or finding an area with a low hanging roof (although i don't think the knockback should be as extreme as Geddon's). Because I can imagine it being obnoxious if spammed in BGs, I think its fair to add a cooldown. Gives a really fun fantasy of taking Geddon's power and using it to your own advantage. Lady Hederine, Hederine's Charm: Reduce the cooldown of Metamorphosis by 50% and replace it with Succubus Form. This form increases your spell resistances by 25%, damage done and taken by 10%, all healing done to you by 6% and decreases the duration of silence and stun effects on you by 50%. You gain some unique demon abilities in addition to your normal ones. Shadow Cleave Seduce: 1.5 second cast time, Channeled. Charm the target for 8 seconds. If seduction is complete for its full duration, summon a felguard guardian. Demon Charge Bewitch: Stun all enemies within 8 yards for 3 seconds, and blink forward 20 yards. 25 second cooldown. Immolation Aura Hard to Get: Increase your movement speed by 40% and gain invisibility for 3 seconds. 1 minute cooldown. Challenging Howl Disarming voice: Disarm all enemies within 15 yards for 8 seconds. 45 second cooldown. A different take on what it means to be a demonologist. Rather than focus on buffing your enslaved minion, incentivize the caster to want to stay in demon form, to make it worth being limited to warlock only spells. Give up your tanky dreadlord form in exchange for a more utility and CC based caster. Do everything a succubus would do, turn invisible, seduce your foes and maybe summon some jealous felguards while your at it. I can dream, right? At the very least I hope this idea inspires more formed-based REs or restrictive playstyles in exchange for worthwhile abilities. Araj the Summoner, Summoner's Ritual: Reduce the cooldown of Force of Nature by 20% and summon 2 additional treants. (This enchant does not stack). Nothing like defeating a badass, army commanding Litch and harnessing his power for the purpose of gardening.
  4. Thank you for keeping us informed. it's nice to see some of the underused legendaries getting some love, even if some of it is just number tweaking. The design on the most recent REs are pretty cool, hope we get more of that! Please don't touch Booming Thunder, its my baby.
  5. I wouldn't mind more variety in terms encouraging combining different schools of magic on the caster side. I understand they don't necessarily need to be as good in some aspects compared to pure school casters, but It would be nice to have some advantages in being a hybrid caster. Encouraging different and cool spell combinations would be fun, like having holy spells add a buff to your shadow spells and vice versa, and making REs like that giving advantages you want each combo to represent. Maybe shadow/frost gives a frost debuff to people effected by your dots or nature/fire gives you extra crits on rooted targets. REs could be extended cross class as well, something like "Your holy fire ticks have an x% chance to cause your next Holy shock to be a critical hit" but thats just an example.
  6. Wazed

    Bounty Hunt

    This video showcases the early idea/ concept.
  7. We've seen custom items and events, like the greedy demon and the recent Crows cache, come to servers like Laughing Skull. Are there any plans to implement custom events similar to this one on the softcore servers? I know a lot of people on softcore servers don't mind more custom changes and are just there to get away from the "drop loot on death" mechanic.
  8. I am aware that this has been suggested before by other people and that i'm more or less just adding my name to the pool, but I feel adding some form of portable vendor to the game would just be a quality of life increase overall. This is a feature wow has offered in the past, specifically the mammoth and later on the guild companions. I don't really see the harm in adding something like this to the game, specifically I would even purchase it through the DP shop. Companions that perform functions and eliminate unnecessary times are already present in Ascension, and I don't see how adding something like this is necessarily p2w. It could even open up potential farming spots into viability, one of the reasons Darkwhisper gorge is so good is because your usually 2 blinks away from the vendor. Maybe even just add the Ethereal Soul-trader and enable him to purchase things from the player as an increase in function.
  9. Big fan of casters on this server and I have some experience with them, so these suggestions are primarily aimed towards them as I have little experience with melee. Also, I don't know shit about numbers so these will probably be tweaked or remodeled, probably too overpowered. 1. Your damaging holy spells have a chance to increase your haste while casting shadow spells by 15% for 15 seconds. Your damaging Shadow spells have a chance to increase your crit chance with holy spells by 15% for 15 seconds. Each effect has a 30 second cooldown and cannot occur simultaneously. Ya. Its eclipse. A REALLY cool eclipse for an underdeveloped play style. I think one of the weaknesses about casters on this server is that in pve your not really encouraged to go outside of your school of magic despite being a classless server. RE's like this and maybe some more duo/tri school proc REs solve this. I hope some variation of this makes it in, it attempts to resolve this issue and has some cool flavor, holy/shadow lending their power to the other school seems really fun to me. 2. Your warlock spells may now be casted while moving at the cost 5% of your maximum health each cast. 2 things I like about warlock: They hurt themselves, and they're closest thing in wow to a "leech" style of gameplay. Nothing is cooler than being able to cast while moving, however its at a bit of a price. Maybe we'll see some cool warlock oriented tank with encouragement for soul leech? Or someone would just have fun with this RE to move while casting fear? Lots of room for imagination and it fits an identity. 3. Reduce the cooldown of Pain Suppression, Inner focus and Power Infusion by 50%. Increase their mana cost by 400% and reduce their effect by 50%. Alternate style of support character, kinda has a bard feel around it. Turns a raid cooldown into more of a passive role.
  10. I think with the decline of the sarg population, this vote was a long time coming. In a way sargeras discouraged the newer players from the server, most people come for the classless aspect of the server than the hardcore elements. As an andorhal main, I think that the sarg players should have their voices heard the most on this vote. please, for the love of god, add cross-faction grouping.
  11. The point I am trying to say is that the AE can be adjusted, and the fact that any reasonable person would have to include Drain soul into their build in order to make it work, which was not included in the example for its additional AE. Most people at end game typically take the Felhunter if they take a demon at all. Even against melees in pvp people choose it over the succubus to silence heals and dispel buffs, rather than seduction, since they are using those anyways. If this change was introduced, at least they would consider it just based on the fact that its on their action bar. I do not believe that this change would be a complete change to the standard meta, as a lot of builds already use hunter pets anyways, and the fact that the bundle could instead be used for a ton of utility spells that can be used at the same time (Keep in mind that only 1 demon can be active at a time for their utility).
  12. Hello, Wazed here. Even in retail I have always been thankful of the minions I could summon on my warlock, this love has transferred over to ascension due to my spellcasting tendencies. My suggestion is that alongside the traditional pick-and-choose minion system we have now for the warlock pets, an option could be implemented that includes all basic warlock minions at a steeper AE cost. This is similar in concept to the Tame Beast change that was implemented a while ago, although for different reasons. I do not believe that this idea would replace the system already in place, but would act as an alternative option for builds. At the end of the day I think the Ascension team would make the final choices regarding the numbers and inclusion of DS, but lets say for example that this bundle costed 5 AE and for the sake of example did not include Drain Soul. This would give the player the ability to summon the imp, voidwalker, succubus and felhunter without the need for learning the individual spells and puts each pet at a value of 1.25 AE if they were individually purchased. If a player was going to purchase a felhunter and an imp anyways for a total of 4 AE, this bundle gives the player another option to consider. For 1 more AE they could include the voidwalker and succubus into their build, or put it towards something else. This forces decision making for the player, maybe Sacrifice from the voidwalker can come into play with a high damage dealing boss in a raid (or by some miracle find a use for the succubus) vs. working towards that Thunderstorm at the end of the elemental tree or that ever so enticing Unending Breath spell. Overall I feel like this suggestion works with the core ideas of Ascension, as it encourages opportunity cost analysis for the player and potentially allows for more variety among builds.
  13. In my opinion an argument could be made that players who choose not to multibox are at a pure disadvantage compared to those who do at endgame, even if it is just pve content. I also agree with the assertion that the only reason multiboxing is allowed on retail World of Warcraft is due to accounts having a cost to them, where that is not the case on Project Ascension.

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