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  1. Cats actually have the best mass-AoE of any build on ascension. Swipe (cat) has no target cap restriction, meaning it will hit an unlimited number of targets and proc a lot of affects on them such as poisons. You never use swipe for Cleave, Blade Flurry gives cats the best cooldown based cleave of any melee build. Swipe is super strong but also very situational, which is honestly good. But if it did 250% weapon damage it would be the most broken thing in the game.
  2. A bunch of melee builds achieve similar dps numbers currently, hybrids (couple different variants), dual wield poison focus, cats, TG, pure 2h builds. When the judgement double proc and pet abuse gets fixed melee dps balance should be fairly decent (well cats are on the high end but they have much less raid utility). If the OTT stat stacking in general can be toned down + fix the pet abuse these builds should be fine, in 3.3.5a patch ret was always a bit of a monster in BGs but was countered by a lot of caster specs 1v1. Judgement/Seals have no base dmg so without stacking buffs and all out Str stacking their damage is low.
  3. Stat inflation is a problem but a lot of builds don't really care about weapon speed as the majority of attacks will be normalised. Really there are not that many non-normalised spells in the game. Hybrids and 2H Slam builds only really care about weapon speed (and slam can just shift dmg focus into the better scaling Bloodthirst anyway and go untamed blade). Ironfoe and Empyrean Demolisher were BIS weapons in vanilla anyway.
  4. The judgement double proc is a much bigger issue than people realise. Its extra procs on Maelstrom trinket, basically 100% proc chance of the Legendary REs, double proc chance on Holy Strength + basically 2x 300-400 damage frostbrand hits. This is the biggest contributor to judgement burst damage by far. Over 50% of the judgement burst is from these ridiculous double proc effects. Stormstrike used to do the same btw, it was 40% chance on hit to proc Windfury Weapon, contributing to TG burst. It was fixed in the latest patch but Judgement was not.
  5. Most bosses and raid trash have 70-95 spell resistance (this varies, for example mobs/bosses in ZG have more nature resistance I believe). Curse of Elements = 75 spell penetration. So, ideally, you can benefit from ~20 spell penetration on items if you do a lot of magical damage (non-holy). All bosses have a 6% partial resist chance due to their level differences as far as I know, which cannot be mitigated.
  6. The problem with Deadly bite is two-fold: * You lose rage on Raptor strikes (they replace a normal melee swing and therefore do not generate rage) * Mongoose bite does terrible damage, and almost counter-acts the hard hitting Raptor strikes being forced to spam this spell every 6 seconds
  7. The discord pictures are a Kazzak parse, a boss with caster armor. We also don't know the context, for example were Mighty Rage potions used? Where there world buffs? Diamond Flask? Was a healer Bountiful Gift buffing the melee? But honestly the recount pictures are believable as the build does very well on low armor targets and scales really well with full raid buffs and debuffs. But I will say that Slam-Bloodthirst is a joint top tier 2H melee build along with SoR 2h. But TG and Cats will parse higher and have a few advantages overall. So you can 100% play a fully raid viable 2h build, it just won't be top tier overall, I would probably play it myself for fights where Cleave damage is disallowed.
  8. Using astral recall/Hearthstone or other non-combat spells very clearly falls outside the intended scope of an encounter. For example, having casters pre-cast Pyroblast or Healing Touch is a smart way around an unintended game mechanic. But using Hearthstone or other non-pve spells is in my opinion clearly more dubious.
  9. Your rogue abilities and auto-attacks increase the damage of your next ambush and Garotte by 1%. Stacks 100 times. 10 second duration.
  10. 1 point in Honor among Thieves leads to very slow combo-point generation. If you are not implementing Sinister Strike into your rotation, you probably want 3/3 points invested. Always always get the Cut to the Chase RE as a melee. It's a huge dps boost, especially as 2h where your Eviscerate even untalented will do ~5-10% of your damage One thing about impale is it sees non-linear growth in strength depending on your crit, so naturally try and get a decent amount of crit from gear. You only need 8% hit for a 2h build, after which go for expertise and crit. I would recommend removing Execute/Sudden death. 2H builds struggle with rage generation, even more so if you use heroic strike which massively cuts short your rage income. Only go execute if you are using the respective Legendary. Execute in general is much better on dual-wield builds. If your rage is solid, consider picking up Incite instead to really boost Heroic Strike damage. Only do this if you find yourself being able to frequently spam HS. I suggest picking up Blade fury and Sweeping Strikes. This will give you respectable cleave on shorter fights, and bladefury stacks nicely with Deathwish. You will probably gain more dps picking up Cruelty vs Unending Fury. Unending Fury as a talent is quite weak for 5 TE. Go for 5x the RE instead. Don't bother with SoR. If you have 1 TE to spare, get SoC. Remember Seals do not proc when you use Heroic Strike, so you will see reduced value from them. I have personally not experimented much with Flurry, but I expect it's not worth it. It's a nice boost to rage generation, but 2h deal much less auto-attack damage than Dual wield or TG builds so it may well not be worth it. Typically white damage will only be ~20% of your dps.
  11. With 4k ap slam will hit about 3% harder with Slicer vs Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds. At the same time, you will lose a significant amount of white damage, a significant non-normalised damage and deepwounds damage.
  12. Gonna have a bad time with 10% passive threat reduction... thinks back to broodlord progression
  13. Then be the meta. Make the meta. Yes some of the 'meta' builds are strong and easy to play, but I can assure you there are plenty of strong builds waiting to be discovered. You don't need full-meta builds for BWL, just sensible talent choices and a good balance between damage/healing and survivability.
  14. Maybe part of the issue is the massive nerfs to ZG and MC. It has created a massive difficulty gulf between the T1 content and T2. Really, quite massive. Razorgore himself is not such a gear check (except the tanks) but a test of threat management, communication, positioning and especially how well Razorgore is utilised in p1.
  15. It's only bis for actual slam damage. A lot of your damage will (or should) be coming from other sources which are normalised (windfury, combo-generators, eviscerate etc). For the new guys, Slavedriver's Cane > Slicer. Stats, stam and only 0.1 faster attack speed.

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