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  1. If you're not in a guild yet, <Class> is most active on the times you mentioned. Raid times are 2AM ST. (Alliance) Edit: Guess I forgot to check if you're alli or horde, you'll find there's plenty of people active in the US guilds from midnight and on, lots of raids happening.
  2. Good reading Why. Speaking as someone that came back to Ascension after a 12 month break in October, the most refreshing change was the RE economy. I leveled a fresh character, spent weeks farming professions and dungeons, buying and selling RE's, finally got my bis RE's extracted and a number of other possibly bis in the future RE's and had 2k gold left over from the process. I did not care to farm Winterspring demons for hours on end, I did not really pvp, all I did was farm dungeons - mostly with guildies - raids and professions (mining/herb). I've been bugging my long time wow-friends who played back in the Deeprun days to come back to ascension, but with the soulbound change I cannot recommend the server to them anymore. They would simply never catch up, and there is very little I can do to help them catch up. They might humor me, level a char, get a meta build, but then what? They need to farm out RE's "manually" when 95% of the server already has their BIS and simply bought theirs? They would be punished for being new players, and I highly doubt that would help them stick around for long. The idea seems to be that everyone l loves the RE system so much that no matter what changes are made people will farm them, when in reality they are a necessity and your build will never work without them. Personally, I would prefer they balanced the game around no RE's at all and RE's were more like the useless glyphs like buffs not requiring regeants, certain buffs / spells lasting longer (non-damage ones) etc. Entreri/Voldebag
  3. Leveling WC to 60 was fun, having "normals" or non-WC players stomping my ass any time I saw them was not.
  4. /who is not available on Ascension due to Sargeras being a hardcore pvp server, to avoid people getting followed around and ganked, but I would really appreciate it working on Andorhal though Can't really comment on the population though, feels good plenty of shit to do and never anyone in my favorite farming spot so I'm happy
  5. Just some tips; for MC, banish and sheep is encouraged (Domo/Garr/Rag adds/Trash) - ret paladins also have a 3/3 talent (Fanaticism) that gives 30% threat reduction reducing the amount of times you need to use FD as a threat dump (but still get FD it is vital). Or you can also use shadow form for 30% reduced threat, but you cant heal in it. Water shield might be a waste of points with Life Tap but I'm not an expert on the state of caster mana. From what I hear, with Life Tap there's no need for Innervate either. I haven't seen many builds with hand of salvation so I question how good that really is, would rather take shadow form or ret pala talent for constant 30% reduction - but you cant heal yourself after a life tap in shadowform so think about that first. Regarding Arcane Power, there's also Power Infusion in the priest disco tree (they don't stack afaik) which instead of increasing damage increases casting speed by 20% however instead of making spells 20% more expensive it makes them 20% cheaper to cast. A viable option. I'm curious to see if arcane is actually any good, all the mages I see here are fire. Good luck to you!
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. I've made a similar build on the calculator but I'll be waiting to see people at 60 before taking Titans Grip, it seems to get alot of hate on world chat and I still don't see why, hopefully someone can show the numbers when the time comes and you never know they might buff it to make TG viable Edit: reason I hope TG will work is the idea of having Slice/Dice with TG makes me wet
  8. Here is my reply in another thread: I've tried loading it through the same winebottler (WineSkin) I used for 2.4.3 with the same settings. I ran into a multitude of problems but eventually got it to run by deleting the contents of my WTF, WDB folders and creating a new Config.wtf with only the following line: SET gxWindow "1" It does run fullscreen if you press the green button on the top left corner, it will just go into "full screen mode" like any other app and you can swipe in and out of it. Also important was in wineskin to set the following parameters: - Use Mac Driver instead of X11 - Decorate windows - Auto detect GPU Info for Direct3D - Use Direct3D Boost (if available) I'm running it nicely on the Intel Iris Pro graphics, haven't bothered trying on the RX370 that this laptop has since it is noisy, hot and doesn't give me any better performance in wow at this point. Here is picture proof of the client running, however on my MBP retina it only runs at 1680 resolution instead of native 2880, so it looks kind of bad compared to my PC.
  9. I was planning on testing it on a wine bottler, 2.4.3 runs beautifully on wine so I kind of assumed ascension would too

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