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  1. Not the total DPS was his issue because he said he sacrifices some of it for sustain, his issue is that compared to other equips like 2 1-H weapons are equal / better than his 2 2-H and the same over just 1 2-H. The investment doesn't turn out. Did you get hit rate and hit chance in talents because dual has a extra 19% miss chance over the 5% everyone has? (total 24%)
  2. The most dangerous RE's mostly are the cooldown ones and some other unique cases. Hilarious would be to stack range on specific spell/hunter shot and snipe from a BG, this freedom is interesting and not OP. But to make as a example to insta cast big damaging spells or remove cooldown from strong ability is bad. Maybe they could make it so that the RE's effect is like a virtual rank up with smaller incremental values on stacking. Love the idea of variable costs for similar spell like the paladin blessings, mage armours, warrior stance and so on. Also the talents are a good topic, many are a trap because as a example if you stack all the reduce all damage received instead of almost 50% best case you go to the 24% area. Thank you all and keep the ideas and creative juices flowing.
  3. Very well put, it's like real life, if absolute freedom was in stake you would have killers and robbers everywhere because everything is permitted and force is the only 'currency', there would be righteous ones but few and far between. But here comes law and order that lets everyone in some limits have freedom but not at the direct expense of the freedom and happiness of others, not perfect and for everyone's taste for power and control because of other failing systems but that is another issue, but all in all it works.
  4. I'm thinking for the longevity of this server, now it is a Beta so try not to cling to the state it is in. Getting attached to things like this will only get you hurt even more if you opt in other Beta games/servers. Second part is that it is possible you are in denial that the PvP at the moment is a mess, to have real fun is to have at least a rock/paper/scissor situation to really have tactics in battle and not have the only option to defeat a CC-lock Huge Damage burst build with a bigger CC-lock Huge Damage burst build. That part was integrated in the class system to have CC oriented classes, Damage burst oriented classes ,Healers and so on. Our quest here is a way to reach a new balance with the new system in the best way possible. Something similar is the issue with other games like Hearthstone, just a Zoo mess with the occasional other OP control deck at higher ranks, with only net decks and no real deck experimentation.
  5. This is to have more fun in the process because if no nerfs are done and some order is done the 'freedom' is just a illusion and the server would just become a fad to do all the OP stuff a bit and then you get bored instead of using the creative part and actually work for results and genuinely feel proud of result instead of a button mashing/cooldown mess for that power drive that is short lived. This is just to see general opinion. Side note: True Freedom is a illusion, you are always limited(be it law, points,physics or imagination), the biggest freedom possible is to think.
  6. Made the polls separate because maybe you want more freedom in abilities and more connections between talents or the reverse its true and also multiple choice makes sense because multiple are possible at once. Please feel free to comment and make suggestions.
  7. If the devs continue the with the nerfing and cost adjusting path I'm not against it but the 5 point investment is a really valid point, you either invest in just 3-4 OP ones and a normal rotation or a more ample buff and minor spells leaving more space for diversity, tactic and thought put into builds while not really limiting.
  8. Great ideas guys, just remember, here we are making suggestions and giving ideas to the devs. No need to quarrel or argue, just throwing ideas that they might want to play with. Full class customization is very nicely complimented by full faction and, as you guys said, racial customization to have that perfect fictional character we dreamed of having on the warcraft realm. I wanna see role-play backed by actual differences from faction flag, and why not racials, and not like sometimes play make believe, see interesting background stories like why that NightElf has Berserking from the orcs or that Undead defected to the Alliance. And this way we are not dividing players from their friend because the race they like is from the other faction.(PvE is now possible between factions but Guilds and PvP Arenas and Battlegrounds no)
  9. Hi, had a great idea related to this unique and great server. Why , if we are free to get all abilities, not be able with some work to change the faction we belong to. There could be multiple ways to do this. 1. Long quest chain. 2. Reputation that can be done first by killing specific mobs then later quests from the soon to be moved in faction. 3. Some of both to start this only if you really want to do this by starting a quest then killing said mobs. And as a programming background it should technically be possible but some work needed. Possible hard-coded values for races in many places. Big pluses: Maybe there are people that love a certain races look/racial abilities and their friends play the other factions chars but this makes them able to quest/arena/BG on the same faction. Additional role-play options. Could help stabilise populations in factions for a better PvP experience. (When a server passes 70% one faction surely there are some that want the challenge and will change to the lower pop faction) Could help eliminate problem with cross-faction parties mentioned before this post in a more involved way. (not chosen on a whim to change faction, plus takes some work) Minuses: Time for implementation. Adds to confusion to some people. (It will be odd to some to see a Troll for example as a Alliance char) Possible issues related to faction items needing to be solved like the PvP CC trinkets.

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