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  1. Is your level 30 somehow? if so watch out that even if your skill got to 200 from trainer when you level up , all skills cap gets set to your level * 5 , so you now have to level up to 40 to get to 200 skill... I know, it gets awkward with some level areas because they expect you to be much higher at gathering skill than the area level * 5.
  2. Figures, my apologies, I got it backwards. I would be fine in increasing the delay because not even in Andorhal those items would be looted that fast, plus that might be another reason LS has less population active because people get bored from having it all pretty early. +1 to Author idea
  3. If you get rid of this delay then you remove the biggest incentive to even raid in the first place on the server (second or equal is the progression of the server maybe) I know people want full equality of chances but no one said you can't play more , learn more of the raid mechanics , join those guilds and be part of the raiding team. Voila! You in reality have equal chances already! You just want it easier to do this but believe me, you will get bored faster this way without hard work. Rewards without striving for them gives no accomplishment.
  4. Thank you, found myself not super aligned with PvP so started doing, some people may say, goofy stuff. Played 1 day, 2 hours and 30 min but after finishing went for some clothes and exploring the whole world for a few hours so might be 22-24 hours maybe
  5. Hi ascendants! Was thinking of a nice personal challenge and remembered the guy who leveled only with gathering professions so I did that It's kinda calming but you need tons of patience and run from everything (freezing trap, blind, stealth,feign death and vanish help) This was done on Laughing Skull and you also can make love not Warcraft.
  6. Thought as much. I had a build that theoretically was arround 85ish to active 100% miss+dodge+parry+block and was ok on mob auto-attack. But abilities seemed to ignore dodge and parry. Was conducting SCIENCE but it failed and wanted to see other opinions / observations.
  7. There are a series of old articles on this subject and I'm curious how it's done here. Is it a single die roll for auto-attacks and two rolls(first the miss roll then the crit roll) for melee attacks?
  8. I'm in with Smitchael, the true balance of systems is not attacking the meta build to make way for the next one take its place, but it is to create a rock/paper/scissors environment in which if one dominates at one point, another gets more tempting because it counters mass that uses the dominating build and a rotation is naturally born. At the moment the paper is lacking, I'm talking about the casters that micro, only range that has a chance at defeating the melees are the hunter-ish builds and in a weird way the doters. By limiting just the number of end talents, the very last rows, would help a great deal. Unfortunately I proposed time and time again and supported other great ideas, but here everything that resembles the meaning of "limit" you are boo-ed of stage. Maybe someday us non hyper-competitive or non super rapid response time types would gather enough to weigh for something to have our more role play and story oriented builds...
  9. Is there any update on this? I believe this change is not that hard to do for the devs (only repetitive to change in a whole lot of places) but would make a lot more builds viable(mainly hybrids).
  10. Try to take into account that the devs made a formula to up the power of Instanced PvE content to counterbalance these issues, if its done enough or too much still not sure but they definitely are harder than standard base vanilla.
  11. Fantastic idea but in the programmatic way its a bit hard, only if they find a way with methods like the restricted ones from macros in combination with the back-end logic. Plus its so hard to balance if not using as base examples existing spells but it can be super rewarding. Like why only nature, arcane and shadow have special forms, why not become a water elemental, fire rager or holy aspect to have boosts to those spell trees. But this can also create problems from effect stacking and can get out of hand fast. Best would be to limit it to a small number of these spells, like have just one and later on maybe at endgame get a second one maybe a third , MAX.
  12. I believe the issue here is that your RE is for rank 1 and you also have rank 1 as talent. Think only additive percentage bonuses and CD reductions work cumulative and not procs like this. Not fully sure but close to this.
  13. I hope to be about revamping, because it can be a good idea,if not, it at least created the conditions to think about the good variant.
  14. He says that if you want in shadow for lvl 15 you need 5 points in the lvl 10 ones, even in beast mastery or arcane and arms and so on as a suggestion to change the current state of the game. Any first tier.
  15. People here always react very bad to suggestions of limitations... This man here is saying that even if you respec to be forced to put 5 point at the base of any of tiers to unlock 2nd level on any tree, then at least 10 points in the first 2 levels for the 3rd and so on. A good and simple solution that forces you to have only 1 of the max tier talents , max 6 of previous tier and so on. Not bad but as I said , the population of the server is always reticent to take their 'freedom' away The best part is that you will no longer see people rotating ghost wolves with thunderstorm, riptide, dispersion and so on... I really like it!

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