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  1. @Stayhi The raids will not be fully custom by any means. Mechanics will be modified and/or added to create a more dynamic environment. The original feel and integrity of the encounters will be kept intact.
  2. Heroes, We would like your feedback on the subject of new and/or modified mechanics within our raid environments on Ascension. The options are as follows: New/Modified Mechanics - The Ascension Team will modify existing mechanics, and create new mechanics that make the raiding experience more enjoyable and stimulating. 100% Blizzlike Mechanics - The Ascension Team will replicate the encounters exactly as they were within the original version of World of Warcraft. Custom mechanics are separate from the statistical increase that our encounters receive. This means that damage, health, and other statistics are scaled in a way to appropriately affect the classless system of Project Ascension. Regardless of custom mechanics, the statistics of enemies will still be modified to better accommodate the classless system. Keep in mind that fully new or modified mechanics do not necessarily mean an overhaul of all original aspects of an encounter, but only add to the difficulty of defeating your enemies. Currently on Project Ascension, the damage and health inside of encounters is increased, regardless of modified or additional mechanics. Our goal is to create a more dynamic and challenging raid environment, while still maintaining the integrity of the encounters that you face. Bosses and creatures inside of raids will always match their theme and original feel, and any custom mechanics that may be added will only expand upon the encounter’s base elements. We appreciate your opinions and feedback, and hope to improve the raid environment for you, your friends, and the community! Feel free to leave replies and comments below!
  3. Do you enjoy Ascension? Do you want to support a project that will continue to provide quality content to you and the rest of the playerbase? Look no further than our Donation Shop! Donations cover server costs, maintenance, staffing, expansion, and upgrades. Your donations will go directly into making Project Ascension a server that you can be proud to play on. For more information about our policies on donations, here are a couple of resources: Our Terms of Service: Click Here. Our Privacy Policy and how we protect your information: Click Here. Our Refund Policy: Click Here. In order to donate and access the Donation Shop, go to your AV panel, and click on "Donate" in the right column. This will direct you to a page to select an amount, and then uses PayPal to complete the purchase. Note that donations to the server will show as "PROJECTASCENSION" on your billing statement. After donating, you will have Donation Points (DP) added to your account. These points can be used in the Donation Store for many different items, including mounts, cosmetics, advancement items, and more! Project Ascension and the staff thank you for your gracious donation. Your support means the continuation of the server we love! Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions section of the Ascension Guide. Here you will find different subjects that have been asked about, and the answers to those questions. Why aren't my skills fully ranked up at level 60? In Ascension, there are tomes that drop in the open world, which will allow you to learn the final rank(s) of certain skills. If you notice that you do not have the rank you want, you will need to go find it! Why is stealth so weak? Stealth has been severely nerfed in Project Ascension, as it is avaialble to anyone. In order to make your stealth stronger and more viable, put talent points into the "Master of Deception" talent within the Subtelty Rogue tree. This also effects Prowl in Cat Form. Can I have more than one pet? No. Players can only have one pet active at a time. Spells such as Ghost Wolf will also dismiss any currently active pet. Does the Looking For Group system work? Yes, the Looking For Group system works as intended. It helps you to form a group, but will not teleport you into the dungeon. How do I learn dual wield? Dual Wield can be found in the General Tab of the Character Advancement panel. I keep getting an error when logging in saying "System Unavailable. Please try again later.". What does this mean and how do I fix it? The system unavailable message is due to the PTR realm being chosen as the primary server when logging in, after the realm has been closed. In order to solve this, press escape quickly after entering your login information, before the error appears. You should be able to access another realm from this point. Make sure to rename or delete your WTF folder, and clear/delete your cache. More questions and answers will be added to this section as time continues. Thank you for reading this comprehensive guide to Project Ascension. We are so glad you have decided to take part in the adventure with us. NOTE: This guide and any or all parts of it may be changed at any time, with or without notice. Please place comments, questions, and responses below.
  4. The Public Bugtracker gives you a way to support the development of the server! This tool is easy to use, and effective when it comes to finding problems in the game, and getting them fixed! The development team on Ascension uses the Bugtracker in order to make fixes, and your contribution to help us hone in on issues is greatly appreciated! Let's make Ascension even better together! In order to access the Public Bugtracker, log into your account, and go to your AV panel: Click on the button labeled "Public Bugtracker" on the bottom right. After you have clicked this, you will be directed to a login screen for MantisBT, our bug tracking service: Click on "Signup for a new account". At this point, enter a username, your email, confirm your account, then enter a password for login from here on. Once you have logged in, you will see a screen with these parts: When you are ready to submit a report, click "Report Issue" at the top right, or on the left sidebar. At this point, the bugtracker wants to know what area of Ascension you are experiencing issues with. You can choose game, or the web, with the web having forum, website, and MantisBT bug reports. After selecting the category, you can decide to make this a permanent choice. Don't worry, you can change it later. This is what the project selection page looks like: And this is where you can change the project you are reporting on, or to view other project's reports: Now let's take a look at what the bug report page looks like, and what each part is asking for: Category - This is where you specify the area of the game that the bug took place in. Was it an item issue, quest issue, etc. Reproducibility - Have you tried to replicate the result? If so, did it work and how often? If it was a creature, did it continually respawn or disappear? Any sort of repetition or an effect caused by an action has reproducibility. Priority - Please use the priority selection carefully. If it is not a game breaking issue, do not put urgent or immediate. Summary - This will be the title of your report. Please try to describe the issue in one short phrase. Description - Place a detailed description of how the bug occurred. What were you doing when it happened? Where was your character? What was the item, NPC, or creature name? The more detail you give, the better chance there is of addressing and fixing the issue! Upload Files - Upload images of the bug happening. Useful screenshots also include the world map position of your location (if in a city or outdoors), and different angles of the bug in action. View Status - If set to private, only developers will be able to see your bug report. If reporting another player for use of exploits, this can be selected to ensure privacy and anonymity. We hope you will use this valuable tool to help the server become better and more polished every day!
  5. So, you have made it to level 60? Congratulations! Now the real fun begins... Take part in epic battles that you may have conquered before, but be wary...things may not be as simple as they once were.... Your survival depends on strength, wit, and flexibility. Ascension aims to test your limits as a player, driving you to get stronger with each encounter. Once you are level 60, it is time to delve into the darkest dungeons, face the most vile of beings, and conquer your enemies on the battlefield. In Ascension, dungeons and raids are designed to give more of a fight. Regular creatures may be more devastating than they look, and bosses truly fight for their survival and your demise. Are you up for the test? Is your build strong enough? Or will your enemies laugh over your corpse? A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) has been modified, and your enemies will respond differently in combat than they once did. Controlling the tide of battle is pivotal, and foes will show no mercy to those who do not show trepidation. Player vs Player combat is a large part of Ascension. In the open world, you are at risk of being killed by enemy combatants at all times. On High-Risk realms, remember that you can lose your items to other players...but you can also take from them. Battlegrounds are fully functional, and allow you to put your build to the test while decimating foes in the throws of battle.
  6. Ascension has unique items you can find that have special effects. These items have a possibility of holding a Random Enchant (RE). Random Enchants enhance your spells and abilities, and are added to items' preexisting effects. There are over 2,000 effects that you can find. What will you be using to reach greater levels of power? Here is an example of a Random Enchant: Random Enchants are in a Tier System, which is based on the required level of the enchant, and the item level of the item itself. This creates an environment where stronger items have a possibility of holding stronger enchants, based on item level. If an item has a required level that is twenty or more levels beneath you, it will not hold an enchant upon drop, and Random Enchants are disabled on items twenty or more levels beneath you. Some enchants are not stackable, which will be indicated in the text on the item. Around Azeroth, in hidden locations, lie altars filled with powerful energy. These altars will allow you to place a Random Enchant on items, or replace your current Random Enchant with a new one...for a price. When you find one of these altars, you will be able to click it, and an interface window will open: Pick an item from your inventory that you would like to modify, then drag and drop it into the box: The gold price is listed at the bottom. This cost will fluctuate depending on the level requirement of the gear and the gear's item level.Click "Reforge Item", and you will see an enchant bar, followed by your item receiving a new random enchant! Let's see how it looks when replacing an already existing enchant: The top text indicates the old enchant that is being replaced. The lower text is your new enchant! Click reforge and see what you get next! ` Fel Commutation is another system inside of Ascension, which allows you to opt to save your items upon death on High-Risk realms. Shelly, a developer on Ascension, created a video that shows the Fel Commutation process: Shelly has an overview on the Fel Commutation system. You can find it HERE.
  7. Have you ever wanted to be a melee spell slinger? What about an ultimate healer or damage dealer? With the classless system on Ascension, you can do all of these, and so much more. The choices are yours, and are almost endless, with different combinations being theorycrafted everyday! Now we will go into a guide on the classless system and show how the interface works. When you log into the game, you will see a pair of buttons on your screen that look like this: You can also click on the icon on your micro menu, in between your Honor and Dungeon Finder icons: Once you have clicked on either of these icons, a new window will appear: Let's take a look at what is on this menu: 1. Stat Allocation- Clicking on this area will open up a stat allocation window. As you level, you will be getting stat points that you can place however you would like. Need more stamina? No problem. Want more agility? You've got it. Remember, you can hold [Shift] to allocate 10 points at a time to any stat. This is what the window looks like: 2. Character Advancement - Once clicked, you will see a new window pop up: Let's do a breakdown of these components: Class Selection- All nine classes and specializations are here. Select one in order to find spells and talent choices related to the specialization you would like. Spell List- Clicking on the left section after selecting a class specialization will open the spell list for the class you chose. An example of the spell list window is shown below. Talent Selection- Clicking on the right section after selecting a class specialization will open the talent tree for the class you chose. An example of the Talent Selection window is shown below. 3. Resetting your Spells and/or Talents - Perhaps you did not like the build you made, or you wish to try something new. Maybe you made a mistake. Don't worry, there is a reset system! Clicking on this section will open up a reset panel: Using talent purges and ability purges, you can reset your spells and talents. Be careful, they are valuable! You can also buy or find Scrolls of Unlearning, which will allow you to remove one spell from your active build, and receive your Ability Essence (AE) back. 4. Essences - Ability Essence (AE) and Talent Essence (TE) are used to learn new spells, abilities, and talents. They are earned as you level up. Abilities and talents have predetermined values assigned to them, based on the power of the abilities, and their effect on gameplay. The amount of Essences you currently have can be found either in the currency tab of your character sheet, or at the bottom of the character progression window when selecting new abilities or talents. Here is an example of the Essence counter, the spell cost tooltip of Curse of Weakness, and the talent cost tooltip of Shadow Dance. Here, you would have 0 Ability Essence (AE) and 0 Talent Essence (TE). Most abilities cost 2 AE and 0 TE. Abilities that are learned from talent trees cost both AE and TE, with the amount being determined by how far into the tree the ability is. 5. Enable/Disable Character Progression Menu - Checking the box will disable the icon on your screen for quick access to your character advancement window. 6. Reset Counter - This shows you how many ability and talent resets you have left. Once you have selected spells and abilities, they will show up in your Spellbook. You will see an arrow at the top right, which will allow you to cycle through the different specializations that you have selected from.
  8. Upon logging in, you can choose which realm you would like to play on. Each realm has different aspects that create unique experiences when playing! Here is a breakdown on the realms: Andorhal- This realm is often referred to as our "softcore" realm, but is still a full PvP server. Experience rates are at 1x, creating a blizzlike leveling path. There is no risk involved on Andorhal, and PvP is based on cross-faction, rather than a Free For All approach. Proudmoore- This realm is used primarily for testing and development, and will not be available to play on frequently. Some events may be held on this realm, and notifications will go out before it is to be used. Sargeras - Our high risk, free for all PvP server with 3x rates. You will level faster than normal, however upon level 20, you will enter Free For All PvP in all zones, with the exception of inns, starting zones, and cities. On death, players will drop items from their inventory or gear that is equipped. This creates a high stakes environment, and one should be careful of who may be lurking behind every corner of Azeroth. Tichondrius - This realm will have experimental features, which will be gradually implemented, using community feedback and balance testing to create a realm with exclusive and unique features that will push the boundaries of what it means to survive. Within the process of choosing your realm you will also dig deeply into who you are as a player and reveal your true desires for your game-play. Do you enjoy PvP and World PvP? Have you ever wanted to take someone's items from them after killing them? Sargeras may be the right realm for you. Keep in mind, though, that you have to watch your back during your adventures. Sargeras has higher drop rates, and items do not bind to your character, so there are no Soulbound items. There are systems in place to protect your gear, but we will cover that shortly. Will you be vengeful and smite those who face you down, or will you protect those who need a guide? The choice is yours. If you enjoy the server, and want to make builds, occasionally commencing in PvP combat, and doing raids, then Andorhal may be the best option. With slower leveling, it allows you to try builds out more thoroughly, and explore Azeroth to its deepest caves and highest castles. Items do bind onto your character, and there is no risk of item loss upon death. Want to try something different? Tichondrius will be offering features such as a hunger system, and experimental spells. This realm will include Free For All PvP, and High Risk deaths.
  9. After you have obtained the 3.3.5 client, the Ascension Launcher, and Patch A, you are ready to move onto Step 4. Now it is time to move the launcher and Patch A into your World of Warcraft file directory. First, let's get Patch A in place: The location of the file is within your Data folder for WoW. Drag and drop the file in, and you should see the same outcome, with Patch A at the bottom of the list. Now for the launcher: Move the launcher into the main area of your WoW folder. Make sure it is in the same directory as WoW.exe. Now that these steps are completed, you are ready to play! All that is left to do is open Ascension.exe, login, pick a realm, and go! Now let's talk about connecting to Discord, so you can talk with other players, and get live updates from the Ascension Staff! If you already have Discord, click on the logo above in order to connect directly to our voice server! If you do not have Discord, then click HERE in order to download it. The desktop application is recommended as it takes less processing power to run than the browser based version. Once you have downloaded and installed Discord, you will want to create an account, and then click the logo above in order to connect to our voice server.
  10. Ready to connect onto Project Ascension? Below is a comprehensive guide to connecting onto the game server, and the Discord voice chat server! Tommyruin, a YouTuber who covers Ascension related content, created a guide on how to connect and install Ascension. You can find it here! Go to our website homepage by clicking here. Once there, you will see a register button that looks like this: Once clicked, you will see a page containing this content: Enter a username (this will be your login for the game), your Email, a Password and the Captcha, then click "Create Account". Note: Ascension Staff recommends using a different password than other sites or accounts for additional security. Ascension staff will never ask for your password. Once your account has been confirmed, you can go back to the homepage. Now, click on "Sign In": Enter the account information from registration, and once signed in, you will be redirected to your AV Panel: This page has links to your characters, information about your account, links to the armory, auction house, and statistics, and also links to our store, which we will cover a little later on. For now, click the "Downloads" button on the bottom right. Before going any further, make sure you have a Torrent program. These programs will allow you to download our launcher, and the 3.3.5 client in order to play. One option is uTorrent, which is lightweight, versatile, and easy to use. You can click here in order to download it. Once you have arrived at the homepage, you will see a graphic like this: Click on "Get uTorrent for Windows". If you use a different operating system, click "Other Platforms" underneath. Download and install uTorrent. Back on the website,once you have been redirected from your AV Panel, you will see a page that looks like this: Here is a description of each field, marked and ordered by number: Ascension Launcher for Windows - This is the official launcher for Project Ascension. It is needed to access the game properly. Click "Windows" to download this file. Ascension Launcher for Mac- Use this link if you have a Mac in order to download the Ascension Launcher. Mac Connection Guide - Click this if you need help connecting with a Mac computer. (Link is currently not working) Game Installer for Windows- This is where you can download the 3.3.5 client in order to play on Project Ascension. If you already have a 3.3.5 folder on your computer, you can copy it. However, make sure to delete or rename your WTF folder, and clear your cache. Game Installer for Mac - Use this link for the Mac version of the 3.3.5 client. Patch A for Windows - Patch A is needed for Project Ascension, as it gives extra data internally to the game, which results in greatly contributing to the quality custom content within the realms. Without Patch A, you will deal with many issues inside of the game. No Torrent program is needed for this, as it is on megaupload. Click here for a direct link. Patch A for Mac - This link contains the Mac version of Patch A. Click here for a direct link.
  11. "Greetings Hero, The world you have stepped onto is unlike any other. The adventure you are about to embark on is fraught with danger, but wonderous rewards lie in store for those who prove themselves worthy. The choices you make now will effect who you become in the future, and only you have the ability to save this place that we call home." - Nozdormu, The Timeless One In Project Ascension, you have the choice to be who you want to be. With no classes, custom content, and unique gameplay, you can experience World of Warcraft like you never have before. A progressive system allows you to conquer the evil forces of Azeroth, from Molten Core and Onyxia, the opening of Ahn'Qiraj, and the downfall of Kel'Thuzad, to the siege of Black Temple and storming Icecrown Citadel. With all class abilities and talents being available, you can build a hero that is only limited by your imagination! Create your ultimate build, and venture forth for glory and treasure! Your character is labeled as a "hero"- Azeroth's only hope for survival. As dark forces loom on the horizon, it is up to you and the other heroes of the world to come together and face the danger ahead. Will you prove you have what it takes to save Azeroth? While you progress your character, you will discover new ways of improving your abilities, unique equipment, and content designed to push you to your limits and beyond.
  12. Welcome to Ascension! We are so pleased that you have chosen Project Ascension as the provider of your next journey through Azeroth! Project Ascension brings new dynamics to the World of Warcraft that you know and love, breathing life and diversity into your adventures. If you are new to the server, this is a great place to start, as this guide will cover all of the subjects you need to know in order to jump in and play with hundreds of other players who enjoy Ascension everyday! Below, you will find a Table of Contents for this guide. Enjoy! NOTE: Each part has its own thread dedicated to it. Please click the headers of each part in order to navigate through the guide. Please leave comments and replies on Part IV. All other sections will be locked. Part I Table of Contents I. General Information II. Connection Guide Part II III. Realms IV. The Classless System V. Random Enchants and Fel Commutation Part III VI. End Game Content VII. Public Bugtracker Part IV VIII. Donation Shop IX. FAQs
  13. Heroes, We would like your feedback on whether or not you feel Andorhal should allow multiboxing, and why! Please leave your comments below, and vote on the poll! We appreciate your participation and dedication to Project Ascension!
  14. Heroes, We need your feedback on whether or not you would like Cross Faction World Chat on Andorhal! Let us know what you think either way by leaving a reply below. We appreciate your feedback and use it to make decisions that increase your enjoyment on Project-Ascension!
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