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  1. We'll invest more heavily into developing a Mac solution, frankly we've been more dismissive of it than we should of. Consider us on the case, thanks fellas!
  2. We actually made the 'vanity collection' with the intent to implement this in the future, so yes!
  3. I told Perth to teleport you away to stop disrupting our stream. He did so, and you promptly said to him "F*** You" among other things following this. I don't appreciate people talking to my team or acting in such a way. And this is far from your first offense. We're taking a harder stance on toxic troublemakers, exploiters, and cheaters. Closed.
  4. We added a scary little introduction message to High-Risk in hopes of dissuading people who weren't up for that gameplay + make them actively acknowledge what they were getting into, in hopes that wouldn't happen lol, but IT STILL DOES
  5. My personal preference is the 1x rates, but our community en masse voted for the higher rates. I've considered things in the past like offering certain types of rewards for leveling at the 1x rates. Slow down the leveling and as a result get a little boost in the end-game maybe?
  6. Hey Khopesh! We talk about our plans in the latest State of Ascension Check it out here: Also! As a note, if you're trying battlegrounds, the best players seem to come out for Call-to-Arms you'll find more competitive play during the week or even on weekends without Call-to-Arms
  7. Hey Zoziesmurf. We buffed Bear Swipe threat significantly in our last balance pack on the 13th. You must've missed it! Let me get you that link: https://project-ascension.com/news/view/96 The passive threat of Bear form and Dire Bear Form was increased. These forms have passive threat generation, they always have. We may have been presumptuous in thinking people knew this!
  8. Unfortunately voting sites are mostly bought and paid for. Either from the administrators or vote botters instead. Servers you see on the top usually have elaborate vote botting happening in the background. That is why we choose not to involve ourselves in those spheres.
  9. I'll jump on this real quick since I'm here: That is a really tough thing to measure. We have a team of 65 people working on Ascension between every team. Everyone on the team has their own priorities. Everyone is working on their own stuff. I am always a bit befuddled when we put out content and we have people berating saying things like, "Why are you working on X instead of Y." The reality is: we're really probably doing all the above: X, Y, and Z. The team members making videos for us can't program, the team members tuning our spells can't fix boss encounters, etc, etc, etc; Everyone has their own set of priorities. We use the State of Ascension to encapsulate the spirit of what we are doing that we feel is most relevant to the players, but it is never the whole story. Just a snapshot. (Else Zen would have to make multi-hour long videos). I think the name of the game in this sort of field is playing in many camps at once. All that to say, every single member on the team has their own set of priorities and things they're working on, because they all have their own realms of competence, and it works more like a honeycomb than it does a linear or one-track sort of plain. Also, sorry for derailing the conversation as well, but attempting to articulate this, succinctly has been on my mind lately! We'll likely start making more frequent Q&As to answer specific questions and plans, as we can pump those out a bit faster than SoA's. Maybe 2 a month?
  10. We're aware of that homogenization isn't the name of the game. Meaningful choice is. In other words, we view some talents as what we call 'non-choice' as in, so powerful that even if you didn't want to play them, you basically are forced to, to remain competitive. It is one of our relative goals to minimize that. This is actually written into our core philosophy: avoid homogenization as a tool for balance and instead create meaningful choice. The system certainly isn't tailored for that innately, and it is an immense work-in-progress.
  11. We're going to fix this, but it is an extremely complicated thing to solve. We're extremely aware as players ourselves how obstructive it is.
  12. We have some kinks to work out and some improvements to make to Ascension as is before we go gun-ho with any other major project though c;
  13. I don't usually personally reply on forum posts, but I'll lay it out there for this one. Unfortunately, things like free respec weekends are something we can't even consider. We see it time and time again with PTRs and free respec weekends, for whatever reasons they REALLY hurt our concurrent playerbase over the medium/long-term. I'm talking a single weekend of free respecs could lower the concurrent playerbase for the following month by 25-35%. I'm not sure whether it is worth rambling here about why that is the case, but it seems to be astonishingly detrimental for the project. So all that being said, we've definitely considered one-off types of respec giveaways, in anticipation of new content or even periodically. It might be something in the form of 'Log-in this day and receive an ability and talent purge' Things of this nature, once a month or something of the sort, I could see potentially having a positive impact.
  14. We actually have about 9-13 News Articles worth of Laughingskull oriented content focused on drawing more incentive to be in the world. It is just a work-in-progress.
  15. We're working on eliminating the need for it entirely!
  16. Verydad

    Mystic Orbs.

    Our biggest concern was the spread of content we were seeing for Orbs. It was almost exclusively BRD, and we knew that even proportionally with the grouploot change, BRD would be a better way to get orbs than other dungeons, which to me is indicative of the wrong balance dungeon to dungeon. Especially considering BRD sits lower on the totem pole of dungeon difficulty: BRD is of a particular nature in that it is solo unlike many other dungeons, it was never our intention for Orbs to be obtained in such a way, we don't think it was conducive to long-term server health, and it was an immediate step we could take to increase the diversity of ways you should obtain Mystic Orbs and prepare the system for the changes we are about to make. This all was especially a problem on high-risk realms like Laughing Skull where we were by no means trying to promote immense amounts of instance play. By the way! Are you aware that LFD gives multiple orbs the first of the day
  17. Hey! We hide or delete posts that break any of the rules mentioned here: We have a 0 Tolerance Policy for Toxicity and Harassment. If there are posts on this forum that will do little, but inflame the community and team, we'll likely remove them. That being said, we do not touch constructive posts that promote a healthy community debate, EVER. As long as the post is clean, it stays up. Thanks for playing!
  18. Who said anything about making BWL any easier hahah
  19. A bit off topic, but this isn't super tenable for the Ascension team to do. Getting streamers/influences to promote the game largely comes down to a community as a whole reaching out to various streamers. It would require players taking time to spread the word about the game and its features to people that could promote it. Word of Mouth from the community is largely how we see games becoming popular today.
  20. Hey man, I hope you read my full post with all of the details and my full intentions. There are 12 people online on Sargeras at the moment. It capped at 90 this week. Sargeras is Dead. My goal is to preserve the characters on that realm the best I can so that your time and money invested wasn't for nothing and open up the opportunity to provide that High-Risk experience again in a month or so addressing the issues that led sargeras to this state
  21. Hey Fellas, I updated my original post on the last section to give some more information on our intentions with this merge and the future of Ascension High-Risk. I hope this helps clear up some confusion.
  22. I understand man, this is the reason I decided to open discussion now. As my intention isn't just to move your character to another realm without hearing your voice. I play Sargeras for the same reasons as you, but from what I can tell it doesn't seem to have any more opportunities to thrive in its current state. This to me is a lesser of two evils, but I knew it would be a volatile emotional discussion, so I wanted to hear the communities various opinions.

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