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    Hi there, This post is dedicated to outlining to, as the title says, outlining why the Horde dominates Alliance on all four realms on Ascension, causing free faction transfers to be needed and what the Ascension team can do to fix it. Firstly, World Buffs. To put it simply, Horde have access to an extremely powerful, easily obtainable and repeatable world buff that Alliance do not have access to. Warchief's Blessing. This grants a whopping 15% melee haste, as well as a small amount of MP5 and a health boost. In order to balance this, I suggest adding a way for Alliance (and Outlaws, maybe in Booty Bay?) to recieve Warchief's Blessing (renamed, if you like (Outlaw's Blessing / Highlord's Blessing)). This issue is a relatively simple fix (the Alliance repeatable quest is to kill Drakkisath, instead of rend, so this quest could be made to award the buff Q-ID: 5102) Secondly, racials. This issue is a harder one to fix, but does have multiple solutions. To put it bluntly, the power of Horde racials is vastly greater than the available Alliance racials. Orc racials for damage dealers are insane, with a racial related to Axes (some of the most powerful weapons currently), a racial related to pet damage and their active racial, granting SP and AP. Trolls also make the list with their Haste active racial, which provides a whopping 25% haste, which is absolutely insane for healers and casters. Meanwhile Alliance have... nothing even remotely as useful as those Horde racials, so, what can be done? As I see it, there are two options, firstly is the controversial yet very popular idea of introducing pickable racials. Secondly, racials could actually be balanced to give Alliance a chance, however I am not confident in this option, as it is often cited as the reason for not adding pickable racials, and so far the team has failed at implementing option two.
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    just get good 4head In all seriousness, Andorhal is still a pvp realm, people enjoy PvP, if you suck at it you can't then turn around and demand the system be changed. Sorry
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    Here's the updated custom model/texture patches that works with the Ascension models. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1KW3stTZoExeuvuIqfNJQpasy4iA8dy5N I'll update this thread when I update the patches as well. If you run into any issues while using the patches, feel free to message me on Discord. Enjoy! Season 5; Please make sure to rename this patch-B to patch-C and re-download patch-F/G if you plan to use them for season 5!
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    Seasonal servers are really starting to ruin any sort of enjoyment to be had on the other servers. Seeing how it's always prioritized. I would argue A lot if not most of these balance changes should've been seen in the last 7 months as it's actually adressing things that have been completely broken in a PVP environment since season 2. 7 MONTHS is basically what it took. And these aren't even the PVP changes. Naxx is a raid that's been severely delayed already and you're actually prioritizing seasonal release. Which for some reason that i really do not understand is the day before Naxx??? Was it last December Naxx was supposed to be finished and released? Honestly cannot recall anymore. And please do answer some of these concerns about PWS and other builds instead of just avoiding them. 30-15 S duration on PW:S is a HUGE change to how the build is played. A working PTR is absolutely needed right away at this point with Naxx being 5 days after a balance patch, and so are info on attunement and other things that we for some reason do not have.
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    We are looking at these items and considering this. To expand on that comment, I don't believe, as others in this thread, that every item needs to be strong/viable/upgrade so we won't do any meticulous retuning of items. We'll take a look at a handful of the bottom of the barrel items in naxx and see if we want to make any changes.
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    Already been posted by Skray but I need to shout it out: make T3 and T2.5 quests repeatable. I am tired of holding onto the item for the future "in case I need it" in fear if I delete it I can't have it again. Zul'gurub sets are repeatable, heck even the Neck part is.
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    After reading the newest balance article, I feel like quitting until TBC or for a half a year at least. 1) First, players will have a global 10% reduction in all magical damage and healing while a shield is equipped. 2) While a Staff is equipped you will get a flat 6% damage and 4% healing increase and while and Off-Hand is equipped you will get a flat 4% damage and 2% healing increase. 3) This should help offset the power lost by not dual-wielding and the additional power lost from the RE slot you have to forgo with using a Staff. 1) So, I just equip a shield, anybuildever, and get a huge nerf. Best design ever. This deserves profanity. 2) Then, you want to bring up an idea, that helps going staff-only or 1h+off hand, and it is totaly contradictory to our current problems. "Casters have too much healing power, we are going to adress this" and the next balance patch will give a global aura that gives EVERY caster a healing buff. A+. We want to nerf but we will buff. You will probably say something like "don't forget - healing spells are not getting the haste bonus now - this is one of the ways to nerf caster healing". Just no. Everyone uses rejuv, riptide, earth shield. Hard-casting long heals is pretty rare. And your new design just buffed a problem we have. 3) People are going for shield in PVP because the power levels of having bis gear and RE's is way off the scale and you cant survive w/o that physical mitigation a shield provides. Until this is tested, and we have a post going through all spells individually, with current info i receive a 4.35% total heal amount nerf, and a 24.48% total HPS nerf in both pvp and pve specs. It is atm pretty much damn impossible to cast a 2 sec spell w/o getting CC'ed while dueling. I'm not talking about icy veins or some other buffs, just a regular cast. Now it will jump up to 2.5 and the player experience and timing gap for CC becomes even worse. I would much rather: 1) Go through 60 level only sets, t1,t2,t2.5,t3,pvp sets - and get rid of most spell power on those. As a start, I would divide the X of spell power stat into (0,75 X of spell damage + 0,25 X of spell power) for casters and (0,75 X of spell healing + 0,25 X of spell power) for healers. 2) To get rid of spell mastery w/o effing anything up too much just work on all spell talents, ALL, not just casters. 3) Feel like healing is a bit too high? I'm the heal that says so in our gchat when we discuss balance. Just nerf it by 10% for a season, and then adjust after it. All base amounts, scaling and so on. Dont just nerf everyone ever who equips a shield. At this point I'd much rather see the next stream a dev call in chat a 10-10 wsg and get some live experience. Get some top Exiled and Oak players in the other team, and survive vs them w/o the shield and spell mastery as a heal. Show us da wae. I keep my fingers crossed until full notes come, and there actually will be some haste for heals. And not the "spell mastery gives now 25% haste" (but it still is actually 20%) kind of haste. Until then, yours 0.75% of Hysteria.
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    Hey guys, I just want to ask, whatever happened to the promised "build your own unique character." Have you guys forgotten about that? You said Project Ascension was about choosing YOUR own favourite skills, not the exact same skills as everyone else, and you even advertise this in the beginning of EVERY single YouTube video and trailer you post, this will be dead. Are you going to remove this trailer now? Or perhaps better yet, change it to "COPY THE BEST SPEC OF THE WEEK", "CLAIM IT AS YOUR OWN", "SAY YOU MADE IT BUT EVERY SINGLE OTHER PERSON IS USING IT TOO!" I can understand the reasoning, well I can try to, I imagine it's in terms of player retention, so they have actual functioning builds. But why can't you just make actually useful PvP builds like you did with the PvE ones? I've said myself that I would be happy to share my own builds for you to use to give to new players, but I was greeted with little interest, and was told that I would have to make them myself and put in the effort myself before they were even considered... I cannot tell you not to implement this change, but I can ask on behalf of the playerbase, no one wants this change, not even the new players. How long do you think they will enjoy playing the specialisation they stole but didn't actually want to play? How long do you think people can keep copying and pasting until the gameplay becomes stale? I'm asking as a long-term player of Ascension, and on behalf of my own guild and countless other players, please reconsider removing the one thing that makes your server unique. Edit: some of the most fun I've had is sitting in a call for 3 hours with two friends theory crafting the most ridiculous but good build ever, and that ability has been taken away from me, by the fact someone can come along, inspect me and take all that work.
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    When a spec goes from being one of the top specs to one of the bottom specs then yes, it has been nerfed to the ground. As Skray said, are they still playable? sure. Are they enjoyable, satisfying, GOOD? Not really, no. As you don't actively PvE, let me break it down for you how we enjoy it. 1) Progression is fun, figuring out new things and pushing ourselves in new ways is enjoyable. However this only lasts a certain amount of time and is over once the raid is cleared. 2) Finding new ways to push our specs to the next level either by pushing our numbers higher or even make our playstyle more enjoyable is one of the main sources of enjoyment from raiding. With the example of Hybrids in mind, players like Lewtorz, Eazymode, Vath, Epzilon, Haddeqi, Skray, Royalbloodx were some of the go-to people for hybrids. They'd pushed themselves and found something they really enjoyed. They were at the top of their game because they pushed themselves, not because hybrid was, and I quote, "The pinnacle of PvE and PvP". I know dozens of players who've tried to play hybrid and failed, and that was okay too. The point is, these players who were good at hybrid were performing at the top end of PvE content, yes. Then hybrids WERE gutted and are now near the mid-to-bottom range. Could those seven specific players still make hybrid work and do decently with it? Definitely, and some have either tried or are still trying. At absolute peak performance could they be top of the game? That's extremely doubtful. The ceiling for that spec is much much lower than it ever used to be, and at least half of those names above have quit or changed specs so far. You realise statements like that are made into memes, because it's so far from the truth it's scary. Do you still play the same game as us, genuine question.
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    You mean the multiple hybrid archetypes that were nerfed so badly that almost all of the hybrids either quit or swapped specs? Man you really need to stop getting baited into making dumb comments like that @Mikkiller93, it takes away from the valid points you actually have lol. I dunno, an increased health pool might do PvP some good, you've gotta remember most players are doing low-to-mid end WOTLK level DPS currently, but with the HP pools of a vanilla player. Just some food for thought. RIP Haathun This is a joke, right? Prayer is still one of the stronger healing specs, not sure where you got this from o_O I mean you're right, players progressing through content to get more powerful, only to be brought back down has made a LOT of people quit. It's frustrating, infuriating even. I feel like balance packs should be a bit more of a mix of both buffs AND nerfs, rather than buffs OR nerfs. As it often seems like you just push a round of nerfs or a round of buffs @itswicky, rather than a round of balance changes. Some more food for thought I suppose. I would like to end with this though. Even though there was mass panic when the seasonal changes were announced, most people were not affected as badly as they thought they would be. THAT BEING SAID, some specs are absolutely still in the gutter and I would like to hear what you are gonna do for those players and the archetypes they love to play @itswicky
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    Question 1: Internal communications Will this be done more properly in the future? Since the start of Ascension, of what i have seen happening in the balance department is that huge balance patches have been released and ad hoc solutions have been made following because of either the dungeon developers have not been aware of coming changes or had the proper time to adjust to said changes. This is clearly the case now, and this is really important for any future development. Not only for a happy gaming populace, but also for the sanity of any that works on this server. Question 2: Testing and more testing When pushing either new content or balance changes, is it possible to have the PTR up for month(s) ahead of time to let the community test said changes before implementing them. Not only will this let the community come with valued feedback in terms of bug discoveries or abhorrent balance decisions. This will result in the community to actually take some effort into making this project a better place for everyone, and have some investment into it. Question 3: Bug reports and the Bug tracker For me personally this feels like an area that still needs a lot of work. For the moment the bug tracker are little more than a glorified dumpster and should be prioritized accordingly. You could either make a in game bug report function (if trinity core allows for this) or make the existing one more lets say "attractive". Because nobody likes bugs, not the players nor the developers. *edit*
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    Problem is the dev's don't really care about andorhal, we've seen it many times where the community managers and other staffs have said them selves that they'd rather focus on seasonal players over main realm players because they're a bigger crowed, and look what happened most of the seasonal players have left for classic and a lot of the veteran players have left too because we got tired of being either ignored for months on end. (Think it's like 5-7 months between balance patches for main realms) nothing we can really do to save the ascension. people are just tired of dealing with broken promisses and massive content delays. (ya I know naxx is being release but every wing is more or less broken at start and at this point most players just tired of how the staff deals with anything that's not the seasonal realm)
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    Are you a great writer? Do you love Ascension? Do you want to EARN DP for your Ascension expertise? The Ascension Team is looking for players with in-depth knowledge of Ascension and custom Ascension mechanics to create articles for our upcoming Ascension Wiki! What we are looking for in the articles: Rich media Videos Spell tool-tips Pictures Good Categorization Accurate and thorough explanations How to submit an article: Find an article that has not been Striked Through OR create your own article that you think would provide high value content for the Ascension Community! Create a google document titled: "Ascension Wiki - Name of Article" Share the google document with ascensionwiki@gmail.com using the Share button at the top right of the google doc At the top of your Document include: Email to contact you Discord ID if applicable Forum Name if applicable In-Game Name you would like author credit assigned to What happens after I submit an article? The Ascension team will review the article for accuracy and quality A team member will contact you with our decision or feedback We will publish the article on the Ascension Wiki and award your account DP If multiple submissions for the same article are submitted before the article is published we may take parts of both and award DP and author rights as appropriate. We will award between 10-50 DP per article based on quality and length. The Classless System Overview article is likely to be longer than the Purges article and we will award DP with that in mind. We are also looking for people willing to TRANSLATE articles into other languages. If you are interested in this drop a comment below with the language(s) you would like to translate. These are the types of articles we are looking for. In-Depth and more extensive articles, like Classless System Overview, we will be looking for the highest quality content and will award additional DP. Articles in bold will be worth more. Classless System Overview Low-Risk Realms High-Risk Realms Open World Drops and iLvL system Fel Commutation Cross Faction Gameplay Cross Faction LFD Mystic Enchanting - 1 article submitted. Accepting additional high quality articles. Raiding on Ascension Custom Raid Mechanics Raiding Guides 10 man 25 man AQ - 1 article submitted. Accepting additional high quality articles. Purges Stat Allocation Scroll of Unlearning Call Boards - Custom Dailies Keeping Evil at Bay Sanctioned Hunt Threat to Azeroth The Siege Heroes Call Call to Arms A Lesser Known issue Multi-Spec Tomes and Tome Collection Vanity Items Collection Ascension Racials Build Creator Good Starter Builds Glory System Karma System Outlaw/Neutral City Law Rep Murderous Intent Honorable Combat Respite Loot to the victor only Ascension Custom Items Gnomish Transpolyporter Gnomish Portable Post Tube (low risk only) ect World Events Blood Bowl Neutral Faction Teleporters Greedy Demon Hero Class Cross Faction LFD LFD Legendary REs Spoils of War Wildcard An Qiraji Invasions Notable Custom Changes Raiding Checkpoint System Seasonal Realms Seasonal Points Seasonal Collection Seasonal Challenges Hero Highlights Invoker Firestarter Darkguard Grove Warden Single target farming locations AOE farming locations Leveling Guides Crafting Guides New Player Guides
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    Hello friends, please find attached my guide to becoming a Prayer of Healing based healer! Please let me know if you have any questions. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QKe-7yM075MW4gxrNqUjUQ1ZwPRzW626bIkfqEl-0vI/edit#gid=0
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    Had a thought about Bonecythe, since bear tanks will most likely be going for Bonescythe, would it make sense for the 6p to be changed to a flavor bonus that has some benefit for a bear tank? Perhaps a chance on melee ability to evade the next attack or spell? Or when you drop below a certain % of health to gain Evasion? Stays somewhat rogue-ish and gives effective HP in the form of avoidance rather than health regen in stealth. Another thought too before naxx releases: Can we have the quests for T3 be repeatable? T2.5 quests weren't repeatable so if you wanted 2 sets of Deathdealer (say for DPS and bear tank) you weren't able to get them and had to rely on off-set pieces. (it would also be nice to have T2.5 quests made repeatable).
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    WE need somthin new... People Bored...we each week miss 1 guy from me Raid Group cos people overgear and dont wana do same dungeon each week WE NEED NAXX
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    I can somewhat relate to this so therefor i agree with something can be changed for the better. The events could have been designed better. Right now its to favorably for the people who camps / zerg the events . Same thing happen on LS invasions and with Crows Cache. And with alliance population to me looks like mostly new players i have no doubt that invasion events on Andorhal turns into a one way Slaughterfest for the horde. There got to be a way which can provide content and reward for both sides while still have somewhat active pvp. Tryant
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    Two funny points here, every invasion I've been to where there was pvp action has been more alliance players than horde, however alliance players are dumb, they engage in PvP and then ignore healers, try and zerg tanks and forget how pvp works. Leading in to my second point, people who don't play a lot and clearly lack skill then going to the forums and complaining about players who play a lot and have at least some form of skill is like a Silver 1 player in CSGO complaining that the game is broken because a Global Elite player stomps them. Stop complaining, start getting gud 4head. "The Horde" as you like to collectivise us, didn't get this gear by complaining on the forums. Imagine all the invasions you could've taken part in if you'd spent less time writing this and more time playing. Edit: Clarification of the first sentence
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    @itswicky pickable racials when
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    Gosh you really do love twisting what people say don't you Schlotzer? But hey I'll indulge your idiocy. 1) I never said that, what a stupid comment to make. 2) Why would someone who enjoys pushing the limits suddenly be happy with bottom to mid level? Getting their numbers cut almost in half? A numbers cut like the one hybrid received is LITERALLY the definition of nerfing to the ground. 3) I do, actually. But you wouldn't know as you don't really play at all. Playing the game for an hour a week hardly qualifies you to make the comments you make, and is detrimental to this whole process Schlotzer. You derail threads by getting in to arguments with people (see page 2 of this thread) and generally this makes you one of the most disliked players on here. Thank you, next.
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    just gonna leave this small guildchat extract here ... too lazy to rewrite it and it sums up what i think about it, roughly
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    General Information Welcome to my Shot Hunter guide for Project Ascension. I am Vedartha#0569, member of <toxic> on Andorhal, playing on our Green Team. I play on Ascension for almost a year now and since my start i use hunterlike builds. Here, you will learn everything you need to know about playing a hunter build in a raid environment. Overview This build will allow for high single and multi target DPS with 4-5K being the current upper limit single target in a 25 man environment in Naxxramas. It is funn to play (no single button smashing!) and as a ranged build grants overview over what is going on during an encounter. You will scale well with gear and with that you can use this build from the moment you hit lvl 60. However, hunter builds in general are pretty straight forward in terms of AE and TE spend, so there is not much room for filler spells. Also the ammount of items you want to use is extremly limited, whish means your loot pool will be pretty small but on the other side makes the question what items to look for quite simple. Contents To make it easy to navigate the guide, I have split it into 8 sections. 1. - Spells, Talents and REs 2. - Rotation, Cooldowns, and Abilities 3. - Choosing a Pet 4. - Statistics and Priorities 5. - Enchants, Consumables and Professions 6. - Macros and Addons 7. - Gearing up and Best-In-Slot 8. - Known Issues and Bugs Latest Relevant Patchnotes - Season-only changes NOT includet. Cheat Death and Ardent Defender now share a cooldown. Lowered the damage reduction portion of Cheat Death to 50%, from 90%. Cheat Death now has a 2min cooldown, from 1min. The cooldown will now also show as a debuff, like Ardent Defender does. Elemental Devastation no longer triggers from procs such as weapon enchants. Hunting Party now also triggers from critical hits with Mongose Bite and Counterattack. Piercing Shots now also triggers from Multi-shot.
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    to even mention that while doing balance is outrageous. if you continue to balance under the premisse of having a geared player vs a new player then goodnight. mind proving that to me with actual numbers ? if you cant i will do it for you Lets assume a player has 10.000 Health and a fight lasts for 100 seconds and the enemy does 400 pvp dps. Situation a) will be 6% damage reduction and no bloodcraze Situation b) will be 0% dmg reduction but with bloodcraze a) 400*100*0.94= 37.600 damage dealt (2400 negated) b) 400*100 = 40.000 damage dealt , bloodcraze will heal for 6% every 16 seconds. 100/16=6.25 --> 6.25*6%=37.5% --> 10.000*0.375 = 3750 health recovered. Now add MS effect to that. 3750*0.5= 1875 health recovered a) 2400 damage negated b) 1875 health recovered now its your turn to backup your claim that Bloodcrazes value is "FAR HIGHER" than any dr talent sidenote: a flat 2%dr per point is actual one of the weaker ones that you can pick up ...some of them offer more like 3% per point which even further devalues bloodcraze. (9% dr would negate 3600 dmg in situation a) sidenote 2: let it sink in slowly that over a fight lasting 100 seconds youll recover health equal to just 1 non-crt flash of light that a SoR hybrid does. which he exactly needs 1 gcd for. sidenote 3: the value of bloodcraze further diminishes the less max HP the player has ... (with 8000 hp youll recover 1500 hp with MS effect effect in situation b) example: 2: taking 3%dr per point and a player that has 8000 HP the values are like this a) 3600 dmg negated b) 1500 health recovered
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    As the title says. I've been out for a while and didn't saw this change 'till these days when I was about to play a dungeon healer toon on andie. Talking about this wi peeps on discord, seems that If we get MW > CH back won't hurt anybody, it won't touch Raids, won't touch instanced PVP, and maybe a lil of WPVP but this can be easily tweaked. So pls don't kill a spec that probably will be only viable on dungeons but a fun way to play a healer. Ty.
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    can't down vote did to many reaction today so here my down vote in text pls tell me you joking
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    When will PTR be available with these new changes to test changes and give feedback
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    @itswicky are we going to see re-itemization on any other items in Naxx? Some of them are pure shite on Ascension (Looking at you, Warmth of Forgiveness)
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    Hi all. I'm just going to keep it short and make a bulletpoint list of some concerns and questions I have and I have heard over the last few days in the hopes that maybe someone from the team can address them: - Firstly, a large concern during PTR testing of Naxxramas was the absolute lack of explanation that some fights had regarding their adapted or new mechanics. Faerlina is a great example of this, with spell tooltips not correctly explaining the new mechanics, or in some cases not existing at all. - Why are the PvE balance changes, being locked behind a TWITTER POLL? Community engagement is great, but messing us around by delaying important balance changes just to boost your twitter engagement is not. We've seen this before with content releases (retweet us 100 times and we'll give you new side content). If you haven't noticed, this does nothing but frustrate your own community... - Achievements! Are we getting Realm First achievements? If so is the R1st achievement just going to be for KT, or other bosses as well? - Attunement?? This was not present on PTR and nothing has been mentioned about it, are we having one or not? - Why were the construct and frost wings not tested on PTR? Is the team now confident enough in their own ability to self-test raids lol
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    This is just the truth actually, Horde have an huge advantage over Alliance due to "Warchief's Blessing" which makes them way more competitive for Realm Firsts and stuff like that. But thats not the real point of the issue. Lets look at the racials. Human: +5 Expertise with Swords and Every Man for Himself <- (Good for PvP but heavily nerfed). Orcs: +5 Expertise with Axes <- (Really good for current contents considering best 2H Weapon is Dark Edge of Insanity). Blood Fury <- (242 AP and 123 SP for 15 Seconds on 2m CD). Cant be used with trinkets that are On-Use obviously but it can be timed like Pop Jom Gabbar then as soon as it ends pop Blood Fury thats kinda having a double CD without counting other stuff. Night Elves: 2% Dodge Racial (Useless considering as tank u can get enough avoidance). Shadowmeld (Useless in PvP as u can be seen easily, Somewhat good in PvE since it drops your threat). Trolls: Increased Critical Chance with Bows/Throwns really good one for PvP and PvE. Berserk <- (Increases your Attack and Casting speed by 20% for 10 Seconds on a 3m CD). Pretty good for PvE and PvP aswell. Considering the fact that 99% of the Horde are made by Trolls/Orcs since they're the best pickable races due to their racials will just make things be unbalanced imo. Pickable Racials would be the best thing for everyone so you can play the race you want with the racials you want it will be appreciated by Veteran and New players.
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    Raid Teams - Green Team - [EU][9/9 AQT] - Raid times are 7PM ST Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. - Red Team - [NA / OCE][9/9 AQT] - Raid times are 5AM ST Saturday and Sunday. - Grey Team - [EU][9/9 AQT] - Raid times are 7PM ST Monday, Wednesday and Friday. - Blue Team - [NA][9/9 AQT] - Raid times are 1AM ST Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. - 25man - [EU][9/9 AQT] - Raid times are 9PM ST Thursday and Friday. Rules and Expectations We have a detailed set of rules and expectations that can best be found on our Discord, invite code: ra6VCJy Contact If you wish to join OAK, you are welcome to speak to any of our Team Leaders or Officers on our Discord, invite code: ra6VCJy
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    Is it just me or are the scourge invasion rewards overtuned for no-risk players on seasonal? Atm a no-risk player can go there with absolutely 0 risk, and get several raid items a day with almost no effort, just from doing invasions (guaranteed!). Meanwhile high-risk players risk getting ganked while farming mobs or doing Crow's Chest, and they aren't even guaranteed any loot from it. They also risk getting ganked while traveling back and forth from invasions. I honestly like the hybrid system at it's core, but imo the fact that no-risk players can farm epics easily every day without risking anything just seems contradictory and demotivating for high-risk players. Where's the carrot at the end of the stick? I feel like no-risk players have nearly the same accessibility to epics (outside of raids) as high-risk players do. Agree/disagree? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below, all opinions are welcome.
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    It is going to be awesome and people no longer will spend tons of hours getting decent starting abilities.
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    I think changing mutilates poison increase from stacking on a mob to making it a buff on the player's side should help with the problem it has when changing targets. While this doesn't affect damage on longer fights or fights with only one mob, it does help bridge the gap in fights where their are lots of adds and allows for more flexibility to compete with burst builds. Also a while back mutilate's poison was nerfed from 30% to 20% at fully stacked. I think changing it back to 30% would really help bring life back to the other side of the build rather then focusing on physical damage.
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    Anub'rekhan Using blink will put you bellow the world. Its not possible to use charge, no path. Adds walk through/into walls, becoming impossible to target (LoS) while they continue to cast.
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    Instead of just saying no, come up with an idéa to make it enjoyable for both sides and not just horde.
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    hey @itswickygreat stuff, could we get pickable racials though?
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    Hey Heroes, I hope you've all been well. I'm here today with some updates regarding the PTR. First, though, I want to say thank you to everyone who has contributed to this phase of testing here on the forums, in game, and on discord. We've gotten a lot of great feedback and we really appreciate the community's involvement. Without further ado, here are your new updates that are now live on PTR: Firebrand Traps- Scaling reduced to 1/2% attack power per RE, no longer triggers from Frost and Freezing Trap, and now only triggers its additional damage from main-hand auto attacks. Growl- Now usable in Cat and Moonkin forms. Taunt- Now usable in Metamorphosis form. Hammer of Wrath- Now considered a melee ability, instead of a ranged attack. This will allow it to proc different effects and should provide better synergies for builds using this spell. Divine Litany- Now properly procs from Holy Shock damaging casts. Divine Favor- Cooldown reduced to 1 min, from 2 min. Fire and Brimstone- Now also increases the damage of Searing Pain against targets affected by your Immolate. Lightning Bolt- Scaling increased to 76%, from 71.43%. Chain Lightning- Scaling increased to 61%, from 57%. Shadow Bolt- Scaling increased to 91%, from 85.69%. Piercing Ice- Now increases Frost damage by 3/6/9%, from 2/4/6%. Conflagrate- No longer requires the target to be at least 10 yards from you. To comment on some of these changes: We saw Firebrand Traps exceeding our expectations quite spectacularly, so we had to make some adjustments there. We both heard and listened to a lot of the feedback we've gotten from the community and most of our other changes listed today are because of you guys. That includes, and is not limited to, the Growl and Taunt changes, the Hammer of Wrath change, the Divine Favor change, and the damage and scaling increases on several spells. Thank you again for being taking your time and being involved in the testing process. We hope to have testing concluded soon on the PTR so that we can get the rest of these updates live. There is also a new patch that you will need to download to test these new changes. The link from the original post has been updated with the latest patch. The instructions for connecting with this latest patch remain the same as before. Happy testing, and we look forward to hearing more from you in the coming days.
  39. 4 points
    Sir Hybrids could perhaps use a slightly buff. But nothing big. They are doing very fine both in pve and pvp. The Ando guys just need adapt to the new meta and playstyle. Hybrids were very powerful and the nerf was 100% justified. we have all tried to be nerfed hard. suck it up and adapt to the new meta. I know 2 hybrids thats doing very well in both pvp and pve so it can be done. Hybrids are still top tier in pvp. Hybrids are doing very well in pve. you just need to adapt to a new playstyle. So in all i consider this nerf pretty succesful, it did what it should.
  40. 4 points
    @nuggettis You may want to consider contacting Riko directly and/or submitting an official application to be a GM @ https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSegt73OKrCfZzisVl4knosCbzBDUF1QG1iHgEXAJ6PuxUqMkw/viewform
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    That's kind of a terrible metaphor, because build copying is what happens at a job. That job wants you to be as efficient and effective as possible, so as a new employee (player) they are going to take the method they worked out to be the best that the older coworker is using, and tell you to use that. They're not going to throw you in and say "figure it out and if you don't you're fired". That's a way to burn through employees super fast. They want a body in the chair that can follow instructions and copy what they know to be best. And if you figure out a more efficient way to do something, you better share it with your coworkers to improve the entire job.
  42. 4 points
    RIP Rogerdown and Haathun! Core Raiders of OAK. They will be missed. Can we get an F in chat in memory of our fallen brothers.
  43. 4 points
    I couldn't have said better than SirGank, DisplayName, Peel2g, Tekkies, Ashsj1992 and nasmi how I feel about the upcoming changes to builds display. I might be playing on Ascension only since last saturday, but I managed to do a build that fits perfect to me by theoricrafting, experimenting spells and mechanics and doing quite a lot of resets. Now. I know some players don't find this change disturbing at all, some are doing great with it because they wish to have the same build as the top players. But others, like us in this topic disagree with that because we want to keep the infiinite creativity that Ascension system offers, and the unique personal playstyle it gives. In my opinion, if you are a player and want to improve your character's efficiency or fun, you just open the Ascension spellbook and talent trees, take a paper sheet and a calculator and you just read the hundred tooltips and try to find the perfect combination of spells depending on what YOU WANT to do not what OTHERS do. As for me, I have two-three sheets of paper full of notes, percentages, and various numbers and even notes about spell effectiveness in special in-game cases. If you still want to apply those horrible changes, please, at least allow people to hide their build (do a "Show/hide talents" option in-game just like you show/hide your helmet)...but anyway, you only need a couple of players running around with an overpowered build and showing it and that's it, just like a disease it will spread around between players and the only way you'ill be able to counter anything against those builds will be having the same or another broken one. 3-4 main builds will be dominating all the other ones and you won't be considered as viable unless you have one of those builds. You are going to kill the server.
  44. 4 points
    I personally think this might be the final nail in the coffin for me, these past few months the dev's have showed very little care for many topics of late, now they decide to go against what as one of the core aspects of the server to have a unique build. Now instead of players saying "O shit it's (player name)" it's now "O shit it's a (Build name)" you've completely removed any kind of recognition that a player can get if they make a unique and powerful build, not only that but it's a spit in the face for all players who's poured thousands of hours into your sever (I've got over 100 days player with my main and alts combined, not to mention ptr time). You have actually made more like retail now where instead of people trying builds out for them selves they're just going to find someone who does a ton of damage and copy their spec. You say this is for player retention but honestly these changes you've made sense starting late November of last year has caused more players to leave then any gain. You hide behind bloodscalp saying it's doing fine but ignore that fact that many of the guilds that have been here sense day one or close to it are either gone or are close to it. yet you just keep ignoring it, not even giving us an answer on the forums. Maybe you'll wake up when ascension ends up having to have all the players join one guild just to do 10 mans and 25 mans. TLDR: You're actually killing creativity with these changes and causing long term players to leave.
  45. 4 points
    Sooooo. These nerfs will lead to bigger nerfs in raids/dungeons so that it is possible to do them with the changes? I don't really care what happens pvp or on high risk, I just want to be able to do all raid content without feeling gimped after investing time, money, gold, orbs and so on. Having to redo my build is fine, don't mind a little theorycrafting, but having to re-RE my entire gear because of a nerf or massive change isn't cool. I imagine that some people here have lives and can't just spawn in orbs/runes/gold to get gear. Meaning it's going to take a lot of time for people who can't play 3-10 hours daily. Farming up stuff is a part of WoW, sure thing. But for people who use their precious time to get bis, to then have to go farm even more to change their gear, + for mats, is a huge requirement. You can't make a PvE softcore server a terrible experience because you want people to play high risk. It's just going to equate into a loss of players instead of an increase. If people aren't playing there, it's because it's not their cup of tea. Hurting the PvE would just mean that people quit instead. It's like changing a menu from having a decent pepperoni pizza and a semi-good hamburger, to having a turd-pizza and still the same semi-good hamburger. People won't buy the hamburger if they don't want it. They would just have to find a new pizza place. In short. If you're going to nerf this much for PvE then you need to nerf bosses/raids/dungeons even more for people to be able to do them.
  46. 4 points
    I really would urge you to just push these to the PTR before live. These changes are huge for TG and hybrid, and Season 2 will not give the feedback needed for these. It's just not feasible for someone to have to re-level and re-acquire their gear, AND the REs to properly test these. I know that seasonal has accelerated progression for leveling and gear but it's just not a proper testing environment to reflect on live's current progression. The PTR doesn't even need the vendors for orbs/runes/resets/etc. just have it open and allow players to copy their existing characters over and you'll end up with much more valuable feedback.
  47. 4 points
    C'thun is an excellent dungeon to complete with my fellow dungeoneers. Very good loot from this dungeon!

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